Mind Body Spirit Health and Healing

By Val Silver

Mind body spirit health and healing is a journey you make from where you are to who you want to become as a whole person. The path you take to achieve it is not made up of magic pills and empty promises, although you may run into some of those along the way. Rather, it is made up of hope, love, wisdom, education, positive relationships, effort, and a willingness to do what it takes. 

Indigenous peoples have long understood that holistic mind body spirit health and healing require a whole person approach that may have required the involvement of the community and/or a shaman. Ancient wisdom encapsulated an understanding of the mind body spirit connection in the words, "As a man thinks, so he is."

On the contrary, the modern medical establishment has clung to its allopathic approach to the body as a conglomerate of parts, but that is changing. Genetic and brain studies are proving beyond a doubt that mind and body are one. For better or worse, they are intertwined and influence each other. 

In fact, the mind body spirit connection is so powerful that researchers have to allow for the potential of spontaneous physical healing of study participants who get fake treatments when testing new drugs or medical procedures.

This is a big reason why it is to your benefit to learn how to take advantage of this relationship whether you are facing health challenges or want to improve your well-being.  By purposely tapping into this innate power, you can improve your mind body spirit health and create your life by design instead of letting your life happen by default.

The Mind Body Spirit Health Connection

The relationship between mind body and soul is an innate complex web of communication. These levels of your being are constantly interacting and affecting each other.

To observe how intimately the mind and body are connected just watch babies or people having an emotional outburst. It's quite fascinating to see facial expressions and body movement change second by second in tune with every nuance of emotion.  A look inside would reveal changes in blood pressure, hormone levels, cell repair, and a host of other bio-chemical reactions in response to positive and negative emotions or conditions in the body. 

You know those butterflies in your stomach when you get nervous? That's a result of mindbody communication. If you were hooked up to a blood pressure monitor, you would probably see the numbers rising along with your fear. You don't see or feel it, but when your mind is calm and relaxed, chemicals signal your cells to regenerate and repair themselves. When you are stressed out, this energy is diverted at the expense of healing.  

These health-enhancing and health-negating messages are in continuous flow. When these messages become imbalanced, which is often the case in our modern world of chemicals, stress and poor lifestyle habits, the scales can easily tip in favor of poor physical health, disease, and negative mental states. Fortunately, you have the power to tip the scale in favor of optimal health and healing.

Healing Body Mind Spirit

One of the main goals of Holistic MindBody Healing is to teach you to understand the workings of your bodymind and to tap into your innate wisdom and healing power in order to facilitate mind body spirit health. Because this is more about a way of being rather than doing a bunch of actions, the benefits spill into all areas of your life. That is a big part of the holistic wellness approach.

For example, easy-to-use natural methods can help you shift stressful thinking habits into patterns and beliefs that serve what you want now and in your future. As you make a habit of incorporating these practices into your life, you become someone who has supportive thought patterns. You shift the balance of your chemical messages in favor of wellness instead of illness, happiness instead of negativity, living a fulfilled, purposeful life  instead of just existing.  

Unfortunately, even though the mind body spirit connection is better understood now than it the past, harnessing it for manifesting and healing has yet to become an exact science. Even though researchers are uncovering ways that you can intentionally train your brain, its ways still remain mysterious. 

One never knows exactly how, when, or if you will realize the specific cure you desire. Healing does not necessarily mean cure. Rather, it is a return to a sense of wholeness and well-being which may or may not include a physical healing. 

Sometimes when you focus your attention and efforts on creating mind, body, spirit health, you get an unexpected bonus healing. It is not at all uncommon for physical healing to accompany emotional healing or vice versa. For example, many people have reported that releasing grudges and judgments through the practice of forgiving oneself and others and/or cultivating an attitude of gratitude and appreciation regardless of circumstances resulted in the spontaneous healing of mental and physical health problems. 

That's why embracing a body mind spirit model of health and healing  using both natural health care and.or modern medical care as appropriate is so important.  The true cause behind a malady is often hidden or unknown. You increase your chances of getting well when you treat yourself as a whole person. At the very least you are likely to experience an improved sense mind, body, spirit health.

When you make the choice for healing mind body and spirit, you reclaim your power and become an active participant in your healing process. You no longer have to just wish for freedom from your ills with no hope of true healing.

Mind body spirit health and healing starts with you. It is not a magic pill, but rather a journey that may take you where you would have never thought or known to go. It is so much deeper, so much richer, than you could ever imagine when you take those first steps. And that is why it brings with it the possibility and promise of healing.

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