Introduction to Healing Properties of Essential Oils

by Jane Chitty
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Jane Chitty

Jane Chitty

After decades of the misuse and overuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics, it is becoming apparent to many that it is time to turn back the clock and once more seek the older and historical methods to treat and to heal.

Essential oils are one such method and in fact, studies have proven that just 4 essential oils will eliminate 100% of the bacteria and virus present in any room when such oils are diffused. The essential oils from pine, thyme, peppermint, lavender, rosemary, cloves and cinnamon have been found to be the most effective for this.

Ancient cultures considered essential oils to be more precious than gold.

Essential oils will treat, heal and comfort on two levels - physiological and emotional. They make you more healthy and stronger but they also make you calmer.

Essential oils enter through the nose and the skin.

When we inhale the oils through our nose, minute particles make their way to the roof of the nose before travelling up behind the eyes to the olfactory system. This system is attached to another – the limbic system - linking the left and right brain and the nervous centers.

When we absorb essential oils through the skin- this can be via the pores or the hair follicles – the oils enter the bloodstream capillaries and circulate throughout the body, going directly to that area where they are needed most so that they can start their healing work immediately.

Essential oils do not accumulate in the body. They are the complete opposite of pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals and other toxins.

Essential oils are divided into three “notes” with the top notes being uplifting and refreshing; the middle notes affecting the body's systems and metabolism; and the base notes going to work with their sedating qualities.

Apart from the three notes, essential oils comprise a long list of healing properties. These include antiviral, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-allergic, anti-asthmatic, antibiotic, anti-coagulant, antidepressant and many, many more.

It is no wonder that those who research and mix essential oils need to have a great knowledge and understanding of how to arrive at the best formula for a specific condition that needs treatment and healing. They also need to be aware of who should and should not use a particular essential oil or mixture of essential oils. For example, certain oils are unsuitable for very young children or those who are pregnant or nursing.

There are many conditions that respond to essential oils – skin conditions, yeast and fungal infections, viral infections, bacterial infections as well as the discomfort and even pain of hemorrhoids, headaches, varicose veins and anal fissures.

Each and every essential oil will have its own unique healing properties. For example Lavender essential oil is used with other essential oils in different formulas to treat the physical conditions of athlete's foot, headaches and migraines, scars and stretch marks but at the same time, lavender can ease the emotional problems of depression, irritability or panic attacks.

Essential oils have the wonderful versatility to act on both mind and body. Remember though that in spite of essential oils being 100% natural, they are powerful substances that must be handled with care.

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Jane Chitty writes regularly for Healing Natural Oils, a producer and retailer of high-quality, all-natural treatments for a variety of conditions (including acne, arthritis, moles, warts, skin tags and many more). Jane lives in Cape Town, South Africa, but is able to spend some time in both the USA and the UK because of close family living there. She loves to compare natural treatments and lifestyles – especially in the areas of health, green living and nutrition – in these three very different countries. Visit her blog here

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by: Val

Thanks for sharing, Jane. I love essential oils, especially inhaling a whiff of relaxing, stress soothing lavender. As a matter of fact, I think I'll go get some right now.

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