Health Wellness Coaching: Is It Right for You?

By Val Silver

Health wellness coaching can help you achieve your goals with greater ease.

Did you know that research shows that only one in seven people change their health-harming habits when diagnosed with a serious lifestyle illness or warned of imminent risk by their doctors...

...and only one in twenty stop damaging behaviors when they believe their health is still 'okay'.

For too long, doctors and health professionals send us on our way with admonitions to lose weight, take better care of yourself, quit smoking, and stop stressing so much before it kills you!

But rarely do you get a plan or support to help with follow through, which is the most difficult part. You are on your own. Perhaps you would have enough motivation and willpower to succeed, but probably not.

The problem is that many doctors lack the time and training to help patients make lasting changes in lifestyle areas that are important to preventing and reversing mind and body dis-eases. They know that sleep, stress management, eating habits, exercise and living with purpose are important to wellness, but they probably do not have the knowledge, time, or resources to guide and support you on an ongoing basis. 

This is where health coaching comes in.  A well-trained holistic life coach acts as your ally and guide.  Your coach works with you over time to clarify, achieve, and maintain upgraded habits of mind, body, and spirit best suited to you.  

What is Health Wellness Coaching?

The process of health and wellness coaching is much the same as coaching for business and personal performance. The only difference is that you will be focusing primarily on you personal wellness and life goals. 

At the beginning of your process, your holistic health coach is likely to help you assess your current overall holistic wellness, so together you can design a plan that best supports your well-being as a whole person.

If you already have a nutritional, lifestyle, or exercise plan from your health professional, health wellness coaching is there to help you follow through.

It is important to note that even if you are focusing on only one aspect of health care, such as weight loss, expect to explore and address mental and emotional facets of your goal as well. Success is mostly about mindset.  Likewise, for a goal such as developing a healthy attitude about life, you may be asked to take a look at your diet and sleeping habits.

Remember that you are a whole person, and good health wellness coaching takes that view. 

health wellness coaching

Who is a Health Wellness Coach?

No two coaches come with the same knowledge base, coach training, or personal and professional experience.

Anyone can call him or herself a wellness coach. A wellness coach may be a medical professional, holistic health practitioner, or someone interested in health. He may have minimal coach training and experience, or training and recognized certifications. Sometimes, people who sell wellness products receive some coach training through their company and call themselves health coaches.  Be wary if their primary motive is to sell you products. 

Also be wary if the person you speak with only doles out advice and information or gives you a pep talk. They may be the most knowledgeable person on the planet about your topic, but coaching is much more than that. 

A wellness coach may specialize in a particular area such as smoking or cancer recovery. They may be skilled in hypnosis or other inner freedom methods to help you achieve your goals. Many wellness coaches address holistic health and healthy living in general. 

Do keep in mind that if what you want is coaching, knowledge about your specific goal may be a plus, but life coaching expertise is primary. An expert life coach can coach you successfully on just about any topic because most of the help you are likely to need is inner game coaching - getting out of your comfort zone, past the fears that keep you there, and into playing bigger for what you want.

Read more about finding a life coach specializing in health, wellness and personal growth here.

What Can Health Wellness Coaching Do For You?

A holistic health coach is a trained life coach specializing in health, wellness, and personal transformation. He or she can help you get clear about what you really want and help you get there.

Your coach is present with you.  A skilled life coach connects with you on a deep level. Their sense of presence is felt as they obeserve you and listen intently to what you say and don't say. This connection and "witnessing" is a catalyst for transformation. 

A coach is your ally. She cares about you, listens to you, focuses on you, and challenges you. She will help you face obstacles and celebrate successes every step of the way. Unlike a sports coach, a good life coach will not tell you what to do or push his/her ideas on you.

Collaboration and Support. Your coach provides a fresh and experienced perspective as you create awareness and solve problems. Your coach will offer you the appropriate support and challenge you need to help you move forward with less angst and greater ease.  

Experience and knowledge. Your coach is knowledgeable about much more than the specifics of your goal. S/he is also skilled at helping you create clarity around your intentions, plan your strategies, develop skills, cope with challenges, and follow through with action until you get the results you want. She can guide you to additional resources you may need.

And when you get stuck? This is a where a well-trained, experienced coach shines. She can help you master your inner game, or the mental game, that plays out between your ears. You can have the best plan and the greatest intentions, but whether you win or lose ultimately depends on navigating through your fears, beliefs, and life challenges, regardless of your goal.

Let's face it. You probably have a pretty good idea about what you need to do. You know the basics of healthy eating, the value of exercise and sleep, and the need to let go of emotional garbage, reduce stress, and have some fun. And, you really do want to feel better, look better, and enjoy life more.

So why is it so hard? There is one answer to that question. Your inner and outer environments either make change a breeze or nearly impossible. In the coaching world, the saying goes,

The environment always wins.

Your coach will help you design and create inner and outer environments that propel you toward success. Then, you no longer have to rely on motivation and will power alone.

Is Health Wellness Coaching for You?

Health and wellness coaching may be for you if you are struggling to improve your health and well-being, but find yourself stuck with the same bad habits, fears, and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

And it may be for you if you feel like your life is out of balance, and the well-being of your mind, body and spirit are suffering because of it (or will be if you don't do something about it fast!).

If you are ready to make a change in your life for the better, and you want someone with the knowledge and skill to help you accelerate your progress, learn more about how to find the best coach for you specializing in health wellness coaching and/or personal transformation.

Holistic Wellness Coaching is about pursuing your BIG dream, sharing about your experiences, and playing for “WOW” moments.

Coaching is NOT an intervention, counseling, or treatment. It is for people who are motivated and ready to move forward in the direction of their dreams for a happy, fulfilling, healthy life.

Holistic Health-Wellness Coaching Tips

1) Choose a focus that you are doing in your life right now or something that you are willing to start doing. Choose something that you have time for in a given week.

2) Choose a focus that you want to do better in order to get better results. have a desire to do better; to get better results. Do not choose something that you are doing but wish you were not doing, such as breaking a habit. Your topic should not be something that is bothering you.  

3) Remember that your coaching program is set for a specific timeframe, usually 10-12 fast weeks. 

A sample of possible coaching topics includes:

  • Rejuvenate your health
  • Reduce your tolerations
  • Spiritual quest
  • Develop positive wellness habits
  • Detox your life
  • Balance personal life and vocation
  • Other

Are you a candidate for coaching with Val?  Read more here. You may also contact me here if you prefer to communicate via email and/or request a complimentary consultation

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