God is in Control

by Doodnauth Singh

Over the years I have found that the most important way to relieve stress is to allow God to take control of everything you do.

Whatever happens, accept that God allows it and try to learn from such an occurence. After all, He knows everything and of course what is best for you.

I was born into a dirt poor family. Out of eight children, I'm the first child to pursue secondary and tertiary education. All my schooling I have achieved via scholarships. During my educational pursuits, I won many awards which I never planned for nor expected. More than that, my four children all have tertiary and/or university education.

Only God could have made this possible since here in Guyana, the average family can barely pay for educating a child beyond High School. Sometimes I wonder why God gives me this kind of special treatment.

Hence, I always lay my life, plans and goal on His workbench for his approval and help.

Val's Response:

Believing that the Divine, or a being greater than yourself is looking out for you and taking care of you is a source of comfort and hope. It takes some of the pressure off and alleviates the feeling of life being out of control – a major stress trigger.

Relying on God and trusting that 'all things work together for good' is an age old way to get out of resistance and into the flow of life. Resistance equals stress and the energy of pushing back or fighting against what is. It is very difficult to relax your mind and get of victim mentality when feeling resistant to what is and stressed.

For those who believe in a higher power who loves them and has a plan for them, faith provides a way through and out of this resistance.

When you can accept what is, and even feel grateful for it, you open yourself to opportunities and 'open windows' you may not have seen while in resistance. You allow your ability to hear answers and use creative thought to see your way to the other side of a stressful situation.

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You are an inspiration
by: Val

Thank you for sharing. Your story is inspiring to those who struggle and have a lot to overcome. You show us that motivation and faith can move mountains.


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