Spiritual Meditation for Inner Peace and Healing

By Val Silver

Spiritual meditation nourishes spirit and soul as it cultivates inner peace, healing and transformation.  It helps us live more skillfully, more in tune with nature, our higher selves, and the Divine. It is your time to listen and be heard,  to bring into your being that which is yourself yet beyond the self. 

In some ways, it is difficult to put words to the knowing and feeling that comes when you touch that place inside yourself that we call soul or spirit. 

In quiet moments of spiritual meditation, you experience total silence and unity with all that is. Perhaps this is the true context for the words, "Be still and know that I am God." Spiritual meditation is silent, passive. It is the time to practice the presence of the Creator, to welcome the Divine essence and consciousness to come into our being, to listen and be listened to. 

You do not have to be a master of meditation to enjoy spiritual and soul meditation or the many benefits it brings.  What is important is that your intentions are pure and you desire connection. Skill at quieting the mind and being able to sit still for more than a few minutes will come later.

Benefits of Spiritual Meditation

Meditations and contemplation brings your attention into the now, which is all there is.

You may find that deeply meaningful spiritual meditation naturally flows from within as you practice the power of now. Let it flow. Put no expectations or time frames on those experiences. Stay soft. Know that you are always connected to Source and all that is, but in these moments you sense and feel the wonder of it.

Even short, inspired spirit or soul meditations can facilitate healing and a sense of being nurtured when you tap into the sense that you are part of something vast and wonderful. A brief moment connecting to the "all that is" and getting that are all one and part of the One is worth hours of sitting in silence. You may call this God, the Divine, the Unified Field, the Creator, Cosmic Consciousness. Labels aren't important so choose the one that is most meaningful to you.  

The more you tap into this place within yourself that is vaster than how you see yourself, the more your worries and regrets fade in significance. Peace will pervade your being. That is the place of true healing.  

According to Dr. Klinghart, connecting with the Divine through true meditation facilitates healing at the fifth level of your energy field. This is the level of awareness, self-healing, knowing and divine connection.

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Spiritual Meditation Tips

There are many ways to sense the spiritual connection and knowing for yourself. 

  • Contemplate the connection we all share. 
  • Experienced meditators attain a calm focused state by concentrating on the emptiness or spaces between the distractions and chatter of their minds. As they do this, the noise quiets down and eventually stills.
  • Experience a sense of oneness and profound connection with the universe by pondering the attributes of the Divine. Whisper words like "Love, Peace, Always Present, We are One, Om" and let them sink in. Or choose one at a time. Open yourself to what it means and how you experience it in your life.
  • Walk in nature and allow yourself to connect with the natural world around you. Smell the flowers and look at how perfect and beautiful and different they all are.
  • Doing the earth energy healing exercise outside connects you to the earth. It is meditative, relaxing, and quite nice.
  • Experience a lovely sunset. Notice all the colors and how the energy of the day changes as the sun drops below the horizon. 
  • Your spiritual meditation can be as simple and profound as standing outside on a starry night while contemplating the wonders of the universe and your place in it. This is one of my favorites.  Being outside in the dark and quiet fosters mindfulness and presence. Look at the stars and the dark space between them. Contemplate how we are all together on this big ball, whirling through space at thousands of miles an hour. Breathe in and feel our oneness and the vastness of the universe. 
  • Express gratitude, wonder and appreciation as you contemplate. Whether you are marveling at a sunset, the angelic face of your sleeping baby, or chanting "Aum" for the thousandth time, nothing will open your awareness to the all that is more profoundly than heartfelt gratitude and being consciously present in the moment. 

Guided Meditations for Soul and Spirit (videos)

Here are two guided meditations for soul and spirit. They each foster healing, inner peace and transformation in two very different ways.

The Spiritual whirlwind clears unwanted material from your auric field. This video is just a short sample. You may wish to continue the visualization for a few extra minutes to feel complete.

The Butterfly Soul Awakening Meditation helps you connect to your soul's energy.


Whether you experience spiritual meditation by touching the stillness, contemplating the great or small wonders of the universe, or by enjoying the convenience of modern technology and videos, this practice will enrich you on many levels. It is an important pillar of spiritual wellness and healing. I encourage you to make spirit and soul meditation a regular part of your lif

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