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The holistic health and healing articles and stories on this page are contributed by site visitors and members. If you have expertise in natural alternative therapies or have benefited from them, we want to hear from you.

For Practitioners: Do you have an area of expertise in complementary alternative healing? Are you an energy worker, nutritionist, herbalist, holistic doctor or practitioner? Would you like to share your unique wisdom and/or simple self-help techniques with our readers to educate them and help them on their healing journey?

If so, please include the following information in your article: the name of the technique you use, why you chose this technique and how/for whom you find it helpful, how to incorporate it into a holistic health and healing plan, a story of how this technique benefited you or someone you helped with it, any words of wisdom or something else you would like to share with our readers about healing or your technique. If appropriate, please include a sample exercise or tip our readers can use.

Note: I am eager to hear from healers using energy and spiritual techniques that consistently bring you and your clients positive results. I could do the research, but healing articles written from personal experience are much more meaningful to our readers. Thanks for sharing.

To Share Your Personal Experience: Do you have a story to share telling us how holistic healing helped you get better, with or without the help of modern medicine?

If so, please include the following information in your story: what you were experiencing mentally and/or physically that prompted you to seek help from conventional and natural medicine, what natural method (or methods) you used and how it helped you, any words of wisdom you would like to share or something about your experiences with your wellness challenge and healing process that would help and encourage our readers.

Your Holistic Health and Healing Articles

Thanks for sharing. We look forward to reading about your techniques and your words of wisdom.

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Holistic Health and Healing Articles

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Spiritual Healing: Clear Ancestral/Generational Trauma and Rage 
In response to the horrendous killing of George Floyd in America, the Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith invited several thought leaders to respond to the …

3 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp at Any Age 
Your brain defines who you are, storing all of your precious memories, shaping your thoughts, driving your creativity, and guiding your every activity …

Conditions That CBD Can Help 
CBD oil has become a popular natural remedy for the treatment of everything from headaches to epilepsy. Though it's not going to cure cancer, it can offer …

Is It Skin Cancer Or Just A Mole? 
It’s common for people to panic when they find themselves with an irregular mole, and wonder if it’s cancer. But what most people don’t know is that there …

Understanding Meditation and Stress 
The 20th Century buzz-word was certainly stress. The beauty of the 21st century is we’ve perfected stress with technology. Because many of us lead such …

3 Tips That Working In An Ambulance Taught Me About Stress Management 
I was introduced to a new kind of stress when I became an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). For my first year on the job, I ran on pure adrenaline and …

Find Your Refuge: How to Effectively Meditate 
During my addiction treatment, the number one thing that kept me stable was meditation. Whenever I was in a bad place or felt I was at risk for a relapse, …

How Holistic Healing Can Reignite Hope in The Mentally Ill 
When you’re at a low point mentally, your entire body suffers due to it. The most common symptoms of many illnesses that affect the mind end up taking …

Gardeners Might Not Know That Soil Is An Antidepressant 
Many of us enjoy gardening whether it is for food (fresh fruit and vegetables), for the flowers or a combination of the two.  In addition, gardening gives …

Isn't it Time to Take the Stigma out of Growing Vegetables In Place of Lawns? 
It is only in comparatively modern times that home owners have become programmed to grow lawns in their front gardens or yards. I guess it started in …

Holistic Healing Centers - A Better Life Awaits You 
If we were to ask you a simple question – are you happy and content with your life? Very few would be able to answer in affirmative. For the rest life …

When to Seek Medical Help for Your Child 
Parents are usually the first people to identify the changes in their child's behavior. Infections and fevers are the common problems seen in each …

An Introduction to the Natural and Healing Benefits of Rooibos Tea 
I wonder if you have ever heard of Rooibos Tea? It originates from South Africa where the rooibos bush is a member of the famous and unique fynbos …

Social Support, Relationships, and Health 
There are many things we can do to improve health. You probably already know about the importance of eating a nutrient-dense diet, stress-management, and …

An Introduction to the Healing Properties of Essential Oils 
After decades of the misuse and overuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics, it is becoming apparent to many that it is time to turn back the clock and once …

Why Eating More Fruits and Veggies Could Save Your Life 
The news isn't that fruits and vegetables are good for you. It's that they are so good for you that they could save your life. ~ David Bjerklie Back …

Becoming a Believer in the Power of Energy Healing 
The story below shares the incident that took me from a skeptic to a 'believer' in the possibilities of healing with energy. The rest, as they say, is …

My Personal Experience with Ho'oponopono 
Since reading about Dr. Hew Len literally emptying a criminal mental ward with only the help of ho oponopono I have been fascinated with this huna healing …

Beating Hair Loss and Bad Genetics with Nutrition 
Most women searching for a hair loss cure are looking for a product, a shampoo, a pill, some sort of hair serum that will magically sprout a lush main …

By These Things Men Live: Chronicles of a Four-Time Cancer Survivor 
Bob Ellal is the author of By These Things Men Live: Chronicles of a Four-Time Cancer Survivor. I asked him to share some of his inspirational story …

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