Guided Visualization for Healing and Life Goals

Guided visualization is a relaxing, empowering, and helpful mind tool for manifesting what you want. It gets your powerful subconscious mind on board so it works with you instead of against you when you want to when you have goals you want to achieve. 

If you have trouble visualizing on your own, or just enjoy being led through the process, guided visualization may be for you. Guided imagery healing audios, videos and written scripts are available for a wide variety of topics including abundance, healthy relationships, better health, weight loss, trauma release or stress relief.

Regularly using a favorite healing visualization or two when you are facing a serious illness, surgery, or difficult treatments can be a valuable part of your wellness plan.

What is Guided Visualization?

Guided visualization, or guided imagery are the same thing. It can be very much like guided meditation or even hypnosis, when visualizing is included.

In a healing visualization, you are led through a process for a particular purpose from beginning to end. It is commonly used for relaxation, coping with chemotherapy, general wellness, light healing or energy healing. 

Like hypnosis, a guided imagery healing session has three stages. These stages are usually more obvious in hypnosis.

The first stage might be as simple as saying "Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and imagine..." Often this first step consists of a progressive relaxation technique or imagining a relaxing scene.

The second stage makes up most of the audio. It often includes visualizing passive scenes for relaxation or images related to the theme. Verbal affirmations and visualization instructions may also be included.

The last stage may be a refocusing on your body, giving gratitude or other ending to the practice. There may even be a counting up as in hypnosis.

During a session, you relax and go with the flow. Soothing music and a relaxing pace make it easy for you to vividly and deliberately imagine what you want. A video may even have images you can watch. The more you relax, daydream, and engage your senses and emotion, the better.  Your subconscious mind will believe it to be true, and will work to make it so. 

Why Visualize Healing?

When you visualize healing, you relax (which is healthful in and of itself) and create the opportunity for your powerful subconscious mind to heal you. 

There is also a saying, Energy flows where attention goes. Imagine all the toxins that will flow out, and all the love, light, blood flow, nutrients and energy that will flow into your ailing part when you lovingly and gently focus your mind on it. 

guided visualization

A popular healing visualization for overcoming cancer includes imagining little pac-men eating cancer cells. Some patients credit visualizing pac-men, light beams, weapons and other images of choice with helping them heal themselves. 

In some medical centers, cancer patients are encouraged to visualize healing and relax during chemotherapy treatments with the help of audios. Patients who use these audios often have fewer side effects and improved emotional well-being. They tend to view chemotherapy as a more positive experience than patients who do not visualize.

One very positive benefit of guided visualization is that patients feel empowered and have a way to help themselves during a time when they may feel quite dis-empowered. This in itself has great value.

Healing visualization is not limited to cancer patients. It can help with a variety of physical and mental conditions.  

Just like visualizing on your own, guided imagery healing audios prompt imagination, which is a conscious process. The neuro-chemistry of the brain changes and responds. You see in your mind's eye according to the verbal directions and suggestions you give it.

If you doubt how well your brain will respond to imagery, try this classic example. Close your eyes and see yourself bite into a sour lemon. Taste and smell it.  Your mouth is probably watering already just thinking about it. That's how fast the body responds to the mind and vice-versa.

Guided visualization capitalizes on this connection. It helps you form images that promote well-being and health.

Watch this short video to learn more about the health benefits of guided imagery from Dr. Norm Shealy and guided imagery specialist Belleruth Naparstek. 

Whether you are using ready made imagery audios and videos to assist with manifesting your goals, or using visual aids or independent mental imagery, knowing and applying visualizing how-to's will help you get the most value from your practice. 

Guided Visualization to the Mind Body Connection

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