Harmonic Resonance Healing

By Val Silver

Harmonic resonance healing plays a major role in holistic medicine. It takes advantage of healing frequencies to promote wellness.

Leading edge practitioners predict that therapies using vibrational frequencies and subtle energy medicine are the future of medicine. You don't have to look too far to see that the future is already here.

Thanks to quantum physics and advanced technology, some of these methods, including acupuncture and sound and light healing have gained acceptance in modern western medicine. This is truly a case of ancient wisdom being new again.

Conventional medicine treats all kinds of ailments using machines that introduce a healing vibration into the body. The use of the pacemaker for heart rhythm and ultraviolet light for psoriasis are two commonly used conventional therapies. Diagnosing with ultrasound and MRI machines rely on resonance and frequencies.

Harmonic resonance healing methods such as laying on of hands and using sound, light and crystals have been around for thousands of years. It has always been widely accepted in the east.

What is Harmonic Resonance?

Everything living and non-living is in a state of vibrational harmonic resonance. The universe was created through frequency patterns and it continues to expand. What we call matter is now understood to be energy that is organized by waveforms and frequencies. Electrons are always moving and vibrating.

All matter generates electrical and electromagnetic energy fields at a precise frequency. When the cycle or repetitions between two or more sources align, or match up, we say they are in a state of vibrational or harmonic resonance.

If you have ever heard a piece of crystal sing or a musical instrument play in response to a specific note or sound from another instrument, that is harmonic resonance. Clock pendulums in a shop swing together, brainwaves entrain, and heartbeats synchronize in an auditorium full of people. Over time, women living in close quarters have similar monthly cycles. You may have experienced your mood change to match, or entrain, with those who are  feeling happier, sadder, or grumpier than you You subconsciously respond to their energy patterns to come into resonance with them. 

Since everything is vibration or energy, everything is either in a state of harmonic resonance with another, or not. This is as it should be. You can tune into various radio stations as you turn the dial because you are accessing different frequencies which allow one radio station to come in and not another. With awareness, you can use this tendency to enhance your state of well-being.

Harmonic Healing

The principles of harmonic resonance can be used to facilitate mental and physical wellness for yourself and others.

In his book, Power vs. Force, David R. Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D explains that each emotion vibrates at a specific numeric frequency on the Scale of the Levels of Consciousness. Feelings such as love and optimism are positive attractors, while hate and guilt are negative attractors. The highest state of vibrational resonance is unconditional love. Some call this the Divine or God-source energy.

Your overall frequency affects your mentally and physically.

This does not require a far reach of imagination. Just think about how you feel after eating junk food or a fight with a loved one. You may feel zapped of energy and low. When you introduce physical and emotional substances into your energetic field that oscillate at such a low level, they are likely to pull your vibration lower as well. Compare that to the sense of vitality you feel while enjoying a loving hug or lively exercise.

What is generally accepted among healers is that dis-ease and negative emotion states calibrate at a lower frequency than positive emotions and wellness. If an organ or system is in a weaker or more vulnerable state, it is a likely place for disease to take hold.

Frequencies affect everyone and everything. Introducing a needed frequency into an individual's energy field reminds the field of its original blueprint so it can be brought back into harmony with it, much like an instrument sounding in the company of another when it strikes certain notes. 

Resonant energy is introduced via machines, the hands, crystals, sound, light and/or vibrational remedies, such as flower essences. Sometimes, one treatment will resolve the imbalance, but often it needs to be repeated several times until the field can hold the resonance. Spontaneous full recovery results when the cause of energy disruptions are resolved.

 Harmonic Resonance and Health

Some healers and thought leaders believe that specific oscillations correspond to certain mental states, health conditions and remedies. Not everyone accepts this as fact, nor are numbers consistent from one system to another.

What science does show is that frequencies can be measured and are variable depending on which part you are measuring and your current state of health. In general, a healthy human vibrates at around 70 Hz. As cycles per second slow, you become more vulnerable to illness. Colds are more likely if you are vibrating around 58 Hz and cancer may appear at 42 Hz.

An example...

Over time, a healthy person, let's call him John, with a frequency of 70 Hz reduces his overall vibration with a steady diet of junk food and stress. As this happens, specific organs or systems are affected more than others, causing an imbalance in the energy field that makes him more vulnerable to negative emotions and physical illness.

At 58 Hz, John gets more than his usual number of colds and starts noticing other symptoms. He may attribute his decline to aging or bad genes. Instead, he changes his unhealthy habits. He decides to cut back on junk food and introduces super foods into his daily diet. He lets go of emotional baggage and cultivates acceptance and unconditional love. His vibration soars to 72 Hz and he feels better than ever. Problem solved.

But wait, you say. That is easier said than done. And you would be correct.

This is where vibrational remedies and healing techniques such as hands on energy healing, flower essences, and sound and light therapy come in. These tools introduce higher healing frequencies into our fields.

Of course, the above example is over-simplified and generalized, but it makes the point. Keep in mind that an imbalance may only be showing in one area of the mind or body, yet it affects the entire field and therefore the whole person.

Even if you have the knowledge and technology to bring harmonic healing to a specific organ or system, you would also do well to consider and address your overall vibration to promote well-being on all levels. The whole affects the parts, and vice-versa.

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