5 Easy Essential Energy Healing Techniques for People and Pets

By Val Silver

essential energy healing techniques for people and pets

Essential energy healing techniques you can use for self-healing, and offering to other people and your pets are free, easy and fun to learn and use. They can be quite effective for physical concerns and stress relief. You can use them to benefit yourself, other people and your pets. 

Healing with subtle energy may seem very mysterious and 'out there', but the truth is that you can do it. Using your hands for healing is a natural ability. Children especially learn energy healing easily because they are not limited by the same beliefs that hinder adults.

Getting Started: A few essential energy healing tips

The following tips will help you relax during your practice exercises and energy healing sessions.

  • Unconditional love and right intention are two keys of energy healing. Whether doing self-healing energy work or gifting a session for someone else, approach it with a spirit of unconditional love,  right intention, and the willingness to let the intelligent energy and the body decide where and how healing will happen in the body and in the field.
  • Take a deep centering breath at the beginning of an essential energy healing session. End the session by consciously closing the connection between the two of you. 
  • Practice on someone else, a plant, or a pet once you feel comfortable with the exercises. Always ask their permission first. If they are not near you or cannot assent, have your Higher Self ask their Higher Self. One of the joys of gifting energy to others is that you will discover you also heal yourself at the same time.
  • Be patient. Don't rush your learning, it is a lifelong journey of self-discovery and self healing.
  • When giving healing to children and animals, let them decide how long you work on them. They will move away or get restless when they have had enough. Generally, children and animals may only may only want a few seconds or minutes of energy healing. That is enough.
  • Approach the exercises with an attitude of play, reverence and wonder. The healing space is a space of no ego. Be patient with yourself. It's tempting to get all serious about energy healing. You may not feel anything at first or ever. You don't have to feel the energy for healing to happen. 

Energy Healing Exercises

Practice each exercise and get comfortable with it before progressing on to the next one. It is often enjoyable to revisit the exercises and beneficial to incorporate them into your sessions.

1. Feel the Energy

Feeling the energy is an essential energy healing exercise practiced at many subtle energy workshops. This exercise helps you feel the energy between your hands, and is one of the easiest way to begin sensing energy. It is fun to do whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner.

Step One - Rub your palms and fingertips together briskly until they start to heat up. This creates friction and sensitizes the nerve endings so the energy is easier to feel.

Step Two - Touch your five fingertip pads together lightly. Your fingers will be bent and your palms apart.

Step Three - Focus your attention softly on the space between your hands. Breathe evenly and calmly for a few breaths.

This induces a mild meditative state which slows your brain waves making it easier to sense the energy. You may feel your fingertips heating up or have a sense of energy between your hands. If not, no worries, relax and proceed to the next step.

Step Four - Stay relaxed. Keep your attention on the space between your fingers and palms.

Pull your hands apart a few inches. Then bring them back towards each other until your fingertips almost touch again, but not quite. Repeat this slowly and softly. It's almost like playing with a little accordion or slinky. Notice the feeling in your fingertips and palms. Gaze between your hands or close your eyes. You may notice a sense of resistance or pressure, like your fingertips are connected by rubber bands. You are feeling energy. That's all there is to it.

essential energy healing, feel the energy ball

If you don't feel anything the first few times, no worries. Many people do feel something right away, but it took me months of practice. Now I feel the energy easily. I only have to think of healing and that familiar feeling begins to build up in my hands. 

Once you can feel the energy between your hands, see if you can feel the energy in other parts of your body by holding your energized hand an inch over it. Or sandwich a part an inch or two between both hands. Wait. It may take a minute for the sensation to build up.

2. The Energy Ball

The energy ball is an extension of the first exercise. Once you make the ball, you can release it to the Earth, give it to yourself, or gift it to someone else. 

First, do the steps above for feeling the energy.

Continue to build the energy ball between your hands by pulling them a bit further apart each time until the ball is the size of a big grapefruit (more or less).

