The Seven Chakra and Healing

By Val Silver

Even though much has been written about the seven chakra energy centers, they remain a mystery and a point of contention for some.

Information about these vortexes of energy has been gleaned from ancient texts, energy healers, and psychics. They tell us of their location, which colors and sounds they resonate with, and how they relate to personality, behavior and healing, 

Modern research has yet to validate the existence of the seven chakra energy centers. It has only  recently caught up with ancient wisdom in regards to the existence of human biofield. Until then, this energy field was strongly denied in conventional western thought. Since the chakra have always been addressed as part of this energy field in eastern thought, it is possible that their  scientific discovery isn't far behind.

What Are Chakras?

Chakra means 'wheels' or 'circles of movement' in Sanskrit. It is believed that seven chakra energy centers are aligned up the body from the base of your spine to the top of your head. They are located in the physical body and extend out from the front and back of your body into your energy field.

chakra energy centers

The chakras affect all layers of your energy biofield or aura. 

As they spin, they funnel vital life force energy to the body's organs and glands. Although each energy center functions on its own, they all interact with and affect each other. 

Each vortex has specific associations. They relate to specific organs and glands and have specific emotional and psychological associations. A specific color, sound and musical note on the scale is associated with each energy center.

It is believed that certain vortices are more active in different life stages of our personal and collective evolution. For most people and younger people, the lower three centers are most active. As people heal, mature, and grow in wisdom, the upper centers become more open and active.

This does not mean that one chakra is better than another. Each needs to function properly and all need to be balanced for optimum health and well-being.

Additional Chakras

In addition to the energy centers going up the spine, there are one or two additional vortices above the head that relate to our higher self and universal or divine energy.

Another is believed to be about mid-thigh between the legs which connects us to earth energy. Yet another may be between the heart and the throat.

Many small chakras exist throughout the body. They are located in the palms of your hands, the back of your knees, and the soles of your feet. Tinier ones are located on the tips of your fingers and toes.

When you use your hands for healing, vortices open to allow energy to be sent through the palms of your hands and your fingers. This channeled energy helps restore balance to your entire energy field including the seven chakra energy centers.

As you walk barefoot on the earth, or ground with earth energy your feet pull up the energy from the earth as nature intended. Do this often and notice how much more balanced and calmly energized you feel.

Healing the Seven Chakras

Healing through the seven chakra is an important part of holistic energy healing. 

Clearing and balancing your energy centers optimizes energy to your body systems and help you feel more balanced. 

Chakras can become partially blocked or distorted, which diminishes energy flow or changes how it flows. If there is a distortion, it won't flow properly or to the right areas. The understandings and energy they normally transmit is limited. Organs and glands receive less energy, which may lead to illness. 

Healers discern energetic imbalances in a chakra by feeling the energy with their hands or using a pendulum. Some can see your energy field. However, it is not necessary to have this ability to balance your chakras. What is important is that you use one or more of the following techniques to clear and balance your energy centers. This optimizes energy to your body systems and help you feel more balanced. 

There are three ways to approach chakra healing.

1- You intuit which chakras need help and you balance and heal it. 

2- You tune up all seven chakra energy centers at a time or on a rotating basis. This is a good idea whether or not you know there is a single imbalance.

2- You identify health and/or emotional issues, and match them up to the associated chakra. Then you work on that chakra. For example, if you have chronic throat issues or trouble speaking up for yourself, you focus your healing efforts on the third, or throat chakra.

There are several ways to improve the health of your seven chakras. Basically, anything you do to nurture the health of your mind, body and spirit will nurture the health of your chakras, and vice versa. 

Spending time outside, grounding, meditating, eating colorful fruits and vegetables, gemstones, toning and chanting, doing what makes you happy, relaxing, listening to uplifting or chakra balancing music, doing yoga and chakra exercises will all help. 

This video illustrates how to open and support the throat chakra.

The main way balance the chakras is through meditation.

A fun chakra meditation is to pretend each energy center is a little fan. Check it over in your mind's eye and scrub dirt and residue off the blades. Then set it back to spinning in a clockwise motion (see the clock on the front of your body).

Other meditations use sound, colors and tones that resonate with each chakra. Listen to the note associated with a chakra or chant it.  Bring in the needed color by looking at it or wearing it over the affected area. Remember everything is energy. Color and sound are energy frequencies that affect you whether you realize it or not.

Guided chakra meditations make this effortless and are very helpful, especailly while you are learning.

Tending to the health of your seven chakra energy centers will help you enjoy better health of mind and body. It will also clear the way for deeper understanding and easier manifesting your true desires. 

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