My Personal Experience with Ho'oponopono

by Val Silver

Since reading about Dr. Hew Len literally emptying a criminal mental ward with only the help of ho oponopono I have been fascinated with this huna healing method. I didn't have to wait long to experience it for myself.

It seems that as we learn new principles, the universe gives us an opportunity to test it within ourselves.

Shortly after learning about healing with ho oponopono, I tried it out on a mildly disturbing occurrence. I was pleased to feel my peace of mind return. So far so good.

Not long after that, an email arrived describing a horrific practice of animal cruelty in the name of profit. This so greatly disturbed me that I was overcome with grief and negative emotions toward the perpetrators, and humanity at large, including my own.

I caught myself quickly on this downward spiral and began to use EFT tapping. The tapping quickly calmed me enough so that I could hear the voice inside myself that said this healing needed to go beyond myself.

So I repeated over and over, "I love you, please forgive me, I'm sorry, thank you." I said this first to the faces of the suffering animals I saw in my mind's eye. I said it to God.

Then something very interesting and profound happened. I started saying these words of love and forgiveness to the 'torturers'. I realized they were doing their jobs. They probably didn't know any better. Even if they did they needed jobs. We are all responsible for creating a world in which people learn to value only humanity. We created a world where people need to do horrible things to earn a living for their families.

As much as I abhorred what was happening, I did co-create it. We all did. As my heart opened and my perceptions shifted, I was able to feel compassion for these people. I meant the words as I spoke to them. "I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you."

Don't get me wrong. The cruelty still bothers me. I signed the petition to stop it. You can be sure I'll never buy those products. Sometimes I still think about it and offer a prayer.

But something big happened in those few minutes of praying the ho oponopono prayer. I can only hope the prayer extended beyond myself and somehow brought healing to all involved.

Read more about Dr. Len and hooponopono here.

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Cry my beloved country
by: Anonymous

I am South African and right now there is much tumoil going on at home on a national scale. I am afraid to choose sides. On the one hand as a nation we are angry about the violence that has errupted in the form of abuse and xenophobic attacks. I want to choose a side. I want to say I am right and someone is wrong. I want to blame. I accept and welcome these feelings but I also recognise that as a co-creator of my reality it is me that I need to look at. I acknowledge these feelings and I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you and I love you. I release these feelings from my space and invite healing to all of us. May we find peace in all this pain and realise our part in orchestrating it, only then can we look at each other with love and truth knowing that we are all working on our gnosis.

Be peace with us.

For my Daughter
by: Anonymous

I am sending: I love you. I forgive you. I am sorry. Thank you. - to my 28 year old daughter and to myself to take responsibility for the conflict and 'space' between my daughter and me.

To my daughter: I love you. Please forgive me. I forgive you. I am sorry. I appreciate you as you are a wonderful, bright, outgoing and positive woman.

May God heal our broken hearts and bring us closer to Him and to each other.

This morning..
by: Anonoymous

I had a rough night...woke up to read this. As I thought of the first person I had an "aught" with, I repeated the four sentences and immediately, faces of other people I felt hurt me came up and I repeated the process as I "saw" each face. My 23 yr old was arrested two days ago for the 8th time. I do know he had been for him I will repeat this as often as needed...hope to visit him in jail today. Mostly minor offenses, but such a pained young man. I love you Daniel, I'm sorry. I forgive you. I thank you. Mom

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