Holistic Natural Cancer Cures and Prevention

By Val Silver

Natural cancer cures are an integral part of of any good conventional, complementary, or alternative cancer treatment protocol. To heal or prevent cancer, it is important to address the causes and disrupt the ability of rogue cells to reproduce, live forever, and spread throughout the body. Natural cancer cures such as detoxification and anti-cancer foods, herbs and supplements can help you do that. 

A lot of anecdotal evidence and independent research shows that a holistic approach to this disease can extend life or bring the body to such a state of health that the cancer goes away. A holistic approach includes modern medical treatment as needed plus complementary therapies that promote wellness in mind, body, and spirit. When used for prevention, this approach decreases your risk of cancer and other lifestyle diseases.

Another plus is that patients feel empowered when they partner in their healing program. Research shows that actively engaged patients are more likely to recover than those who passively hand over the reigns to someone else.

A Holistic Approach to Treating Cancer

In the 1930s, a dentist named Dr. William Kelley developed Metabolic Therapy to cure himself of pancreatic cancer. He then went on to treat thousands of cancer patients, many referred by other doctors. Although no longer used in its original form, Dr. Kelley's work is still at the foundation of effective natural cancer cures today.

Dr. Kelley used pancreatic enzymes, aggressive detoxification following a specific sequence, and special diets based on the patient's metabolic type. The goal was to help the body heal itself and function properly. With his help, over 90% of newly diagnosed patients were healed of cancer. However, for patients already in a weakened state, the cure rate was between 40-50%. 

Taking a natural approach to treating cancer does not mean it is best to self-treat. Although some people have successfully used natural cancer cures on their own, taking that route is not recommended. Cancer is a serious and insidious disease. Please seek and get care from a holistically-minded cancer specialist or coach. Take full advantage of all the best options available to you, depending on the type of cancer you have. These include conventional  treatments and/or complementary and alternative therapies as deemed best by you and your doctor. Several new, non-invasive effective treatments are available and more are being developed by medical professionals. 

Holistic natural cancer cures along with the most appropriate treatments for your type of cancer, will give you the best possible outcome. It is important to remember that cancer is a symptom of something gone wrong in the body that caused cells to turn cancerous. Medical treatments often address only the symptom of cancer by weakening, cutting out, and killing those cells. If the cause behind the cancer is not addressed, it may come back. 

The natural cancer cures on this page help you in one or more of the following ways. They help you prevent cancer and other lifestyle diseases by creating better health. They stimulate the immune system and inhibit the growth of cancer, kill it, or help rogue cells revert back to normal. 

The Role of Diet in the Natural Cancer Cures Protocol

A nutritious diet is important for cell health and immune system health. Cells can not function optimally without the nutrients they need for fuel. Since a third of cancers are caused by poor diet, it stands to reason that if you regularly eat a well-rounded healthy diet low in junk and rich in nutrients, fiber and anti-oxidants, you will go a long way in preventing cancer and other lifestyle diseases.

A good anti-cancer diet floods your body with nutrients. It is extremely low in sugar and include foods that inhibit cancer growth. It is overall an anti-inflammatory, alkalizing diet that supports your body's natural detoxification processes and your immune system.

Surprisingly, not all cancer patients benefit from the same diet. According to Dr. Nicolas J. Gonzalez, patients with solid tumors such as lung, breast, colon and pancreas do better on a plant-based diet with little or no animal protein. Patients with leukemia, myeloma and lymphoma do best on diets high in fat and animal protein, with lower amounts of plant foods. Specific diets are designed based on the type of cancer and a patient's metabolic make-up. 

Anti-Cancer Foods

Favor alkaline ash foods. Cancer favors an acidic environment and causes unhealthy acid levels in the body. When the body is too acidic, it is difficult to assimilate nutrients and you are likely to get even more toxic. To help fight and prevent cancer, eat plenty of alkalizing foods and limit acid producing foods to no more than 20% of your diet.

It's no surprise that raw and lightly cooked green chlorophyll and mineral rich foods, green tea, many vegetables, sour fruits like grapefruit and lemons, and pure coconut water are alkalizing or only slightly acid ash. Meat, denatured processed food, white food and microwaved food tends to be highly acid forming. Fresh water fish is slightly acid-forming. 

natural cancer cures, anti-cancer foods

Avoid sugar. Sugar feeds cancer. It robs the body of nutrients, encourages overgrowth of yeast and bad bacteria in the intestines, and suppresses the immune system for hours.

A diet high in processed food, sugar, and animal protein is very acidic. Cancer thrives on acid, and it produces a lot of acid. Feed it a lot of sugary, acidic foods and you have created the perfect storm.

