Holistic Healthy Living Tips Guide

The Healthy Living Tips Guide is your source for common sense, doable, daily holistic healthy living habits.

If you are wondering where to begin on your holistic health and healing journey it is right here. What you put in your body and how you take care of it sets the foundation for physical well-being. The earlier you start taking care of yourself, the better. It is never to late to make a fresh start.

The good news is that you probably already know the basics of how to take care of your body. You know you need to eat nutritious real food, get enough exercise and sleep, and keep off those extra pounds. What is often more challenging than knowing how is actually doing. Or should I say doing in a way that is sustainable for life. Our habits are deeply ingrained, making change, even when necessary for physical wellness, a challenge.

The problem is that when we are young, our bodies just seem to go with the flow and we don't concern ourselves too much with healthy habits. We eat what we want, thrive on little sleep, drink too much and smoke, oblivious to what we are doing to our health. If we're lucky, we get away with these behaviors for many years, thanks to a strong constitution and long telomeres that protect DNA - until they get too short. 

But then, it happens. You or someone you love gets the scary diagnosis. You feel the aches and pains and nagging symptoms. Your energy starts to wane. Your weight balloons. Or you just feel unwell. When things do not improve, you start making promises to take better care of yourself, to make holistic healthy living a priority. And sometimes you do - for a while. That's the bad news.

Thankfully, there is more good news. by taking small steps, making painless substitutions, and implementing barely noticeable changes in your lifestyle consistently over time, you can find yourself living a much healthier lifestyle within a year. Your efforts will reward you with a healthier happier life.  

Tips for Living a Healthy Life

Building healthy lifestyle habits comes down to just that - creating everyday thought and behavior patterns that help you get and stay vital, happy, and energetic throughout your life. 

Putting these healthy living tips into action will empower you to live a healthier, happier life with ease. 

  • Make as many easy healthy habit upgrades as you can. These seem too simple to matter, but they add up in a big way. Other habits take more effort and time, so using this method to get you off to a good start is a real health and confidence booster.
  • Choose one or two areas of wellness to focus on first. Trying to do too much at once will leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. Look at the list of  'the six best doctors' in the topics below. Choose one area of greatest need or weakness. Then choose 1-3 healthy living tips under that topic that you feel will benefit you and be do-able. Also choose a topic that seems interesting and fun or one that you are already successful with. See if you can make an upgrade there as well. 
holistic healthy living tips, six best doctors quote by Wayne Fields
  • Give yourself permission to experiment before making a permanent declaration of change. Make a game of trying something new. Try a natural soda. Take an after meal walk every day for a week and turn in an hour earlier. Try some new recipes. Schedule in fifteen minutes of me-time before bed. Approach your experiments with curiosity and a spirit of play. Do give yourself a fair trial of a week or two before deciding if a new habit is for you or not. After that time, decide if you want to keep it, need to tweak it, or try something new altogether.
  • Make implementing healthy living tips easy and fun. Do what makes you feel confident, at ease, and empowered. Take consistent action and you will be pleasantly surprised how making healthier choices becomes second nature. For example, unless you love going to the gym, you will probably have more success exercising at home. 
  • A gung-ho health overhaul may sound good, but big bursts of change don't often last long-term. Instead, start by making a few substitutions and changes you will hardly notice and may even prefer. Replace toxic cleaning and personal products with safe products. Replace processed white salt with unrefined real salt. Saute your food in coconut or avocado oil instead of vegetable oil. Another simple change is add-ins. Nobody in my house ever notices the teaspoon of kelp powder in the tomato sauce or the ground flax in the pancakes.
  • The real secret to success is to continue implementing new healthy living tips and habits continually over time. This bears repeating. Unless the change is something you enjoy more than an old habit, make each step of the change barely noticeable. Better to take six months reaching a goal than reaching it in one day and then going back to where you started and staying there.
  • True holistic healthy living focuses on your needs as a whole person, not just physical health. Especially important is relieving mental stress, which can sabotage your best efforts to live a healthy life. Incorporate a variety of stress relieving techniques and remedies into your lifestyle.

Topics in the Holistic Healthy Living Tips Guide 

Click on the images and text links below for specifics about the health benefits of sleep, exercise, sun, eco-friendly living, nutritious foods and beverages, and detoxing your life.

sleeping star

Sleep and Health -For good health, adequate quality sleep is one of your top needs. Your mind and body need sleep to function optimally. This page will link you to all sleep-related pages. Or click through to a specific page here:

healthy living diet

The Healthy Living Diet - Diet is usually top of mind when thinking of healthy living habits. Whether you are trying to lose pounds or be healthier, what you eat and drink is most important. 

detoxify your life, throw out trash

Detox Your Life -Detoxing your life is all about getting rid of your mental head trash and giving your body what it needs to get rid of toxins and waste.

health benefits of exercise

Exercising for Health -Exercise benefits your health in many ways. It brings oxygen and nutrients to your cells and tones your muscles and organs. It even gives you energy and reduces stress. Do you have to go to the gym to exercise or carve out more time from your already busy life? Not necessarily. Learn more here:

sun and health

The Sun and Your Health - Is the sun a health ally or foe? Find out here and learn how to take advantage of the sun's health promoting benefits.

The old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Your body relies on how you treat it to stay and get healthy. Premature aging and degenerative conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis often have their roots in poor lifestyle choices and habits.

Over time, the basics included in the Holistic Healthy Living Tips Guide, coupled with the practices of mental emotional wellness and spiritual wellness, will help you create the foundation of a long, healthy, fulfilling life. 

By Val Silver

Healthy Living Tips Guide updated 04/2021

For Educational Purposes Only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Please consult with your health provider before using natural remedies and/or complementary therapies if you are pregnant, nursing, or you are being treated for a medical condition. Be aware that certain herbs and supplements interact with medications.

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