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Aug 19, 2019

Healing with Sound and Music

Om. Hum. Ding. Mankind has been healing with sound and music since ancient times. They are natural modes of healing that have a way of touching us deep within...

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Aug 15, 2019

How to Muscle Test on Yourself

Knowing how to muscle test on yourself gives you a handy tool for accessing information from your subconscious mind and your...

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Aug 03, 2019

Meridian Tapping and Energy Flow Techniques

Meridian tapping and energy flow techniques have their roots in ancient Chinese who worked with body meridian lines to improve....

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Aug 03, 2019

Why Meditate - 15+ Health and Well-being Benefits of Meditation

Why meditate? Meditation benefits the health and well-being of your mind, body, and spirit.

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Aug 03, 2019

Detoxing the Body for health

Cleansing foods and techniques for sensible ways of detoxing the body on a regular and periodic basis.

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Aug 01, 2019

The Power of Negative Thinking

Tapping into the power of negative thinking can be enlightening, instructive and even motivating when used with intention and...

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Jul 24, 2019

The Depression and Anger Connection

Is depression anger turned inward? Although feeling depression and anger appear opposite...

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Jul 22, 2019

Why Am I Depressed?

The answer to the question "Why am I depressed" may not be obvious. You may have a physical condition or ...

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Jul 22, 2019

How to Overcome Depression with Holistic Healing

Learn how to overcome depression with holistic healing and natural remedies and techniques.

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Jun 28, 2019

Health Effects of Cortisol in the Body

Are the health effects of cortisol on the body all bad? This so-called stress hormone plays an important role in...

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Jun 28, 2019

Acts of Kindness: Good for You, Good for Others

Committing acts of kindness is good for others and good for your health. It helps heal you, aids longevity, and makes the world a better place for all...

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Jun 21, 2019

Best Colon Cleansers - Nature's Gifts for Colon Cleansing Naturally

The best colon cleansers for colon cleansing naturally come to us from the earth. A colon cleansing diet...

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Jun 21, 2019

Home Exercising Tips for Health and Fitness

The following exercising tips will help you incorporate fitness into your work and home life with ease.

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Jun 21, 2019

Health Benefits of Exercise

Researched health benefits of exercise show a clear relationship between physical activity and your holistic health.

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Jun 20, 2019

Detox Your Life Tips for a Healthy Body, Mind and Home

Feeling overwhelmed, cluttered, unhealthy or not your best self? Detox your life for a fresh start...

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