Nutritious Healthy Herbs

By Val Silver

Nature not only gives us healthy herbs for medicine, it also plenty of vitamin and mineral rich herbs for food and drink.

An easy way to nurture wellness and build resistance to stress and illness is to brew healthy herbal teas and eat herbs and spices regularly.

Springtime has always been a popular time to harvest and cook up nettle leaves, bitter greens, and young dandelion leaves for spring cleansing and a nutritional boost after a long winter.

Eat herbs for food just as you would other greens. Chop up fresh young leaves for salads. Keep dried food herbs and mushrooms on hand for soup, casseroles or beverages.

In order to reap the nutritional rewards of healthy herbs, you need serving sized portions. Capsules and tinctures are great for medicine, but not for nourishment. 

However, small amounts of herbs and spices are not without health benefits. Add a generous sprinkle of seasoning herbs and spices such as oregano, rosemary, turmeric, and cloves for an anti-oxidant boost to foods. 

Most healthy herbal teas are too weak to provide nutrients. One exception is yerba mate which provides anti-oxidants and small amounts of 15 amino acids and over 20 minerals and vitamins.

Three Healthy Herbs for Food

Nettle Leaf - (Urtica dioica or Urtica urens)

Stinging Nettle Leaf is energizing, nourishing and rejuvenating. Its leaves contain a wealth of vitamins, minerals, lipids, proteins, and micro-nutrients.

Nettle leaf shines in its ability to restore adrenal and kidney functioning. It nourishes the endocrine glands, cardiovascular, nervous, digestive and immune systems.

This healthy herb feeds the skin, hair, joints and bones.

Nettle is known to help balance blood sugar, reduce headaches, rehydrate dry tissue in the body and relieve constipation (as many dark green drinks do).

This versatile herb can be eaten or enjoyed as a drink. 

In the spring, fresh picked nettle leaves can be boiled and eaten as a green vegetable or made into a vinegar. If you are lucky enough to have some growing nearby, pick very carefully to avoid a painful sting. Cooking destroys the stingers.

For ease and year round use, buy nettles cut and dried for herbal infusions and soup stock. One-and-a-third cups of dried nettle leaf (cut and sifted so it looks like flakes) is roughly one ounce.

Some people find nettle tea a bit strong or harsh. You may want to start with a smaller amount of herb or dilute with more water. Or combine it with oatstraw and a little licorice for a milder flavor.

For a rich source of nutrients, drink nettle and oatstraw infusions regularly.

Oatstraw - Avena sativa

healthy herbs

If you have eaten oatmeal, or taken an Aveno bath for itchy skin, you have experienced common uses for the very popular oat plant.

Taken as a tincture or extract of fresh milky tops, oatstraw is a much loved calming, nervine herb.

As an herbal food, oatstraw is rich in calcium, B vitamins, and other vitamins, minerals and herbal constituents.

It helps you build energy, sleep better, be more emotionally resilient and more resistant to stress.

Oatstraw is a wonderful friend to a stressed out nervous system. It helps build healthy bones and teeth, improves circulation and can help stabilize blood sugar levels. It helps keep blood vessels healthy and its moistening qualities relieve tissue dryness. Women report that it boosts their libido.

For a double benefit, use an oatstraw infusion made with dried milky tops in place of the water in your morning oatmeal.

Approximately three-fourths (3/4ths) of a cup of dried, cut and sifted oatstraw is equivalent to one ounce.

Sea Vegetables

A variety of sea vegetables are sold in markets and health food stores. These healthy herbs are rich in minerals and vitamins needed by your bones and the endocrine, immune and circulatory systems.

Seaweeds are wonderful for protecting you from the effects of different kinds of stress. They help protect you from chemicals, radiation, and free radical damage in addition to supporting stressed glands and organ systems.

Kelp, Dulse and Nori are three of the more commonly known sea herbs for health.

Find them and other seaweeds at health food stores or markets. Our Asian market has several varieties. Since there is some concern about contamination, you may want to stick with organic varieties. They are available in whole sheets or small flakes.

Kelp is very rich in minerals, especially iodine. It is sometimes sold as big pieces, flakes and in shakers as a salt substitute. Sprinkle a generous dash of kelp powder or flakes into soups, stews, and sauces for a nutritious boost. It tastes good mixed with white rice, too. I've even seen kelp sold as candy.

If you purchase whole sheets, rinse them off before eating. If you like the taste, you can eat as is. Add a whole piece to a soup or stew, cook for at least ten minutes, and remove before serving. Or rip the sheets into smaller pieces and leave in.

Dulse has a lighter flavor and texture than kelp. Big barrels of packaged dried red dulse are available at snack bars in Nova Scotia. Add versatile dulse flakes to soup and stew. Hide it in meatloaf and casseroles.

One of my favorite ways to use dulse is in a "DLT". Lightly toast sheets of dulse on the stove. Along with lettuce and tomato it makes a pretty good sandwich. 

Roasted Nori can be found in Asian markets and makes a tasty snack. Nori is often found at sushi bars.

Aim for a half-ounce of dried seaweed a week to enjoy their health benefits.

When you eat herbs for food and drink healthy herbal teas and infusions, you provide your body with a natural and generous supply of nutrients along with all the other benefits healthy herbs provide.

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