Spiritual Healing of Generational and Ancestral Trauma

by Jason Glasson

Jason Glasson

Jason Glasson

In response to the horrendous killing of George Floyd in America, the Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith invited several thought leaders to respond to the killing and the subsequent protests that began.

Iyanla Vanzant gave a simple, powerful, and effective process that she called ‘Crossing the Meridians’ for clearing the energetics of ancestral/generational trauma, rage and oppression so that we can see how to deal with this situation today.

She said, “What we want to clear is the energy that will make us think ‘nothin’s gonna change’.”

Learn how to clear your own ancestral/generational trauma and rage by watching Iyanla's teaching of the process (starting at 46:20) in this video titled "America Cries for Spiritual Healing w/ Iyanla Vanzant, Ben Crump, and more".

Clearing the Past

You may be wondering – but how can I clear what happened so long ago, that wasn’t even anything to do with me?

The answer lies in the amazing truth that as a spiritual being, you are connected to everything at all times. This is the wonder of living in a holographic universe where every part (you the individual) is actually connected to every other part and so you have access to all the information of the whole.

Look at a plate from a hologram when it is cut into pieces–like they do in this video titled "What happens when you cut a hologram in half".

The cut pieces are like windows onto the whole scene.

You are a window onto the Universe.

And since the Universe contains energetic and vibrational recordings of ancestral and generational experiences, you have access to those same experiences. Only this time, instead of reliving those experiences every time you experience a similar situation to your ancestors, you can clear them.

Clearing has to do with the power of ‘intentionality’. Your intention, held clearly in mind, is like a flashlight beam that illuminates where you send it. In this case, when you illuminate a trauma, you can clear it by raising its vibration.

Using Your Breath

The breath comes into play at this stage of the process.

The life-force of the Universe, that powers you and all that lives, is known by many names – Ki, Chi, Prana being some of them. Prana means 'breath'.

When we use our breath, guided by intention, we can actually tap into this Chi or Prana and direct it.

Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum Touch, teaches us that when we inhale all the way up the body to the crown of the head, then exhale in one long breath directing that energy with intention, we raise our spiritual vibration.

We know that everything resonates; everything has a vibration or frequency. This is the principle of resonance.

There is also the principle of entrainment.

When two objects are resonating together, the one that is resonating at a lower vibration will raise up (‘entrain’) to match the vibration of the object that is resonating at a higher vibration.

By directing your high vibration energy (using intention) toward an object of a lower vibration, that object will entrain to the higher vibration.

In cases of ancestral trauma, rage, and similar emotions, those low vibration emotions will clear. They are tight, contracted, unpleasant states. When they take on a higher vibration they become open, expansive and light – they are released.

Powering the Process With Your Breath

When Iyanla speaks about ‘inhaling to the right’ and ‘exhaling to the left’, we know now how to really power up this process with the breath.

  • Begin by first clearly setting your intention. Speak the words out loud to anchor that intention more firmly. State, "I’m choosing to clear generational trauma".
  • Then, inhale all the way up your body to the crown of the head and turn your head to the right until you are looking over your right shoulder.
  • Next, experiment with the exhale as you turn to all the way to the left. Does it work better to say out loud: ‘I am clearing generational trauma now’ OR does it work better to intend this with the mind and instead focus on the breath, making it long and strong?

Richard Gordon teaches the 4/4 breath, the 1/4 and the 2/6 breath, among others. To incorporate these breaths into the 'Crossing the Meridians Process', do the following:

Breath in to the count of four while turning your head to the right. Breathe out to the count of four as you exhale. OR breathe in for 1, out for 4 OR in for 2, out for 6. You can try each of these to see what works best for you. I like to use the 2/6 breath.

There are other ways to power up your breath:

  • As you breathe out, bring the power of elevated emotion to your clearing work.The higher the emotion, the higher the vibration. Love, joy and gratitude are emotions that carry a very high vibration to where you direct it with intention.
  • You can at the same time do something I like to do – imagine a smile is in your heart as you do this work. Automatic power-up!

So, we’ve covered a lot of territory here.

To Briefly Recap

  • We can use our intention to direct our energy wherever we like, even generational trauma and rage.
  • We can use our breath to raise the vibration (through entrainment) of where we are directing our energy.
  • When a low vibration state, like trauma or rage, takes on a higher vibration it clears.

This work can be pretty intense. You want to keep your vibration as high as possible throughout. Remember that smile in your heart and focus on your breath - a nice, full breath in and nice and long out.

Additional Tips

  • You may find that as you turn your head to follow your finger, the field of trauma (for example) is really ‘thick’. It may even be difficult to turn your head. In that case, go slowly. You don’t have to do this all in one go. It is better and more effective to do this process a few times, each time with clear intent and keeping the vibration high through a smile in your heart while generating an emotion such as love or gratitude.
  • A favorite technique of Richard Gordon is to remember a beloved pet, plant or grandchild – someone or something you love to care for and use that recollection to generate the high emotion as you do the clearing work.
  • Another technique is to ‘tone’. You can try toning out loud and also just in your mind. Try high, angelic or etheric tones, and lower, earthy powerful tones. See what works best for you.
  • If you do find something in the trauma field that stops you from turning or is really resistant, do all of the above but with a spirit of just ‘hanging out’ with it. Say there’s a big, painful, or powerful energy block in the field. Just hang out with it. Don’t try to force it vibrationally to clear. You’re not wielding a lightsaber! This is the trauma and grief of generations. If a dear friend was in front of you weeping, would you ask them to please ‘hurry up’ as you’ve only got so long to listen to them? Or would you gently hold them and hug them (pre- or post-COVID that is) and love them as they cry out their tears? Be like that with the tough-stuff in the field and it will lighten and clear.
  • I found that instead of holding a finger out in front of me, it was helpful with the really intense stuff to hold a favorite crystal. At one point, I was holding my favorite turquoise and quartz crystal turned like a flashlight beaming out high vibration into the field.
  • Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with substituting one phrase or word with another. For example, I experimented with the statement ‘I am choosing to clear trauma from my timeline’ instead of 'I am choosing to clear trauma from my generations. I also found that clearing ‘persecution’ and, separately, ‘torture’ was immensely helpful. Clearing ‘torture’ was particularly intense; the field was really thick with ‘torture’ as I turned.

As lightworkers, we and our ancestors have suffered a lot through the ages. What a joy to clear this energy now!

I leave you with these tips and techniques. Feel free to invent your own. Experiment. Let me know your experiences in the comments below and please pass on this technique to all who may benefit.

With love,

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Clearing for ancestral greed and narcissism
by: Shelley

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the work you do.I absolutely love freedom.Im of the opinion that the captioned would be another powerful and perhaps more relevant exercise as far as it’s impact on Global consciousness and generational healing.Would the exercise be the same to effect such a clearing? Thank you.

Thanks, Jason
by: Valerie

I really appreciate you sharing this spiritual healing method for ancestral clearing. I think this is important inner work for us to do. I don't doubt that all of us have ancestors who have suffered much trauma in their lives and have passed that on through the generations. By clearing that trauma and rage, we clear not only what we inherited through epigenetics, but those of future generations. We can send healing back on the timeline and to future generations.

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