What is Spiritual Healing

By Val Silver

Spiritual healing means different things to different people. For some, it is about techniques. To others it means getting "right with God" by subscribing to a set of beliefs and practices. Others equate it with metaphysical healing, which is based on the belief that physical healing follows the healing of mental and emotional patterns. Healing spiritually is often associated with specific spiritual healing techniques such as reiki, psychic healing, forgiveness, or invoking angels and helpers from spirit realms.

Ideas about spiritual healing and spiritual wellness spark a lot of controversy because people tend to be heavily invested in their beliefs about religion and spirituality. For example, when I would hear the question "How are you doing spiritually?" accompanied by a concerned look, I understood what I was really being asked was how well I was adhering to a specific set of religious beliefs and expectations. For others, spirituality is the antithesis of religion. That debate is one we will leave to others.

Spiritual Healing Is Not...

In the context of this site, spiritual healing and spiritual wellness are not about a religion or being religious. Nor are they about trying to change your beliefs, although that may happen as a result of learning and healing.

It is not about specific words or beliefs pertaining to the spiritual realm. You may have ideas about the spiritual energy field, but no one really has all the answers. Quantifying the realm of the divine and our higher selves and our relationships with them are not within the scope of our words and understanding.

We are all in the process of learning. There is great wisdom to be gleaned from teachers from many traditions. Instead of getting stalled by words and beliefs, overlook what does not resonate with you and/or simply substitute names, words and quotes from your holy books as appropriate.

I would encourage you to get to the spirit of what is being said, instead of how it is said, and mine for the nuggets of truth that can "set you free".

It is not about specific techniques. There are numerous spiritual energy healing techniques, some of which are shared on this site. They serve as tools, or vehicles, to help you heal. Most of them are not necessarily geared to just spiritual work, but they can help you access the spiritual level when used for that purpose. Sometimes it just happens.

Healing spiritually is not about healing the spiritual level. Our divine higher spiritual selves, the level of knowing and oneness with the divine at the fifth level of the aura, energy field or biofield (whatever you wish to call it) are already well and perfect. As metaphysical healing would teach us, the limiting thoughts, beliefs, programs, and reactions we bring to our relationship to Source, and all other living beings who share the field with us, most likely do need healing.

Using the five level energy field model, it is clear that illness originates in the lower four levels and that you need to work simultaneously on each of those levels to heal. Spiritual healing at the fourth level, the level of the collective unconscious,  is integral to enhancing your mind body spirit and soul healing experiences.

Spiritual Healing Is...

Healing spiritually is about all people having access to, and being part of the superconscious or collective unconscious. We are one with all living beings. We are all 'drops in the ocean of God.'  Divine energy is for everyone, in everyone, and favors no one.

It is about being open and willing to learning, possibilities and spiritual awakening. It is about healing and enhancing your mind body spirit and soul connection. It is about connecting with truth within yourself. Intellectual learning may occur, but this learning goes deeper.

How do you know truth? As you allow it, you will know it. I remember reading some spiritual books and jumping up and down saying, "Yes, yes, yes!" to that which was in total contradiction to most of what I was taught to believe and practice.

Truth feels right at the deepest level. It is already inside you waiting to be awakened. It brings with it an inner peace that is unshakable. I have learned that, for the most part, the deepest truth I can speak are the words "I don't know."

To do this means allowing yourself to venture beyond the smallness and limits of your usual thinking patterns and ways of responding. You have to awaken to the truth, authentic truth, that is in you and in the spiritual level. You open to spiritual knowing and wisdom through the urging of intuition within yourself or through the words of others that resonate with your spirit. They can come to you when you use energy healing to raise your vibration.

Sometimes, this allowing and knowing alone brings healing. There is nothing more freeing than releasing limiting beliefs, judgments and attitudes in favor of the truth that sets you free.  As you open to the oneness of all that is, you will naturally and easily open to giving and receiving unconditional love and acceptance of yourself and others. This kind of love holds the highest and purest vibration. This is the essence of spiritual energy healing.

And the energy? You know that too. Everything is energy, living or not. How dense or airy something is, has to do with its frequency, or vibration. Few things give me greater joy than to bring energy through my hands so that others can feel it. The big smile and the wide eyed look on their faces is one of relieved happiness. It is as though they are remembering who they really are as they feel what was forgotten. It is a beautiful thing.

Embracing spiritual healing is a precious, sacred dance between your heart and soul and the divine. It has nothing to do with religion, although you can use your religion as a tool to help you connect with higher realms. Regardless of whether you use religion, energy techniques, meditation, or other practices, healing spiritually is about becoming whole through connecting with the energy and wisdom of the spiritual level.

Spirituality is one of those topics that has the potential to cause great angst or  great healing and personal transformation. Often we have more questions than answers. You may find some of the answers you seek here, or perhaps just food for thought. What is most important to remember is that with intent and an open heart, answers become less important while experiencing that connection with the divine within and in all takes precedence. 

Spiritual Healing to Spiritual Wellness

Holistic Mindbody Healing

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