The Mind Body Spirit Connection

By Val Silver

What is the mind body spirit connection? 

The mind body spirit connection is a wondrous thing. Understanding, supporting, and tapping into its power are three pillars of holistic healing and manifesting your true desires. Together, these three always-entwined aspects of oneself - the physical, mental, and spiritual - combine to make us who we wholly are. They inspire and inform our experiences.

For thousands of years, indigenous peoples have understood the unity of mind. body, and soul within each individual as well as the individual being a connected part of 'all that is'.  You could no more separate a sentient being from the whole of creation any more than you could separate mind from body or spirit. It has been part of their belief and healing systems for thousands of years. To strengthen and reinforce this understanding, they took part in elaborate rituals to make the mind work to heal the body. 

But there is more to it.

Ancient peoples also understood that a healthy mind helps create a healthy body and a healthy body is important if you want a healthy mind.

Even when it appears that only the body needs healing, the cause may trace back to the mind or spirit. When that is the case, healing the mind can bring healing to the body. These understandings have also shaped modern day mind body medicine as well. For example, medical researchers know that mental stress is a contributing cause behind the majority of diseases.

Examples of the Mind Body Spirit Connection

Next time you feel stressed, notice the physical and emotional symptoms. You may have sweaty hands, narrowed vision, and a faster heartbeat. Your mind may be racing, feeling panicked, or angry. Your prayers, if you can pray, may be furtive and self-focused. Meditation? Forget about it. However, when you feel peaceful and expansive in your mind, your body is relaxed, you can breathe. You may feel connected to your intuition, to 'all that is' and the divine. You may feel inspired to offer gratitude, praise, to sing and dance.

Here are a few more examples:

  • Consider when you hurt a part of your body or get sick. Your whole being is affected. The pain in a stubbed toe radiates through your entire body. It is difficult to think of anything else.
  • Consider what happens when you hear really good news. You feel excited, your body feels supercharged with energy.
  • Notice how a baby's whole being moves and responds with every nuance of emotion and physical sensation. 

Mind Body Dualism

In the 1600's, the philosopher Descartes popularized the notion of mind body dualism. This means that the mind and body are separate entities.  This influenced religious theology as well well as medicine. Our conventional allopathic medical model is one of treating parts instead of the whole person. 

Despite this erroneous teaching, people seem to have an innate knowledge of their mind body spirit connection.

You have probably heard or used expressions like these: "He has a broken spirit" or "I knew it in my gut" or "I feel it in my soul." If your hair ever stood on end when you felt afraid or excited, or felt love in your heart, you have experienced the mindbody connection.

Before they learn to mask their feelings, children demonstrate how the body and mind integrate in perfect synergy. Shrieking screams, tears, red face and flailing arms and legs clearly express their feelings of anger and isolation. Sparkling eyes, full rosy cheeks, cackling laughter, and clapping hands express their delight.

mind body spirit connection diagram

Is the Mind Over the Body?

Experts used to believe that the mind was another name for your brain. Now they realize that your mind is also in your body. Our language speaks to this knowing. You say you have butterflies in your stomach to describe feeling anxious. Babies who have not yet learned to mask their feelings show every nuance of emotion in their faces, bodies, and behavior at the same time. When a baby cries, arms and legs flail, and the face turns red. You can watch how quickly their emotions change, ebb and flow by what their bodies are doing. 

Although your brain, clearly exerts a powerful influence over your body, there is much more to the mind-body connection than a master-slave relationship. The belief that mind powers and consciousness belong to the brain alone is a belief of the past. 

Our intelligence goes far beyond the power of our brains. The brain communicates with the body, and the body communicates with the brain. Each affects the other on a continual basis.

Cells and the Mind Body Spirit Connection

Cell biologist Bruce Lipton, PhD likens cells to miniature people.  Since they have the same systems and receptors as skin,  they perceive their environment and the community of cells at large. Their environment is affected by nutrients, toxins, and the perceptions of the individual.  These factors influence how genes express themselves more than the DNA. It is not a matter of nature versus nurture, but nurture over nature. 

Cells are constantly communicating with each other via photons of light in the layer of the human energy field right outside the body. They receive information from the brain and energy field and respond accordingly. When we experience an emotion, our cells experience the same emotion through energy vibrations and changes in body chemistry. Each cell in the body functions independently and as a member of the community that makes up your body.

Your heart has thousands of its own neurons that initiate communication with the brain via the vagus nerve and vice versa.

In mammals, both brain and heart are involved in receiving, decoding and processing intuitive information, but it appears that the heart receives this information first. Unlike Westerners who place great importance on thinking and learning via the brain, some indigenous cultures teach youngsters to perceive and think with their hearts. Only when they are older do they learn to access information with their brains as well. 

Did you know that your heart has a much larger electro-magnetic field than your brain? The following heart intelligence video explains how coherence, the unity or alignment of the heart with the brain, elicits a peaceful state that positively affects you and others. 

Scientists have also found brain-like structures in other systems throughout the body. The gut is sometimes called the second brain.

Manifesting and the Mind Body Spirit Connection

We have much to learn about harnessing the powerful potential of the mind body spirit connection for accessing intuition, healing ourselves, and manifesting our heart desires. 

The mindbody works in mysterious, often unpredictable, ways. People who have experienced spontaneous healing know healing can and does happen without any conscious effort on our part. The same holds true of people who believed they are cursed. They can literally act as zombies, writhe in pain, or be scared to death for no other reason than a suggestion and the subconscious belief in its power.

Researchers are working hard to solve these mysteries. In addition to researching the benefits of heart-brain coherence, recent scientific discoveries on the ever-changing quality of the brain have led to a lot of research on how to rewire the brain for healing, achieving goals, becoming more compassionate, and so on.

Tapping Into Your Mind-body Connection

Individuals and metaphysical practitioners use a variety of techniques with the hope of accessing the wisdom of the mind, body, spirit connection. How successful and accurate these methods are varies with skill, ability to relax and achieve coherence, belief systems, being detached from outcome, and perhaps elements we are not yet aware of.  Several subconscious mind power  techniques are popular tools for positively and purposely deprogramming and shifting outdated patterns and limiting beliefs. They are used to offer new suggestions to your mind, neutralize the charge of troubling emotions so that mental, spiritual, and physical energy can be freed up. Together with mentally rehearsing new ways of being and taking action, the brain and body have the energy, circuitry, and practice needed to create a healthier, happier, future. 

Examples of Mindbody Techniques Include:

Some people use muscle testing or pendulums as a way to access the wisdom of the subconscious for information about anything from which remedies and techniques are best to which foods are harmful, and so on.

The mind body spirit connection is more than just an abstraction or a way to get what you want. It is who you are as a wondrous whole being. When you see yourself as a whole being instead of conglomerate of parts, the philosophy of holistic healing and health make perfect sense. The need to support and care for your whole self becomes as obvious as the need to feed, clothe and wash your body. When you love and care for mind, body and spirit, your whole self will benefit.

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