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Welcome to the Holistic Energy Healing Guide. This page is your portal to related pages about healing with energy, the principles of energy medicine, and techniques for you to learn and experience.

In its many forms, vibrational or energetic healing has long been a primary health care system of peoples around the globe. In other cultures, it is considered alternative or complementary medicine.

Some words associated with the alternative energy healing health field - meridians, chakras, energy field- may already be familiar to you. You may have also experienced modalities such as reiki, acupuncture, laying on of hands, and the Emotional Freedom Techniques. 

Regardless of the words and techniques used, energy healing is based on concepts that the modern world has forgotten, and is now remembering. Simply put, 

"It's all energy, dear reader, it's all energy."

Except for a tiny bit of matter, everything in existence, including you, is energy. The atoms that make up your body, and your chair and your food are all spinning vortexes of energy. Thanks to more sensitive equipment, science now validates some beliefs about our energetic makeup previously dismissed as "woo-woo".

There is still much to learn, but what is now clear is that we are beings of light and energy right down to each and every cell in our bodies. These cells vibrate at specific frequencies. It only makes sense, then, that wellness and healing are truly about energetics. 

holistic energy healing

About Holistic Energy Healing

We are beginning to see some forms of energy medicine making their way into mainstream medicine. Light therapy soothes psoriasis. Lasers are used to cut through body tissue in surgery. MRIs image our bodies. Music is played to ease post-operative pain. Nurses trained in energy healing help patients relax and heal. Energy healing techniques, recognized or not, are classified as forms of complementary alternative medicine (CAM).

Present day uses of the terms holistic energy healing and energy medicine imply that there is an intentional working with the vibrational field of the universe, and the energy we are all made of, to positively affect and restore health.

Whether you are on the receiving or facilitating end of holistic energy healing, learning about the human bio-field and how to support yourself and others energetically will be most helpful.

One of these principles is vibrational resonance. If you are have ever heard a crystal bowl 'singing' along with a musical instrument, or seen clock pendulums swinging in unison, you have the concept behind energy therapeutics. The energy field of the person being treated is encouraged to entrain, or get into resonance, with the healer or form of vibrational medicine being used.

Energy Medicine

Energy therapeutics focus on concepts and techniques that foster wellness by working directly on your energetic vibrational field. These methods can be as simple as focused breathing, or as complicated as acupuncture. Some methods lend themselves nicely as self-healing aids. Others require a skilled practitioner or partner. 

Some techniques require that you use your hands to interact directly with the vibrational field in and around the body. Others use aids such as crystals, herbs, natural substances, or chants and singing bowls to facilitate balance and healing.

Meridian therapies work by stimulating and sedating the body's energy channels. Acupuncture is a well known form of alternative energy healing focused on the meridians. Techniques such as acupressure and EFT make it possible to positively affect this system without the use of needles.

Chakra Healing

Chakra healing is a form of alternative holistic energy healing used alone or in combination with other forms of energy therapeutics.

It is believed that seven chakra energy centers are located in front and back of your body. In addition, there are many secondary energy centers located in other areas of your body including your hands and feet.

Chakras bring energy into your body and interact with your energy field. They influence your health, healing, personality and more. Learn the function of each chakra and how to treathem to regular balancing as part of your holistic energy healing protocol.

Since everyone and everything is made of energy, it makes sense that everything you put in your body, every thought you think, every action you take, the people you interact with, and your environment continually affect your energy system for better or worse. Use this knowledge to help yourself heal and be happy. 

If holistic energy healing, or some parts of it, sounds like nonsense or science fiction to you, that's okay. I encourage you to learn a little more and experiment with a few techniques as part of your holistic healing wellness plan. You may just be amazed by what you experience.

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