Spiritual Wellness Guide: Spirituality and your health

By Val Silver

What is spiritual wellness? How can spirituality affect your overall health and well-being? Which spiritual practices promote healing and human evolution?  These are some of the questions broached in the pages of this guide. 

What is Spiritual Well-being?

Spiritual wellness is best described as having the consciousness that we are connected with each other, all beings, and to something greater than ourselves in the sacred web of life. Some people call this God, or the Universe, or Source. Hallmarks of this consciousness include morals and values aligned with spiritual beliefs and a sense that life has meaning and purpose.

Spiritually healthy persons feel a sense of peace and steadfastness within, even while facing life challenges. They desire to do good and treat oneself and others with respect, kindness, and compassion. They are quick to show gratitude and acceptance and slow to anger and hold grudges. To live in this way in service to humanity and other beings is our highest calling.

Your spiritual well-being is an important part of your overall wellness. It not only affects your mind and body, but its energy sends ripples into your home and beyond. 

Those on the spiritual path realize that this is a lifelong journey with ups and downs. They often engage in practices that enhance their sense of connection to themselves, the Divine, and others. They may or may not engage with organized religions or conventional religious ideas. 

Spiritual wellness examples 

Here are just a few examples of people who have modeled spiritual wellness. Although the following people have done extraordinary things, they were ordinary people like the rest of us. They were not perfect, like the rest of us, but they were committed to a higher calling. We can be inspired to follow their example in little and big ways each day. 

  • In 1873, hymn writer Horatio Spafford penned the words to the beloved hymn, It is Well with My Soul as the ship he sailed on passed over the waters where his daughters drowned.  In the midst of his deep grief, Spafford drew on his faith as a source of peace that passes understanding.  His heart was hurting, but his spirit was well. 
  • Many people, such as holocaust survivor, Corrie ten Boom, made the conscious decision to forgive the captors and tormentors who committed horrible crimes against them, their families, and others. 
  • Albert Schweitzer committed his life and resources to healing and caring for lepers. He said, "Seek always to do some good, somewhere."
  • Mahatma Gandi and Martin Luther King, Jr practiced nonviolent social activism even when violent words and actions were directed against them and their fellow activists.  Dr. King said, "Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love." And "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

Spiritual wellness activities and practices

Spiritually well people have regular habits that resonate best with them. These activities keep them on the higher path and lift them back up when they fall. 

These practices often include several of the following:

  • meditation
  • prayer 
  • fellowship with friends, family, colleagues, mentor
  • attending religious services and ceremonies
  • yoga
  • spending time in nature
  • journalling and/or keeping a gratitude list
  • mindfulness
  • morning and/or evening rituals
  • commitment to service
  • singing, dancing, chanting
  • attuning to their purpose
  • forgiveness
  • loving self-care for mind and body
  • spiritual healing practices

Heal Yourself, Heal the World

Spiritual wellness and spiritual healing methods bring healing to yourself and others through the wisdom and energy of the spiritual realm where we are all one. 

Some of these practices, such as cultivating inner peace, are more self-directed. Others, such as practicing acts of kindness, are more other-directed. Still, it is important to remember that healing yourself raises your vibration, which is beneficial to others, as well. When you heal yourself, your higher vibration ripples as a positive force in the world. When you show genuine acceptance, kindness and compassion to others, that high vibration energy is also given to you.

spiritual wellness, I alone cannot heal the world - Mother Theresa quote

Spiritual Healing Methods

There is a common belief among holistic healers that all healing is mind healing. It may be more accurate to say that all healing is spiritual healing. In order to fully heal, or sometimes to heal at all, spiritual healing methods are often necessary.

From an bio-energetic viewpoint, the fourth and/or fifth levels of the human aura  are believed to be the spiritual levels. This layer of the energy field affects your entire energy field, including the physical, emotional, and mental levels. It is the level of knowing and self-healing, our individual connection with the Divine and all that is.

When the mind is touched by spirit, then the mind heals the body. It is always 'the truth that sets you free.'  As we awaken, and raise our individual and collective consciousness, I believe the frequency and scope of these healings will also increase. True spiritual wellness will be a reality.

These methods are freely available to all regardless of specific religious beliefs or the lack of them. As a matter of fact, practices such as prayer, meditation, gratitude, forgiveness, and kindness are common to most faiths.

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Happiness and Inner Peace

Happiness and a sense of inner peace are strong indicators of spiritual wellness as well as emotional, relational and mental well-being.

The good news is that you can greatly influence your sense of happiness and inner peace by shifting your thinking and incorporating simple practices into your daily life.

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The healing power of Love and kindness

A most important aspect of spiritual wellness is love and self-acceptance. Love heals and helps us stay healthy. It enhances all aspects of life. In English, we have one word for love, but there are actually several types - brotherly love, romantic love, the love of friends, and unconditional agape love. Each of these types of love has the power to enhance our lives.  The highest love is agape. It never hurts us or causes us to suffer. Alone or when infused into the other types of love, it heals and nurtures the mind, heart, and soul. It is true spirituality.

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Forgiveness as spiritual healing

Forgiveness and gratitude are two words that seem to be everywhere - and with good reason. Without them, experiencing love, self-acceptance and inner peace is unlikely.

These spiritual wellness practices are often credited with healing in mind, body and spirit when nothing else helped. Together with other modalities, they make for powerful medicine.

forgive, father and son hugging

For spiritual healing and wellness, it is important to release yourself and others from the energies of resentment, judgment, guilt, and shame. Forgiveness is not the same as pardon. 

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The spiritual energy of gratitude

Gratitude and love are said to be of the highest spiritual vibration. They align us with source energy and open our hearts to inspiration and healing.

The Power of Expressing Gratitude and Your Words of Appreciation - Read about the health and life benefits of expressing gratitude and how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Read stories from fellow readers about how a grateful heart changed our life. We'd love for you to share your story and positive comments too!

Meditation and prayer

Meditation and prayer have long been associated with spirituality and awareness. These practices have proven health and spiritual wellness benefits.

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Spiritual wellness is an important part of your overall wellness. Incorporating spiritual mindset and spiritual activities into your daily life can benefit you and others in many ways: your health, sense of well-being, and relationships. The practices may not always be easy, but the benefits of spiritual wellness make them worthwhile. 

Spiritual Wellness page updated 03/2022

For Educational Purposes Only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Please consult with your health provider before using natural remedies and/or complementary therapies if you are pregnant, nursing, or you are being treated for a medical condition. Be aware that certain herbs and supplements interact with medications.

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