Rescue Me: Tales of Dog Rescue and Healing

by Val Silver
(New York, USA)

Val and Teddy

Val and Teddy

Two of my great loves are dogs and healing, and in this, my first book, the two are brought together. Throughout my life, dogs have comforted me, been my companions, and healed my heart. Sometimes, my dogs felt like the only emotional lifeline I had. Animals have the natural ability to create a space of emotional safety for people because of their unconditional love, acceptance, and state of presence, or living totally in the moment. From my experience, and that of many animal lovers, pet therapy is often the best medicine of all and it is given freely.

In Rescue Me: Tales of Rescuing the Dogs Who Became Our Teachers, Healers, and Always Faithful Friends, you will read 12 stories of 10 people who rescued and adopted their dogs, sometimes from dire circumstances, and how in return those dogs taught them spiritual life lessons, brought them out of depression, comforted them during times of loss, and added richness and purpose to their lives.

One of the lessons I wrote about came from my dog, Teddy. He came to me as a foster dog who had been neglected to the point of physical damage. He was a living example of how emotional healing can happen very quickly, and that when emotions heal, the physical body can also respond quickly. Watching him transform before my eyes was a perfect example of holistic mindbody healing in action. You can read about it in my story, From Foster to Forever.

Rescue Me was written to raise awareness of the needs of homeless dogs, to encourage people to open their hearts and homes to dogs in need, and to raise money for shelters and rescues that help them.

The main lesson from the Rescue Me tales is that when you open your heart to an animal, you will often be given more in return. The love you give will be multiplied and both of you will be healed or made whole.

The dogs and people of Rescue Me:

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