Services and Programs

By Val Silver

Val provides a combination of services and programs designed to help you achieve your wellness and personal growth goals, including:

Workshops and Classes

Val teaches you how to include holistic wellness and personal growth as part of your life through leading edge information, techniques, and interactive experiences.

Topics include stress relief, holistic healing, setting and achieving life goals, spiritual evolution, and more.

Workshops and classes are offered in a public setting or they can be brought to your organization live or via an online platform and customized to your unique needs. 

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Speaking Engagements

Val offers presentations to local professional associations, conferences, and events designed primarily for groups interested in promoting better health, wellness, and personal growth among their employees or members in the Watertown, NY area.

She uses visual aids, metaphor, stories, humor, and practical examples to make her presentations meaningful and memorable.

Val is also available to speak for on-line podcasts and interviews.

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Val coaches adults seeking to make positive changes in their health and life. With her support clients clarify wellness and life goals, design inspiring action plans, create supportive environments, and become who they want to be in order to create and sustain their goals.

This supportive approach, coupled with effective energy flow techniques such as EFT and the Inner Freedom Method to ease resistance and create powerful mindset shifts, facilitates the process of personal transformation and healing needed to achieve a healthier, happier life.

*Note: Partial scholarships are currently available for coaching programs. Sessions are via skype or phone.

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