Flower Essences Therapy for Emotional and Spiritual Healing

By Val Silver

Flower essences therapy takes healing with flowers for mental, emotional and spiritual healing to the vibrational energetic level.

Using flowers for emotions has become more popular in recent years for people and animals. Because animals are not hindered by belief systems, they tend to respond to essences even faster than people do. 

Whether you are make your own flower remedies, or choose essences from Spirit-in-Nature, Perelandra, the Flower Essence Society, Bach remedies or other brand, flower essences invite a gentle, subtle shift in awareness and energy to help you experience more mental and emotional peace and spiritual expansion. 

Flower Essences as Vibrational Healing Remedies

Flowers are the reproductive part of the plant. When in bloom, the life force energy of a plant is concentrated there. To make the essences, fresh blooms are collected with their morning dew and carefully prepared to preserve their purity and vibration.

From an energetic perspective, flower essences therapy offers the highest vibration of any type of plant medicine.

The high vibration of the flowers allows the lower vibration of negative qualities fall away.  As you continue taking a remedy, your field resonates with the higher vibration and begins to hold it, allowing your true nature to emerge and strengthen. 

To quote from Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing, the author Gurudas states,

The actual essence...is the electromagnetic pattern of the plant form...[and are] merely an etheric imprint; nothing physical gets transferred...you are dealing strictly with the ethereal vibration of the plant, the intelligence of it. The sun striking the water melds into the water the life-force of the flower, and this is transferred to people when they assimilate these vibrational essences.

Flower essence therapy is a type of harmonic or vibrational energy healing. For the most part, it does not directly address physical disease. But when you introduce their high, pure vibration into the energy field, it affects the field and helps it move in the direction of health. If your physical condition has its roots in the mental, emotional or spiritual issues you are addressing, you may be pleasantly surprised with a physical healing as well.

The two original essence systems are the Bach Flower Remedies and the Spirit-in-Nature Essences. 

Bach Flower Remedies

Although the use of flower essences therapy may date back to ancient times, the person most famous for his work with flower remedies is the late Dr. Edward Bach.

Dr. Bach was a successful London doctor in the 1920's who became dissatisfied with only treating diseases. He wanted to bring relief to the whole person so he left his orthodox medical practice in search of a remedy that would do this.

His intuition led him to healing with flowers. Dr. Bach discovered that flowers vibrate with different mental and emotional states.

He learned that when you are in the negative aspect of an emotional state, the corresponding essence introduced the vibration for the positive aspect of that state into his energy field. Over the years his work led him to identify 38 Bach remedies.

As he used the remedies with patients, Dr. Bach realized that as negative mental and emotional states gave way to balanced healthy states, physical symptoms would often resolve as well.

When mental aspects that are driving physical states are resolved, your body is free to release the corresponding symptoms and move in the direction of balance and health.

Bach rescue remedy is the most well-known of all essences for helping people and animals shift and release the energy around emotional trauma and stress. 

Spirit-in-Nature Essences

The oldest flower essence line outside the U.K. was created in the 1970's by Lila Devi. Spirit-in-Nature was inspired by her mentor Paramhansa Yogananda, the first Indian yogi to live in the West. 

Yogananda noted that the blossoms of fresh fruits and vegetables had especially strong life force energy. He interpreted the psychological and spiritual qualities of foods. From his interpretations, Lila created a complete system of 20 essences. Blossoms are still primarily picked and processed in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

An example: Let's say you are feeling very fearful about your health and feel physically and emotionally vulnerable. Apple,the essence of healthfulness, may be used to help you have a more positive outlook and healthy, nourishing thoughts.

A complementary visualization and affirmation that support the positive states are used along with each particular essence to assimilate the higher vibration and support your shift. 

Pear is 'the rescue remedy' of the Spirit-in-Nature line.

Using Flower Essences Therapy

For ease, when you are first working with essences of flowers for emotions, choose one system such as Bach remedies, FES, or Spirit-in-Nature and stick with it. Match your emotional states to the states listed for each specific flower remedy, or work with a practitioner who is trained to match your states to specific essences.

A practitioner will usually give you a dosage bottle with up to seven Bach flower remedies in each bottle.  If working with Spirit-in-Nature essences, you are more likely to get a few dosage bottles of single remedies to cycle through over the course of a few weeks instead of a mixture of essences in one bottle.

Both methods of healing with flowers are effective.  With one remedy at a time you really notice how a particular remedy affects you and you can focus your healing affirmations to correspond with it. You will also probably notice a shift within days instead of weeks or months.  You can always return to the essence and work with it at a deeper level at a later time.

  • Take your doses directly from your bottle at least three or four times a day. Be careful not to touch the pipette. If you do, rinse it thoroughly before putting it back in the bottle. 
  • When you need more support, take the remedy more often. Drops can also be added to body creams, food and beverages.  
  • You may want to carry a bottle of Bach rescue remedy with you for emotional emergencies.

Essences tend to work very subtly and powerfully over time. Don’t expect to be hit over the head by flower remedies. Sometimes, you will take a deep breath or notice a shift in your thinking right away. Often, the effects are less obvious. It may take months to notice real change. Don't let this discourage you. Months are better than years or never.

Flower essences are safe to use at any age. Use the remedies alone or with any other healing methods and medications.  They combine well with homeobotanical remedies and can be mixed in the same bottle.

Flower Essences Therapy page updated 12/2020

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