It is All Too Much

by Barb Derick
(Ottawa Canada)

When I feel like it is all too much, I take myself to a park with trees, hopefully with water.

I lean up against a tree with my hands on the earth. I breathe out negative thoughts and feelings into the soil.

Then I breath in green energy from the tree. I feel and see the green energy replacing my stress and going into the ground. I breathe in and out and just stay there until I feel better.

It works wonders.

Val's Response:

Thanks for sharing, Barb. Being able to go out in nature, near trees and water has been my 'salvation' on many occasions. There's something so very calming about being among the trees, especially with the sound of water nearby.

It sounds as if you found a winning combination of strategies here for stress relief. Meditation, color breathing, the lovely energy of the trees, and abundant exposure to negative ions are all calming and balancing.

Meditating on your breath is a wonderful way to relieve stress. As you focus on your breath and your in and out meditation, you become present. Usually what we feel stressed about is something that happened in the past or something we fear in the future.

Slow, controlled, deep breaths oxygenate your body and send a signal to your brain that you are okay. This in turn signals your nervous system to calm down.

Being among trees and naturally flowing water exposes you to more negative ions which relax your nerves, enhance your immune system (which can get compromised under chronic stress) and promote restful sleep.

You can amplify the positive effects of your meditation and time with the tree if you touch some part of the tree or the ground with your bare skin. I like to take off my shoes with my bare feet on the tree roots (or near them) and my hands on the tree. A few minutes of this practice is very calming and centering.

For fun, you may also want to breathe in other colors. For example, blue is a calming color associated with peace of mind. Yellow is said to heal the nervous system and balance the adrenal glands - both of which are challenged during stressful times.


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Very Interesting
by: Anonymous

I love this idea.

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