Success Strategies: How We Work

Creating your life is an on-going process. You either create it by default or you create it on purpose. The choice is yours.

Every game has its set of rules, success strategies, and skill sets. Your mastery of the game increases your odds of winning and makes playing fun.

No place is this more important than in the game of life.

At Holistic MindBody Healing, our goal is to help you master your wellness and personal life games so you can create a healthier, happier life on your own terms.

With a unique combination of wellness training, life coaching and heart-based healing methods, Val inspires individuals and groups to engage and develop the self-awareness, knowledge and skills you need to maximize your potential to heal and create the health and happiness you desire, on purpose.

5 Keys for Success

Each of these keys is powerful in and of itself. When consistently applied together, then as Aristotle says, The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

There is a synergy created that opens doors to achieve what has previously felt 'impossible' for you.


A primary focus at Holistic MindBody Healing is education.

One of my lifelong passions and strengths is to gain wisdom, incorporate it into my life, and share it with others so they can experience the same benefits.

On this quest, I have devoted great amounts of time and money learning from spiritual teachers and personal growth and wellness experts.

My mission is to identify common sense, leading-edge information and strategies, and integrate them into a variety of learning opportunities and programs that work for you. When applied correctly, not only will you benefit, but you are likely to positively impact the lives of others as well.

In addition to the wealth of content freely offered on this site and in the Members Area, you can learn more about the principles and practices of creating a holistic wellness and life plan from Val through a variey of educational opportunities:

  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Workshops and Classes
  • Speaking Engagements

Mindset Mastery

To master the game of life, you need a certain mindset.
In the past 10 years of client work, I have discovered that most people wear 'blinders' in how they approach their health and their lives in general.

Instead of looking for and learning best practices, they continue in the same habits acquired from family, peers, and 'authority figures'. Therefore, they continue to get about the same results.

Albert Einstein said, The current problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which they were created.

The bottom line of success hinges on winning your inner game. You have to consistently follow through with chosen action steps once you are clear about your game. And this is where we often meet with resistance manifesting as procrastination, excuses, 'forgetting', etc. It feels like we are downright sabotaging ourselves.

Val is skilled using a variety of processes that can help you move through your fear and resistance. These processes incorporate easily into your coaching sessions when needed.

Here's a real life example.One of my clients sought my help after realizing that she 'lost herself' and had her life on hold for years while she mourned the loss of her daughter and fretted over the future of her grandchildren. As she awakened to the reality that she was stuck, and her life was slipping by, her thoughts turned to, "Now it's time for me, it's all about me." She felt conflicted about this. During a visualization process, she came to realize that when she took care of herself and embraced life fully on her own terms, she was naturally brimming over with plenty of herself to give to others as well.

Strategies to Transform Your Results

If you are tired of struggling, small gains and wasted efforts, it's time to change your game. A change of strategy can help you achieve results with greater ease and speed. Strategy is your overall plan for achieving your goal, or winning your game.

Val's mentoring and coaching focuses on practical, doable strategies you can apply that will help you create the results you are looking for.

Let me share an example from my own life. I used to be filled with resentment about some situations in my past. I would 'stew' and hold a grudge. Of course this spilled over into my relationships and life patterns. This pattern, or 'strategy', for reliving the past was creating an environment of negativity within and around myself in the present. Not what I wanted.

That began to change as I took action using a new energy healing strategy for releasing negative feelings. Ultimately, my life and relationships transformed. Yes, there were bumps and challenges along the way, but I learned valuable skills, strategies and habits that ultimately helped me heal and 'win my game'.

Support System

Most of us benefit greatly when supported in our quest for a healthy, happy life. Even though support can make the difference between success and failure, it is often a key we mistakenly try to do without.

As your mentor and coach, Val will provide you with the support you need to win your game.

This support comes in many forms. Here are a few examples:

  • Presence and Dedication: You can count on Val to be there for you - emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. You will feel this. You can count on Val to listen carefully, focus on you, care about you, be honest with you, and yes, challenge you. Between sessions she thinks of you and is likely to gain fresh insights and ideas for you. She welcomes your between session calls or emails when you find yourself struggling or have something to celebrate. She is 'there'.
  • Partnership: A coaching relationship is a partnership. As such, Val is there for you as a sounding board for your thoughts and ideas. She is there to collaborate with you as you plan, strategize, and problem-solve. She is there to champion you as you uncover jewels within yourself, learn from mistakes and failures (which very well may happen), course-correct, and win. She is there to help you stay on track and encourage you to play better and bigger than you could alone.
  • Judgment-free zone: Within a safe, judgment-free zone, you are free to relax your fears and be honest with yourself and Val as your coach. This honesty is crucial to your success.
  • Provocative Questions: In order to transform your life, you have to look deeply inside yourself and develop keen self-awareness about who you are and want you truly want. Val helps you do that by asking powerful questions that help you uncover your true values, core beliefs, and thought patterns (positive and negative). You will gain a better grasp of your strengths, weaknesses and the challenges you might face along the way.
  • Energy Flow Techniques - Sometimes, despite your best intentions, you find yourself stalled on your path. At those times, Val will help you shift that energy using a variety of techniques so you can move forward with greater ease.
  • Designing Environments - Did you know that your environment always wins? That's because they reflect who you were and who you are now. Val will help you design inner and outer environments that help shape who you want to become. This accelerates your progress and makes winning much easier.
  • Resources: As an educator as well as a coach, Val is a rich source of information about holistic wellness. She is happy to share her knowledge and related experiences with her clients. She will help you find answers when she doesn't know, and refer you to other resources and experts should the need arise.


Integration of mind body spirit is a well-known concept in the holistic wellness movement. It's foundational in our approach to living and enjoying a healthy life. Al tough there are other levels of integration, this one is important in how you approach the goals in your wellness and life game.

This integration consists of three attributes:

  • Knowledge - This knowledge goes beyond education. It's about going deeper and understanding the workings of your mind and body to how to make them work for you.Quite simply, there are habits that are either wellness-enhancing or wellness-negating. These habits generally apply to most people, but as an individual some are more specific to you. Your inner and outer life benefit when you are clear about what personally enhances your well-being and how to create the life you want.
  • Clarity - It is much easier to make decisions and follow through when you have clarity. Without clear focus, you either fake it or stay frozen and stuck. Feeling certain and clear about what you want creates a sense of ease and optimism. Coaching helps you to find clarity in your heart and in your decisions.
  • Spiritual Alignment - When you are true to your Self, making decisions that are right for you is easier. You feel energized and confident in who you are and what's important to you, even when you are facing challenges.
  • When you create from this space of integration, you experience flow. Making and following through with decisions is easier and more enjoyable. You deepen your sense of inner awareness and learn to tap into your connection with your heart, or spirit.

    When these attributes are out of balance, you may feel stuck, overwhelmed, and confused. But in this space of integrated flow you find and gain the wisdom, strength, love, and peace that is already within you.

By Val Silver

Now that you are familiar with our success strategies and how we work, read to see if this is for you and what kind of results to expect.

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