This begs the question about eating fruit. Experts do not agree on this. One theory suggests that it is okay to eat some fruits because they are nutritious and their sugar molecules spin to the left. Sugar molecules in processed food spin to the right, which is the type of sugar cancer cells eat. 

Brain cancer researcher, Thomas Seyfried, radioactively tagged fruit and root vegetable sugars and fed them to animals with tumors. The tumors ate these sugars almost as voraciously as man made sugars. He recommends a ketogenic diet for treating cancer.

If your main concern is to prevent cancer, keep your added sugar intake to a minimum. If you already have cancer, this mantra may just save your life: No sugar, no sugar, no sugar. 

Avoid charred and processed meats and hydrogenated oils. Charred meats and processed meats are carcinogenic. Hydrogenated oils are high in Omega-6 which can alter cell membranes. Plus these oils are often rancid and processed with chemicals. Yuk.

Eat a multitude of anti-cancer foods. Cruciferous vegetables, alliums and green tea promote angiogenesis (cancer cell death). In a study of vegetable extracts, garlic scored highest as a killer of breast, prostate, brain, lung and pancreatic cancers. See the study here and charts of which vegetables scored highest for different cancers. Combinations of cancer foods are also more potent that when they are eaten alone.

  • Cruciferous vetetables include brussel sprouts, bok choy, rutabagas, cauliflower, broccoli, kale and cabbage. These cancer-fighting superheroes help prevent estrogen-driven cancers and break down potential carcinogens.
  • Peanuts, grape skins, dark chocolate, blueberries, mulberries and raspberries produce a polyphenol to protect themselves against fungus and disease. When eaten, this same compound protects your cells from damage by reducing free radicals and inflammation. It is selectively toxic toward cancer cells and inhibits them along all known cancer promotion pathways. Red grapes are a good source of resveratrol and ellagic acid. So are wild blueberries. Eat the whole grape, including the seeds. Strawberries are another good source of ellagic acid, which blocks enzymes cancer cells need to grow. 
  • Medicinal mushrooms including reishi, shitake,cordyceps and maitake contain powerful compounds that boost immune activity, attack cancer cells and prevent them from multiplying.  
  • Eat a rainbow of colorful vegetables and fruit and you will naturally get many beneficial anti-oxidants. Lycopene-rich cooked tomatoes help protect against prostate cancer. Beta-carotene rich vegetables like carrots prevent cell damage. Spinach and other greens, beet root, avocados, dark chocolate and green tea are also anti-cancer foods. 
  • Quercetin is an antioxidant found in vegetables, fruit, tea, and wine. It hinders free radical production, relieves inflammation, and improves the production of glutathione and SOD.  Organic apples with the skin, red onions, dark tomatoes, green tea, and raspberries are good sources of quercetin. 
  • Nutrient-dense, anthocyanin-rich foods such as organic blueberries, blackberries, and fermented sauerkraut made with red cabbage and red onions help prevent cancer from taking hold in your body and fight tumors you may already have.
  • Apricot kernels are one of nature's natural cancer cures. They are rich in vitamin B17, also called amygdalin and  laetrile. Seven of the somewhat bitter edible kernels give you about 100 mg of B17, which is the minimum recommended for prevention. Vitamin B17 is unique in how it kills cancer. Cancer cells are the only cells that have a molecule called beta-glucasidase which unlocks the cyanide and another poison inside the seed which destroy the cancer cells. Regular cells are not affected and even have a substance that protects them from the toxic fallout. 
  • Nigella sativa, or black cumin seeds, were heralded by the prophet Muhammad as a cure for everything but death. They have shown great promise as natural cancer cures. So much so, that the FDA granted two patents involving N. Sativa oil for purposes of preventing chemotherapy side effects, boosting the immune system and treating cancer. The thymoquinone in N. Sativa oil inhibits aggressive cancers, such as pancreatic cancer in lab studies. Anti-cancer protocol: combine one teaspoon of black seed oil with a half teaspoon of raw Manuka honey before breakfast, in the afternoon and before bed. Honey acts as a sugar carrier to ferry the oil into the cancer cell. It is also anti-microbial. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, this protocol is said to work wonders for cancer and a variety of other ailments. (source: cancerdefeated.com). Both the oil and seeds are available and can be used for cooking. Add the mildly spicy seeds to soups and stews. 
  • Coconut oil has medium chain fat, lauric acid,which stimulates metabolism, and supports the immune system and cell health. It has anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-parasitic properties. 
  • Juicing is a good way of getting high levels of nutrients from vegetables. It is a big part of the Gerson Therapy natural cancer cures protocol. You drink 12-13 juices a day, one an hour in addition to eating healthful organic vegetables. Half these juices are made with fresh organic carrots and granny smith apples. Other juices are made with green vegetables and granny smiths. 
  • Iodine and mineral rich seaweed can be added to soups and stews. Iodine is an essential element that many people don't get enough of. Iodine also has to compete with bromide and fluoride on cell receptors. Iodine has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and promotes cancer cell death, especially with stomach and breast cancers. 
  • Dr. Budwig’s protocol for oxygenation of cells is made with organic cottage cheese with flax oil. Flax oil is rich in essential electron-rich unsaturated fat. Cottage cheese is rich in sulfur protein. The chemical reaction makes the mixture water soluble so it can get into the cells. The ratio for the mixture is two tablespoons cottage cheese to one tablespoon refrigerated flax oil. You can increase the amount, maintaining the ratio, until you are consuming 4-8 tablespoons of flax oil a day. Mix thoroughly with an immersion blender and eat immediately. You may add freshly ground flax seed, nuts, coconut, or cinnamon after the mixture is made. 

