Alternative and Natural Cancer Therapy 

By Val Silver

Are you or a loved one searching for effective natural cancer therapy alternatives? Then you will be happy to learn that effective alternative treatments for cancer are being used, developed and tested. Depending on your needs and choices, these treatments may be used alone or in conjunction with a comprehensive healing plan. They may also be used in conjunction with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Regardless of the interventions you and your medical providers deem necessary, the best treatment plan for healing cancer will include all of the following components:

  • Detoxifying body, mind and spirit. It is very important to reduce your toxic load as much as possible. Toxins are a major cause of cancer. The importance of eliminating mental and spiritual poisons along with physical toxins should not be underestimated. 
  • Killing dangerous microbes inside cells and making them more vulnerable to the immune system. This can be done with natural cancer therapy as well as creating conditions in the body that encourage them to revert back to normal cells. 
  • Reducing blood flow to tumors. This decreases nutrients that can get to tumors and their ability to excrete waste. A tumor cannot grow more than two millimeters without its own blood supply.
  • Boosting the immune system.
  • Promoting lymphatic drainage through rebounding, bouncing and/or massage and exercise.  

Choosing  a Natural Cancer Therapy 

How you treat your cancer is a major decision that can have positive or negative ramifications in the present and for the rest of your life. If treatment isn't required immediately, it is wise to explore conventional and natural cancer therapy options before making decisions about what is best for you.

physician trained in holistic methods specializing in oncology can be a major asset to you. He or she can help you navigate conventional and natural treatment options. Your holistic doctor or cancer coach will also teach you how to best support your body with detoxification, nutrition and supplements so it can heal itself. The most likely place to find these doctors is in cancer treatment centers offering a comprehensive approach to healing.

The big three conventional medical treatment options are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. They are used to cut out, damage, and kill cancerous cells. Unfortunately, they can have very serious side effects including death and even causing more aggressive cancers. 

Research shows that for some cancers, chemotherapy is an excellent choice. For others it may be a standard treatment, but not effective. Overall, it is credited with a 2.1% benefit to patients in these cases.

I remember when a friend of mine was deciding whether or not to have chemo after a lumpectomy. She was told that her chance metastisis was 19% without the chemo and 17% with it. She opted for the chemo. Never was a natural cancer therapy discussed. No detox, not foods or herbs. Nothing except years of tamoxifen (with an equally low benefit rate) following chemotherapy.

Medical Alternative Treatments for Cancer 

Some patients decide to bypass standard medical treatment and opt only for alternative cancer treatments. Patients who cannot be helped by surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, or have already exhausted what they have to offer may seek out natural cancer therapy as a last resort. 

Alternative treatments for cancer are varied. They are not one shot wonders and can be complex and expensive. Some can be carried out at home, while others are administered in a treatment facility.

The following list is a sampling of alternative cancer treatments offered at medical facilities. They may or may not be available in United States. Some are used in conjunction with nutritional support and detoxification.

Intravenous Vitamin C - Dr. Linus Pauling demonstrated that 10 grams of daily IV Vitamin C extended the lives of cancer patients ten-fold.

Hyperthermia or thermal therapy exposes the body or parts of the body to temperatures up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit in order to weaken cancer cells and make them more susceptible to radiation or chemotherapy. Many studies (but not all) show that tumors shrink significantly with the addition of hyperthermia. This therapy is currently in the clinical trial phase in the U.S.

This National Cancer Institute photo shows a patient in an insulated high-flow water suit. The warm water and the build up of body heat raise the patient's temperature, which is closely monitored by a microprocessor.

Immunotherapy includes two forms of treatment. One form stimulates the immune system and helps it target cancer cells. Another form does not really involve the immune system. Instead, man made antibodies target proteins that help cancer grow.

Tumor Treating Fields uses alternating low intensity electrical charges to promote tumor death by interfering the ability of cancer cells to reproduce. TTF has shown positive effects on more than 20 types of cancer. It does not affect healthy cells. There are no side effects or even any sensations at all. Best of all, once the transducers are placed on the skin around the tumor site, patients go home and live their normal lives. This is a slow therapy that can take months or years.

Sono-photo Dynamic Therapy uses ultrasound to emit specific frequencies, amplitude and wave length along with a laser proven to kill cancer. First, the patient is given a chlorophyll derived sensitizer which is absorbed 70:1 by cancer cells. Only cancer cells retain the sensitzer. After 24 hours, therapy is administered. Exposure to the ultrasound and laser cause oxygen radicals, which are toxic to cancer cells, to be released. Patients are detoxed and given proper nutrition before the therapy.

Insulin Potentiated Low Dose Chemotherapy (IPLDC) gives you a tremendous, therapeutic benefit at only 10% of the usual chemo dose. Contrary to regular chemo, IPLDC targets only cancer, not healthy cells, and is much less toxic and damaging to the body. 

With this natural cancer therapy, your blood sugar is lowered to an unpleasant, but not dangerous level of 40. This starves cancer cells and makes them likely to absorb whatever you give them, including chemotherapy. The insulin pushes the cancer cells to the active S phase and makes them vulnerable. It makes them more permeable and inhibits them from kicking out the toxic chemotherapy. Using DMSO along with  low dose chemotherapy is also effective. It binds to certain chemo drugs and drags them into targeted cells.

Virotherapy uses a special live virus to attack and destroy various types of cancer cells. This virus does not harm regular cells or replicate in the body. 

Antineoplaston therapy switches on genes in the body that target cancer. The body is normally equipped to do this, but sometimes things go wrong and these switches turn off. Antineoplastons are naturally occurring peptides, organic acids and amino acid derivatives that correct cancer cells.

This individualized therapy has been tested and used used successfully for many types of cancer for over 40 years by its creator, Dr. Burzynski. It  is currently being used within FDA supervised clinical trials and is showing positive results with malignant brain tumors. 

I also want to mention here that a competent biological dentist can safely remove heavy metals from your mouth and properly clean out root canals and other issues. Believe it or not, breast and other cancers have reportedly gone into remission within weeks of this kind of dental treatment.

Cancer fighting herbs, foods, supplements and detoxification are used in integrated medicine facilities, alternative care centers, and by people helping themselves to heal at home. When used consistently, these health building remedies help prevent and heal cancer. 

Whichever conventional or natural cancer therapy you choose, remember that to to truly heal your body, and not just attempt to abolish symptoms of a dis-ease called cancer, a comprehensive, holistic approach to healing is a must.

Interested in home alternative treatments for cancer? For this and more informationo about DMSO potentiation and other natural cancer therapy option visit

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