The Superconscious Mind and Universal Consciousness

By Val Silver

collective unconscious

The superconscious is the most controversial and mysterious of the three levels of mind. Some experts do not acknowledge its existence at all. Of those who do, some believe it is a function of the nonconscious mind. Others believe it is a separate entity that interacts with the brain and the human energy field, but is not actually part of the brain or body.

To add to the mystery, this mind power is also connects us with a higher level of consciousness called God, infinite intelligence, universal consciousness, the collective unconscious, or quantum consciousness. It is believed that as part of this mind or field, we are all one. Therefore, we have access to all knowledge. As Joe Vitale says, "We are all drops in the ocean of God."

The superconscious level of mind is associated with higher potential, creativity, intuition, quantum reality and spiritual awareness. People who have well developed mind powers, such as psychic abilities, are often attributed with being able to access universal consciousness or the quantum consciousness field.

As scientists explore quantum physics, it becomes more evident that we are energy beings surrounded by waves of energy. We now know that 'all is energy'  including thought. This knowledge makes it an easy jump to believe that quantum levels of mind could very well be a reality.

How to Access the Superconscious Mind

In order to purposefully access this level of mind, you must first get past the subconscious. It is the subconscious that decides if you can send and receive information from the superconscious or not. And to get to the subconscious, you have to get past its gatekeeper!

You can access this higher level of mind to get information. For example, if you want to invent or create something new and how no prior knowledge about how to do it, the universal consciousness may have the answer. Perhaps this is how the great inventors were able to make the leap from ideas to creating something entirely new. They would meditate on an idea or problem until a solution revealed itself. Sometimes this revelation would come in a dream. Perhaps the idea was given to them from collective unconscious realms.

Brain scans show that experienced meditators alter certain areas of the brain during deep meditation. One area that is affected is the parietal lobe located in the brain region between the ear and the back of the head. This area helps a person feel oriented in time and space.

When activity in the parietal lobe decreases, you lose your sense of orientation and self. Whether this just lets you feel as though you are in universal mind, or you actually are experiencing quantum consciousness is still open to debate.

I had such an experience after falling asleep while sending energy to a very ill dog.  When I awoke I could not discern my hand from his body. There was only one energy. I literally had to use my conscious mind to force a discernible  feeling of separation.  It was a beautiful experience to feel that oneness with another living being.

Another line of thought is that all the information we know is stored in the energy field outside our bodies. We share information with this field directly and continuously. You can see how this works in the mental biofield video.

Whether you have to access superconscious higher levels of mind through the subconscious or you  can interact with it directly outside your body or as part of a universal mind or collective unconscious may not really matter too much in actual practice. What does appear important is that if you want to directly access the unconscious parts of your mind you must be in a relaxed, focused state of mind.

Meditation, hypnosis, and brainwave entrainment are three tools that can help you do that.

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