Multiple Sclerosis and Biofields

by Margaret

I would like to know about how this would work for people with MS and how to get the biofields back in balance.

Thank you.


Hi Margaret,

Generally, mindbody techniques and healthy living habits will benefit your overall health and perhaps your specific condition regardless of the illness you have.

Check out the recommendations for How to Get Healthy.

Also review the biofield videos and incorporate techniques for each level. The key is to do something to support each level with an appropriate modality or healing process.

You might also benefit from energy healing exercises and the aura cleansing routine. Donna Eden has lots of great videos demonstrating these techniques. Practice the qigong videos in the members area, too.

In addition to this, research specific details about MS. For example, there is a correlation between MS and Vitamin D. Dr. Mercola's website ( is a great resource for Vitamin D info and it's a good place to start researching specific conditions.

It might also be beneficial to look into herbs and supplements that support and protect your nerves, especially the myelin sheath. Favor anti-inflammatory foods and avoid foods you are sensitive to.

From a mindbody viewpoint, Louise Hay says in her book Heal Your Body that a probable cause for MS is mental hardness, hard-heartedness, iron will, inflexibility and fear.

The new thought pattern affirmation she suggests is:

By choosing loving, joyous thoughts, I create a loving, joyous world. I am safe and free.

I don't know if this cause applies to you, but it might be worth your while to meditate on it and see if there's any truth in it for you and ferret it out so you can release it.

Meditate on the affirmation and repeat it often. Notice if there's any resistance to it and release that before repeating it again.

I hope this answers your question and gets you pointed in a helpful direction.

All the best,

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