Natural Stress Relief Tips from Our Readers

By Val Silver

The following natural stress relief tips come from our readers. Their techniques will help you unwind and respond to situations the way you would like, instead of just reacting and stressing out. 

Read more natural ways to relieve feelings of distress and anxiety and protect your mind and body from their harmful effects here. 

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We would love to read about your stress relief strategy and a story about how and when it helped you. Feel free to talk about one (or more) of your favorite reduction tips shared on-site or tell us another way to manage stress that works for you.

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Relieving Marital Stress Through Laughter 
Let me start with a disclaimer – I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or marriage counselor. I'm just an ordinary guy who learned a few things about …

Break the Fear Cycle to Relieve Stress 
It is our purpose and innermost desire to experience life to the fullest; yet we are not conscious of this purpose, believing instead that we are at the …

Talk to the Trees 
For years, people chuckled when I told them how I was able to communicate with trees, learning their names, their history and even information about myself. …

It is All Too Much 
When I feel like it is all too much, I take myself to a park with trees, hopefully with water. I lean up against a tree with my hands on the earth. …

Note Nature to Relieve Stress 
Fall Oak Tree by James Hawkins I live at the meeting of two rivers. Our community has constructed a beautiful bike path/walking trail that I take …

God is in Control 
Over the years I have found that the most important way to relieve stress is to allow God to take control of everything you do. Whatever happens, …

Gifts From Nature 
For many years I have had anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes they go away for maybe seven years and then come back. Right now I am fighting the battle …

Strong Relaxing Teas 
What tea/herb is very strong that will keep me relaxed, like a valium type of tea? Thanks. Val's Response: There are several herbs that have …

Too much stress? It's time for 'the bath' 
You know those times when you feel like your nerves are grating steel and you're so exhausted that you don't think you can go another minute? Whether …

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