Detoxification as a Natural Cancer Cure 

Detoxifying in body, mind and spirit is a major part of alternative and natural cancer cures protocol. Make detoxifying a priority if you have cancer. General information for holistic detoxing is available at this link. A good cancer coach or specialist should be able to guide you in the best specific approaches for you. 

Yes, your body is adept at detoxifying so long as it has what it needs to do the job. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle puts a heavy burden on that system. So do highly toxic dying cancer cells.

Getting rid of heavy metals, chemicals, and unhealthy microbes (and other parasites) that create an unhealthy environment for cells and compromise the immune system will relieve your overworked liver and help you heal. 

It is generally recommended that you detox in the following order. Start with the large intestine since you don’t want toxins backing up into the bloodstream and stressing other organs. Then cleanse the liver, followed by the kidneys. Do not try to detox too fast.

Supporting your body's natural detoxification processes, especially the liver, is an important part of preventing and healing cancer.

Avoid toxins in food, water and products with religious fervor. Although it is impossible to avoid all toxins, you can avoid a lot of them by choosing organic food, hormone and antibiotic free meat, and chemical free products of all kinds. Air out your home often because indoor air is amazingly polluted. 

Coffee enemas are a staple of many natural cancer cures. When done properly, they help rid the liver of sludge that would not normally come out. As the liver contracts, or spasms, bile and toxins are secreted. You may feel nausea or gas cramps or diarrhea. Ease up if the diarrhea lasts more than a day. Using coffee enemas in this way makes coffee one of the premier cancer herbs. Get detailed information about coffee enemas here.

Chelation therapy involves an injection of EDTA or other chemicals that chelate with heavy metals to get them out of your body. If needed, this therapy must be done by a medical practitioner.

Sweating also removes heavy metals from your body. Far infrared saunas safely increase body temperature so you sweat. Raising your core temperature 1-2 degrees weakens cancer cells. You can sweat out more lead in an hour than you can urinate out in 24 hours.

Detoxify your negative beliefs, thoughts, and emotions is an important part of a holistic natural cancer cure protocol. Old emotional garbage creates health damaging toxic stress in your mind and body and uses up energy needed for healing.

Speaking of stress, it is most important to give yourself much needed stress-free relaxation time as possible. This doesn't mean you have to sit and do nothing. It means you do and be without fear, tension and dis-stress. Relaxation qualifies as a natural cancer cure because the body heals when it is at ease - calm, peaceful and relaxed.. Worrying about your illness is understandable, but it puts an added strain on your already taxed mind and body. Mindfulness based stress relieving exercises have been shown to ease stress and anxiety in breast cancer patients. Give it a try regardless of the type of cancer you have.

The up and down movement of rebounding or (bouncing on an exercise ball) makes this an excellent way to move lymph fluid and the toxins it carries. It stimulates internal organs, strengthens cells, and makes the immune system more active. through the body.

In addition to rebounding, research shows that exercise reduces your risk of cancer and helps you recuperate faster. Exercise increases circulation and oxygenation which brings nutrients to cells and moves toxins out.

Healthy anti-cancer foods, detoxification, and exercise, are effective components of a comprehensive natural cancer cures and prevention wellness strategy. 

Cancer is curable and preventable. Please work with your medical specialist or holistic cancer coach to design a program specific for your needs so you get the best possible results. 

Continue reading about herbs and supplements that help prevent and treat cancer.

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