Breathe in and imagine the energy collecting in the heart chakra at the center of your chest. On the out-breath, imagine the energy going down your arms and through your hands. The sensations will probably feel stronger.

Once you have this energy ball built up, offer it to an area of the body that needs it. The kidney area and the joints are good places to offer energy. For example, bring it to your aching knee. Hold it there until you sense it was received.

3. Clearing the Aura

Clearing is a major part of Therapeutic Touch and one of my favorite essential energy healing tools to use during most sessions.

Try the clearing technique for soothing a minor burn, an insect bite, a wound or recent surgery, if you feel out of sorts, or if you need some comfort. You may notice that pain may intensify a bit as you make the passes and move the energy, but this goes away. It may also take a few minutes after the session to notice a difference in how you feel.

To get a feel for clearing, put your right hand lightly on the skin above your left elbow. Then in one motion smooth it all the way down and off your fingers. Repeat a few times. Now try it an inch or so off the skin.  Use your left hand if you are left-handed. You do not have to feel the energy for the technique to work.

To clear the aura, hold your relaxed hand or hands an inch or two above the body. You'll know your hands are relaxed because your fingers will curl. It's okay if you touch the skin. Use one hand on a small area such as one foot and both hands if you are clearing a larger area, such as the back. 

Start using a gentle sweeping or smoothing motion a few inches before the troubled area and continue past it. With a light touch, smooth the energy field several times until you feel like it is enough. Your hands can mirror each other or move in opposite directions, whatever feels right. Smooth downwards towards the feet, or towards the fingers and a few inches past if doing the arms. If you are working on the head it's best to work a bit further away and move your hands from the head area out.

4. Hands-On Healing

There are many hands-on essential energy healing techniques such as Reiki and Quantum Touch. Techniques are especially helpful when you are learning and when you want a step-by-step method. What are more important is the intention to facilitate the highest good, suspending your egoic attachment to outcome and being a healer, and to be an open channel for the energy of agape love. 

The following exercise is one of the simplest and doesn't require learning a specific type of energy work. Don't confuse simple with less effective. It can be just as, if not more effective, than the fancy types and is all some experienced practitioners use.

Step One: Rub your hands together and set your intention to offer healing energy. Connect to your heart energy and the other person. Let your unconditional love and acceptance flow.  That is healing in and of itself.

Step Two: Sandwich the affected part gently between your two hands. If this isn't possible, put your hands next to each other. It's also fine to keep your hands a few inches from the body. Or just put your hands on the shoulders or feet and leave them there for the entire session. Let the energy go where it will. It does anyway.

Step Three: Breathe into your heart area. On the out-breath gently direct the energy down your arms and through your hands. Just allow the energy to be accepted and assimilated. Keep up this breathing and sending until you feel like you are done or the person has had enough.

learn energy healing, grounding the feet

Optional: For a relaxing and healing beginning and ending of your session, do some grounding. Place and hold your hands gently on your partner's feet and set the intention for grounding. Imagine and sense energy flowing out of the feet to the earth.

5. Quick Exercise for Opening Energy Channels

In the following video, Spring Forest Qigong Demo "How Your Energy System Works", Master Chunyi Lin offers this easy to learn essential energy healing method to break up energy blockages and open the energy channels that affect your sinuses. No prior experience with energy healing needed!

Each of these simple essential energy healing techniques will take you a long way in your self-healing energy work. To specifically address mental or emotional wellness, or target beliefs and subconscious programs, transformational energy healing tools a such as EFT, ZPoint and other techniques for releasing emotions are helpful.

Recommended Reading:

The following pages are recommended reading for understanding the principles behind essential energy healing fundamentals as well as additional techniques to incorporate into your self-healing repertoire.

To learn essential energy healing techniques for self healing and helping others, as well as more advanced methods, a must have book is Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality by Donna Eden.

Energy healing workshops at yoga centers, healing centers or at local colleges may also be available.

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