Healing with Ho oponopono: A Spiritual Practice

By Val Silver

Ho oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian huna healing practice used to 'make right' or correct an error. Island peoples believed that illness was caused by errors, guilt, or anger. These errors, or wrongs, include everything from not taking good care of ourselves to words and actions carried out from a negative spirit instead of love to committing crimes. The cure is forgiveness and clearing unconscious programming. The goals are to see clearly, to be at peace within ourselves, and to make things right with our ancestors and other people.

The theory behind the hooponopono technique is that when we forgive others, we forgive ourselves. It is believed that our unconscious minds  carry all the significant people in our lives, including ancestors and people from other relationships.

Although ho'oponopono is a way to forgive, the practice goes beyond forgiveness. It helps you clean your subconscious mind so you can better see through the eyes of the Divine within you. This makes it a spiritual practice, as well as a method for healing what ails you.

Dr. Hew Len and Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona

According to the widespread story, Dr. Hew Len healed an entire ward of dangerous mentally ill criminals at the Hawaii State Hospital in the 1980's using the four statement hooponopono mantra. This is one reason so many of us are hearing about ho oponopono today.

Dr. Len never saw these people for therapy. He never tried to change them. 

What he did do was sit with their charts over a period of three years and read about his patients. As he read about their horrific acts, and negative feelings arose within himself, he cleaned and erased those feeling within himself using hooponopono.

The doctor took full responsibility for his feelings of repulsion, anger, and shame. He believed that the anger and repulsion he felt was being created in the patient.

As he erased these negative emotions within himself, the patients got better. Over a period of three years every patient gradually improved until each one was considered to be rehabilitated and released.

In another version of events, claimed to be the true story, Dr. Len carefully looked at the doctors, his feelings, and the patients as he walked the wards. While he walked, he asked the Divine to heal his karmic bonds with these matters and persons. All but two patients were healed. He followed the 12-step hooponopono process taught by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, a native Hawaiian Kahuna and healer.

In her prayer, Morrnah asks the Divine to forgive her family, relatives, and ancestors from the beginning of time to the present for offenses in thought, word, deed, and action and that these unwanted energies would be cleansed, released and transmuted into pure light.

Two Premises of Ho'oponopono

Hooponopono is based on two premises: full responsibility and peace begins with me. 

1.Self-identity ho oponopono takes full responsibility.

Self-identity ho'oponopono is based on taking full responsibility for what you feel inside yourself and what you are co-creating in your life. It is not about changing others, although that may happen. It is about changing yourself. Whether this is a result of the ho'oponopono or the changes in you, isn't known.

If you create your own reality, then anything in your awareness is something you created. If you have a relationship problem, or get cut off in traffic, then you helped create it. This is true whether the happening is considered good, bad or indifferent.

When we label something as a problem, it indicates that there's a block, programming or limitation within us. We give it meaning and that makes it worse.

The only reason it's perceived as a problem is because we are there observing it and judging it as a problem. We view life through past memories playing in the subconscious. This causes problems. When you detach from a perceived problem a little bit, and acknowledge that you don't know where it came from, this is a good start.

Patterns come up again and again to give us another opportunity to clear it. If you notice you have a particular area where there's a recurring pattern, it's trying to get your attention. Once you learn the lesson, the pattern will disappear. Use hooponopono and/or other clearing techniques to accomplish this.

Peace begins with me is the second premise of ho oponopono. When someone is 'clean', s/he comes in peace. The memories are freed up and you can see clearly through the eyes of the Divine in you. Others are free to heal naturally as a result.

Hooponpono prayers are an on-going process. You can say them before any situation and throughout the day to keep yourself clear and open to Divine inspiration.

Peace begins with me.

Peace begins with me is the second premise of ho oponopono. When someone is 'clean', s/he comes in peace. The memories are freed up and you can see clearly through the eyes of the Divine in you. Others are free to heal naturally as a result.

Ho oponpono prayers are an on-going process. You can say them before any situation and throughout the day to keep yourself clear and open to Divine inspiration.

The Ho'oponopono Process

hooponopono mantra I'm sorry, I love you, please forgive me, thank you

Begin healing with ho oponopono by accepting full responsibility for what you are feeling and what is happening in your life.

Then, prayerfully ask the Divine to erase the feelings. You can add in other words to the four statements as they arise within you, or just repeat them. If you are meditating, you may want to repeat the statements as a hooponopono mantra. 

What is important is your intent, the energy and vibration of the words. Keep repeating the statements until you feel clear.

These are not magical words but they do have the power to bring you to the Source of healing. While you acknowledge and to the Source within you, Source does the clearing for you. Divine energy transmutes the problem into pure energy. This is called coming back to the point of clarity and freedom that is your true origin. Express gratitude for the help.

Dr. Len's process went something like this:

Please forgive me because I have been totally unaware of the programming within me that has created this person, this thing I'm upset about, these feelings.

I don't know what part of me created this patient and what he did. Please erase it. Please forgive me, I'm sorry. Thank you. I love you. All I know is some part of me created it so I have to take responsibility.

Thank you God for taking care of this. I love you. I am washing myself clean of anything keeping me from feeling divine love in the moment.

Just like Dr. Len, you can use ho oponopono on behalf of yourself and others. When you see people do something negative, or they share an upset with you, recognize it in your awareness and feeling. Offer huna healing silently to the divine. Trust that as you clean the negativity in yourself, you and others will get better.

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