Emotional and Mental Healing Guide

Welcome to the emotional and mental healing guide page. Here you will find information about emotional wellness and links to all the on-site topics related to healing emotions and mental well-being. You will find the link section divided into two parts. The first part takes you to general information that can be applied to your overall or specific concerns. The second part takes you to specific about anger, feeling depressed, and feeling anxious. 

Emotional and mental healing from a holistic healing perspective is about restoring balance and well-being in your psyche. It is not about curing a mental health condition, although mental wellness may certainly improve with the help of complementary techniques and remedies for healing emotions and shifting negative thinking patterns.  

Whether you want to shift to more positive emotional states or to healthier, more expansive thinking patterns, you will be addressing both your emotions and your thoughts.

Healing emotions and mental healing are deeply intertwined.

Thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions are in a perpetual dance with each other. Thoughts and beliefs lead to emotions. Your feelings and emotions influence your thoughts, and so on.

You really cannot affect one without affecting the other, for better or worse. When you put a more positive spin on your negative self talk, your emotions also shift. When you honor your feelings and tune into them, the voice of anger or fear quiets down.

Making a habit of shifting in the moment can bring immediate results. Practiced regularly, you will notice a difference in your mental state overall. Delving deeper to heal and shift long standing patterns will not only improve your mental and emotional well-being, you will also see changes in how you relate to others and behave in the world. These changes may also be evident in your physical being. You may carry yourself straighter and feel more at ease in your body. Health issues may resolve.

Making mental wellness techniques a part of your daily life will go a long way to keeping you healthy and happy. They offer a healthy dose of prevention and relief in mind, body and spirit.

Important Note: The information in this guide pertains to thoughts and feelings, not mental health conditions. If you have a diagnosed mental condition (or believe you might), do not experiment with these techniques or remedies without your doctor's approval. They may be contra-indicated for your condition or your medications at this time. 

General Information about Mental Healing 

types of emotions
  • Types of Feelings and Emotions - There are many emotions and shades of emotions. This awareness is the first step to healing and shifting to better feeling thoughts.
what makes people happy
  • What Makes People Happy - Happy people share several things in common. Learn what they are and how to use the keys that can make you happier.

inner talk
  • The Power of Your Inner Talk - Your ever present inner talk has the power to make you happy or sad, successful or not, healthy or unwell. By design, more of your thoughts are negative rather than positive. You can learn to recognize which of those thoughts is helpful, and which keep you stuck. And you can learn the upside of negativity and how to use it in positive ways.
healing for damaged emotions
  • Healing Damaged Emotions - Some of your thoughts and emotions are tied to traumas and limiting, unhealthy beliefs that keep you stuck and in mental and emotional pain. You can release the pain of the past and better cope with present challenges with these techniques. 

Specific Emotional Wellness Concerns

Healing emotions and mental healing become especially important when negative emotions become predominant and interfere with your quality of life, or cause you to react in unhealthy ways. That is your signal that you are out of balance something inside you needs to be healed.

Keep in mind that feeling all kinds of emotion is normal and healthy. They give us information about how we are interpreting our environment and how we are feeling about it. Even what we label negative emotion, such as anger or sadness or nervousness, are just energetic signals and responses to the inner talk of the subconscious mind. Sometimes, these emotions, even when intensely felt, can be very helpful, appropriate and necessary messengers of what is going on inside us and what needs to be healed or changed in our lives.

anger management help
  • Anger Management Help and Healing - Anger is a normal, natural and healthy response in certain situations. Unchecked, though, it can wreak havoc in your life and in the life of others. Learn how to take control of this powerful emotion, use it to your advantage, and respond to circumstances and challenging people in healthy ways.
how to overcome depression
  • How to Overcome Depressed Feelings- It is not unusual to feel blue once in a while, but when being down starts to take you over with no end in sight, it is time to stop the downward spiral. Whether you are receiving professional help or not, a holistic approach and natural remedies can help you reclaim your life.
natural relief for anxiety
  • Natural Anxiety Relief - Feeling anxious? This heightened form of distress can leave you feeling emotionally crippled and paralyzed with fear. Instead of letting anxious feelings limit your life, give these natural remedies and techniques a try. You'll see a video of me demonstrating my go-to in-the-moment panic relieving technique. Deceptively simple. Amazingly effective.  
  • If your anxiety is coming from too much stress, visit the Natural Stress Relief Guide for a wealth of information and tips for de-stressing.

How Healing Emotions Affects Physical Health

From a holistic viewpoint, when you experience physical dis-ease, it is always beneficial to explore your emotional and mental states along with symptoms manifesting in the body.

Your mind and body are intimately connected and affect each other continually. When you feel anxious or stressed, you say you have butterflies in your stomach or your stomach turns or feels like it has a pit in it. You comment that someone is so angry he has smoke coming out of his ears. 

At the very least, negative emotion, stressful head trash, and limiting beliefs contribute to illness by sapping energy needed for a healthy, happy life. They can close you off from opportunities to heal and change your life for the better.

Sometimes, there is a direct link between emotional trauma and physical illness. How people handle their emotions is one of the two proven predictors of cancer (the other is genes). For example, people who experience emotional trauma and repress their grief and anger are at greater risk for developing cancer.

Likewise, it is not uncommon for positive beliefs and healed emotions to create spontaneous healing in the body without medical intervention. Correcting imbalances in the body positively affects mental wellness as well. With this in mind, it is easy to see how mental healing is almost always needed along with physical healing. Sometimes it is all that is needed. 

Even if you are in excellent physical health, attending to your emotional and mental health pays off in greater happiness, inner peace, happiness, acceptance and love of self and others. It also pays off as a more positive outlook on life and a more expansive mindset. It can literally transform your health, your life and your relationships for the better.

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