Proven Mind Power Techniques for Healing and Achieving Goals 

By Val Silver

Learning proven mind power techniques such as scientific prayer, brain entrainment, and visualization is top priority if you want to influence your subconscious programming to help you heal and achieve your goals. Although there is no guarantee that you will get your mind to deliver what you want, mind power techniques improves your chances and steer you in that direction. Skilled users sometimes create stunning results.

In order to get your mind to work for you in this way, you have to overwrite hardwired subconscious programming that limits or prevents what you now want and believe. When your brain accepts the new programs, it will propel you toward the goals you desire.

Unless you reprogram your subconscious, it will continue directing your thoughts, emotions and behaviors based on what is already familiar and comfortable-and most of that was probably downloaded before you were seven years old!  

Much of that learning is no doubt positive, and serves you well.

However, when you are not able to follow through on health and life goals because you slip back into familiar thought patterns and behaviors, chances are you have an old program holding you back.  If that is the case, then it is time to download new files and upgrade your operating system.

Using mind power techniques for healing, improving performance, and achieving goals has been a topic of much interest and experimentation.

Executives, prosperity gurus and everyday folks use mind power techniques to get results and better their lives. Top athletes, public speakers and musicians use mental rehearsal, a type of visualizing, to practice their skills. Disabled folks who only imagine exercising show improvement in muscle tone. That is the mind body connection at work!

Rewiring your neuro-circuits may sound complicated, but the techniques are surprisingly easy. What it takes is knowledge, conscious awareness, belief in your new possibility, commitment to the process, and repetition with emotion. The more you practice, the more likely you are to change your circuitry, which also changes your chemistry and genetic expression. That's what makes it possible for you to heal yourself with your mind. Sometimes, this can happen with amazing speed, as with the placebo effect. 

Time-tested Mind Power Techniques

There are several time-tested mind power techniques, and new ones being developed all the time. Before jumping to the how-to's of subconscious programming methods, it is a good idea to understand a little about how your brain works so the process makes sense and you have a better chance of achieving good results.

Read more about these methods and experience some of them by clicking on the image links below.  

The Scientific Prayer Mind Power Technique

A major contributor in the emerging field of subconscious mind power techniques was Dr. Joseph Murphy. In his bestselling book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Dr. Murphy teaches how to achieve your desires using what he calls the scientific prayer method, rather than staying subject to old programming. He states, 

"...your habitual thinking and imagery mold, fashion and create your destiny. For as a person thinketh in his subconscious mind, so he is."

Dr. Murphy taught that scientific prayer and visualization practiced while in a relaxed meditative state is a way to successfully heal from mental and physical ills and attract what you want. 

Pointers for putting scientific prayer to work for you:

  • Your intention and consistency is more important than the terms you use to describe your levels of mind, their processes, and how you are affecting them, especially since much of what people think they know is still theory.
  • Enter a drowsy, relaxed, meditative state to slow your brainwaves and make your subconscious more receptive to your conscious input. Right before sleep and immediately upon awakening are times you are naturally at the very receptive theta level of deep hypnosis and meditation.  
  • While in this state, repeat your affirmation or statements several times throughout the day for a number of days or weeks. These affirmations can take the form of a scientific prayer including elements including your request,  faith, related positive attributes of the divine (as you believe), the positive outcome you envision, release,  and gratitude. The words are much less important than your intention. 
  • Use creative visualization to vividly imagine the outcome as if it is real, along with repetition and emotion, to implant the suggestion and use the power of subconscious mind to achieve your conscious desires.
  • To this formula add believing, emoting, and behaving as if your affirmation and visualization is truth. Have confidence. Take at least one small action step every day. All this congruent thought and action will help your subconscious accept it as truth. Once you create a vibrational match to the new beliefs that are now stored in the subconscious, it will work to attract what you need to help you fulfill your desires.
  • Release your expectations and tight grip on your desire. Be open to how and when it may happen. Remember - believe, act as if, and give thanks.

One caveat: Notice carefully if you have negative thoughts or feelings attached to your positive statements. When you are aware of these 'tail-ender' thoughts and beliefs, use emotional release techniques to address those thoughts and beliefs or change your statements to something you feel fully on board with. My personal favorites are the meridian tappping techniques.

Otherwise, your subconscious mind will hear the affirmation, but it will also hear the 'tail-ender' - your real statement of belief that follows on the heels of your positive words. You cannot bully your mind  into submission. Pounding it with affirmations that you do not believe will probably make things worse. 

For example, you may be proclaiming that you are healthy and free with all the gusto you can muster, but if you really believe it will never happen, that is what you are reinforcing. Your subconscious will respond to your real belief and continue to draw more of that to you. 

Additional Mind Power Techniques

Read this comprehensive article on rewiring your brain if you are serious about spiritual and conscious evolution, habit changes, and mental upgrades that lead to transformation in your life. 

Click on the image links below to read about a variety of popular techniques for manifesting. 

When you understand how your mind works, and you properly use mind power techniques to influence mind body and spirit and reprogram the subconscious, you are more likely to experience the wonders of manifesting what you want. The power of the subconscious mind will work for you instead of against you as you accomplish your health and life goals with greater ease.

Mind Power Techniques page updated 04/2020

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