Stress Busters: Gifts From Nature

by Sharon Propp

For many years I have had anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes they go away for maybe seven years and then come back. Right now I am fighting the battle again and by practicing stress relief those attacks are getting fewer and further between.

One of my favorite stress busters is sitting on my patio where I have a large water fountain and bird feeders (in the yard)which includes a few for the hummers that surround the patio. I have gardenias and jasmines in pots that bloom all the time, emitting their warm sweet smells of aromatherapy.

As I sit on the patio swing, I close my eyes and take in the soft sounds of the water fountain, the birds chirping and singing to each other, and the smells of all the flowers. Even though it has been quite warm this summer, it intensifies the fragrances of the flowers even more so, especially when the wind blows the slightest breeze.

At times I have to use a fan but it does not interfere with the sounds of nature as it is a white noise.

Indoors, my bedroom is set up to bring the outdoors in. I have a fountain, aromatherapy candles that I make myself, CD's that bring the ocean with birds singing and soft music all in one.

It is no wonder I only have the attacks away from home. This is my haven. I am starting to practice a visualization while away from home to fight the attacks.

When I feel one coming on, in my mind I start making my candles. I focus on the colors, the fragrances. I see all the different colors and it calms my mind. Color plays a big role in relaxation also.

I hope these ideas might help some others as they have helped me. And I look forward to reading about others experiences as I am sure I could use more tips.

Photo: By Bernard Loison ( CC-BY-SA-2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

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A piece of heaven
by: Val

It sounds like your yard and garden are like a little piece of heaven. I feel more relaxed just visualizing it as you describe it.

Thanks so much for sharing, Val

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