Human Biofields and Aura Healing

By Val Silver

Belief in human biofields, or the human aura, have formed the basis of holistic healing modalities long before scientists would even entertain the idea that human energy field exist.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine, and Ayurveda all have their roots in this belief. Energy healers work in the field and may see or sense different colors and layers of energy around the body. These layers relate to physical, spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of our being.

New research proves the existence of a human energy field. As taught by the ancients, research is showing that this field is comprised of light energy.

In the truest sense, you are a being of light.

A physician at the forefront of this research is Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. Like many physicians, Dr. Klinghardt was disillusioned by the limitations of conventional medicine and wanted to find ways to help his patients heal. His model of the five levels of holistic healing is based on Eastern concepts and other teachings.

Five Levels of Human Biofields

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Dr. Klinghart divided the human biofield into 5 levels: spiritual, intuitive, mental, energy, and physical bodies. The upper levels can help heal the lower bodies, but the lower bodies cannot heal the higher bodies. For example, healing the body cannot heal the intuitive level but the intuitive level can heal the physical. Since blocks can form between the layers, it is important to heal each layer of the biofield. 

In other models, these levels are often called spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. 

Level 1: The Physical Body

The first level of the human biofield is the physical body. This level is governed by the laws of biochemistry and mechanics. We can see it and feel it. It uses the five senses for input and is subject to gravitational forces. It is our primary connection to the earth and our source of physical energy. It ends at the skin and creates light emissions.

Healing modalities that address physical body level health

Level 2: The Energy Body

The second level of human biofields is the energy body. 

This layer of the human energy field, or aura, is created by nerve cell currents in the autonomic nervous system. The ANS controls involuntary body functions such as sweating, blood pressure, breathing and heart rate. These nerve cells create magnetic fields which extend beyond the skin. The energy is within the body and surrounds the entire body. It is often the first human aura level someone can see. It has been equated with the halos depicted around the head of saints in religious drawings.

Natural and holistic healing remedies for the energy body

In the following video, "The Five Levels of Healing: Level 1 and 2", Dr. Klinghardt discusses the physical body and energy body and holistic healing methods that apply to them.

Human Biofield Level 3: The Mental Body

The third layer of human biofields comprises the mental body.

It is believed that the mental body extends into infinity and beyond. It contains a record of all life events. Our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs are formed and organized here. Behaviors originate here.

All human biofields interact with each other at this level. It is an individual field and a consensus field. These are often called the individual and universal levels of superconscious mind.

In order to retrieve and heal suppressed memories stored in the mental field, muscle testing can be used to dialog with the subconscious mind.

Modalities for healing the mental body

Good health at the third level results from following simple natural rules. Raise your children in homes where they are nurtured, loved, safe, and can learn. Put effort into healing your own family and build love and respect between this and prior generations. This includes the living and dead, current relatives, those divorced, and extended family.

The mental body has an organizing effect on the first and second levels and vice-versa.

This eight minute video, "The Five Levels of Healing: Level 3", is a must see. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt discusses the mental body and shares details about the biophoton field and how we produce light energy.

Level 4: The Intuitive Body

Level four is called the dream body or intuitive body.

This level of human biofields is beyond the mind. It is in the realm of quantum physics, the collective unconscious, and the metaphysical. It stores trauma and unresolved ancestral issues going back two or more generations.

Healing methods for the intuitive body

Therapies addressing unresolved issues between generations, such as family constellation work, can lead to remarkable healing at this level.

Human Aura Level 5: The Spiritual Body

The fifth and most important layer of human biofields is the spiritual body. It is what "makes us tick". 

This is the level of knowing, awareness and self-healing. It is our individual connection and oneness with the Divine.

It may not be appropriate to try to use healing techniques at this level, but it is important to nurture the spiritual body and its connection to Source. 

Ways to nurture the spiritual body

Perhaps the verse, "Be still and know that I am God", is most appropriate here. 

The following video, "The Five Levels of Healing: Levels 4 and 5", explains about the intuitive and spiritual bodies. 

Five Basic Human Aura Healing Principles

According to Dr. Klinghardt, it is important to consider these five basic principles for healing human biofields, or auras.

  • Each level of the bio field follows its own laws and order.
  • What is being manifested in the physical body is happening in the other four levels also. Your perceptions and thoughts lead to emotions and other energy body changes (second level). These changes trigger changes in the physical body (first level). The section on the effects of stress on health explains this cycle in detail.
  • For true healing, you need to work on all five levels simultaneously. This is consistent with the concepts of holistic health.
  • The energy we need to heal comes from the lower three levels. Dr. Klinghardt recommends putting lots of energy into healing the three lower levels by eating nutritious foods, exercising, and getting enough sleep.You nurture the body-electric through massage, acupuncture, yoga, listening to good music, resolving mental conflicts, and grounding yourself by connecting with the earth to discharge electro-smog.
  • There is some overlap between levels of healing and the associated healing methods. Some methods, like hypnosis are useful at more than one level.

Even though the human aura is organized into layers, they intermingle and affect each other. Healing methods that affect one layer may have positive effects on other layers as well. When you heal one part, you help heal the whole.

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Thank you to Dr. Mercola for producing these videos and to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt for sharing his fascinating learning about human biofields and his approach to holistic healing with us.


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