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By Val Silver

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PDFs and Ebooks

Rate yourself on 24 statements to quickly assess your 'doing great' and 'need to improve' self-care zones. Once you identify your best starting point, click the page link for simple strategies to raise your score and upgrade your sense of well-being.
stress reliefStressed out? Learn how to de-stress with the help of a deeply relaxing, healing bath. Also includes stress-busting techniques for in and out of the tub.
healthy mindsetDiscover 5 common mindset beliefs that interfere with health and happiness. Learn simple strategies to shift those beliefs and put yourself in charge of your well-being.

Natural Health E-Course and Be A Hero for Animals (and people, too!) 

Explore information and techniques related to holistic and natural healing and how they can help you in this 7-lesson course. Each week you will receive a lesson on a different topic including stress relief, healthy living, energy healing, mental, emotional, physical healing and more.
human and animal welfareHelp heal the world for all of us. Learn 15+ easy, mostly free impactful ways to help animals (and people, too) right from home. Includes a pdf and videos.

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