Hands on Health by Paula Youmell

by Val Silver

Hands on Health: Take Your Vibrant, Whole Health Back Into Your Healing Hands by Paula Youmell is a common-sense easy reading casual-style book with the main focus on good whole food nutrition in helping you take control of your health. Much of the book's wisdom comes from her learning and experience over the years, both as an individual and holistic healer.

I met Paula when she was the speaker at a book fair and found myself in the company of a kindred spirit. What especially caught my attention was her opening comment that although she believes that healing emotionally is of the utmost importance, the way into healing for many people is through the physical. She spoke of the healing continuum, and how what we put into our bodies moves us in the direction of disease or health. And as we know, the food we put into our bodies plays a big role in the type of health we create.

After hearing Paula's talk, I was eager to read her book and to share it with you.

Some of the main points of Hands on Health are:
*Our bodies are microcosms of the earth.
*Let food be our medicine.
*Eat quality, whole foods often. (Although she does confess to making whole-grain donuts as an occasional treat!)
*Focus on the wholeness of individuals and health, not a disease and covering up symptoms.

One chapter that is particularly fun in the book is 50 Ways to Love Your Fruits and Vegetables.

Here is tip #7: Add beets, carrots, squash, and parsnips to pancakes and waffle batter. I even add spinach, kale, collards, etc. to my kids’ pancakes. They used to call these “green” breakfast pancakes, Shrek pancakes, now they just label them as Mom’s wacko healthy foods. (My tip: pumpkin is also yummy in pancakes, cookies, and bread, and very healthy. Amp it up with spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves for an antioxidant boost.)

Paula includes several recipes in Hands on Health, some of which make me happy because they are so easy, like this one. Whip up this 5-minute recipe as a tasty accompaniment for raw vegetable dipping and salads. (I am definitely going to make this!)

Ranch Dressing
1 cup plain yogurt
½ tsp. each: chives, parsley, dill
¼ tsp. each: garlic and onion powder
1/8 tsp. sea salt and black pepper
Mix ingredients well and enjoy!

Paula also discusses a variety of wellness topics including sleep, exercise, toxins, and kindness to round out her whole-person approach and ends on a light-hearted note:

Paula’s End Note:
Health and healing are not about perfection. It is about listening
to yourself, your inner wisdom, and giving yourself what you need to balance body, mind, and soul.
May you find your true inner wisdom, your true balance.

To sum it all up, a statement well said by my dear friend, Rob Sachno: “Life is interesting, entertaining. Don’t take it seriously, that’s the secret.”

Perhaps that is the secret!

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by: Rainbow Crabtree

Paula Youmell is part of the wholistic healing community of the North Country, this amazing place I, too, call home. As owner of Nature's Storehouse (www.natures-storehouse.com), a small health food store located in Canton, NY, I often refer customers to Paula for practical, mindful, individualized guidance toward achieving wellness. Paula is a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-I-see-it kind of person, woman, mom, friend, healer. She walks the path of wellness herself, thereby leading by example. Her book will be a time-less resource for individuals, not only in our small North Country community, but also across the globe. Without any reservations, I urge you to pick up this book...it provides true wisdom for gaining health and wellness!

Deep Gratitude
by: Paula Youmell

Thank you Val for sharing my book on your website.

I love the cooperative mentality / energy that flows between healers!

When we all help with healing the world is better for all!

I wrote this book to remind everyone of their own innate ability to heal. Healing is the norm. If you cut your finger, it heals without intervention. Every part of your body is capable of healing if it is given what it needs to heal and thrive. This is a Vitalist philosophy of healing: Healing comes through nature. You are nature, therefore; healing comes from within you and through you.

I offer my book as a simple reminder of health and healing, a simple solution for the symptoms that bother you, a healing gift to all who read.

As a Student Nurse, I realized my first semester in Nursing school that healing was not happening with most medical protocols. I have dedicated my life to learning, sharing, and supporting others with natural - holistic healing.

Blessings of vibrant health to all, Paula

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