Talk to the Trees

by Kathy Fitzpatrick
(Grand Rapids, MI. )

For years, people chuckled when I told them how I was able to communicate with trees, learning their names, their history and even information about myself. I felt their strength flow through me in times of weakness, their love and concern.

Which is why, when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I take off my shoes and walk barefoot in nature.

As I wander through the wonders of our backyard garden, I make my way over to our large pine tree. I gently place a bough in to my hands and ask the tree to recalibrate my vibration to match that of the earths vibration.

Soon I feel a pulsation in my hands, and then can feel the 'pulse' flowing from my toes to the top of my head. This helps ground me to the earth, calming me down with good vibrations that never cease to amaze me. How simple it is to become grounded and more mindful when we take time to commune with nature.

Through the years I have taken many a skeptic interested in stress relief out to nature to select a tree or plant to ground them. Each time they were amazed at not only how simple the process, but how much better they felt, calm and refreshed. The negative energy swirling in our heads was replaced with a sense of calm.

If you have never 'talked' to a tree before here are some simple steps:

1. Take a nature walk. Use your body to become aware of the vibrations around you emanating from the trees and plants. Let your body guide you to a tree to talk to. It may be the biggest or the smallest, it doesn't matter. Let go of 'thinking' with the mind and 'feel' with your body.

2. After selecting your tree, reach out and greet it. You can do this out loud or telepathically.

3. Place your hands on the trunk of the tree or in the case of an evergreen, place your hands on a bough. You can simply touch the tree, hug it or sit with your back up against it. Honor your comfort zone.

4. Close your eyes and become quiet. Allow the energy of the tree to 'speak to you'. After several minutes you may feel pulsations in your hands or back if your back is against the tree and a bit later pulsations flowing from your feet to your head. Or you may feel nothing at all, it does not matter.

5. If you have a particular question in mind, ask the tree. It may 'speak' back to you telepathically or you may sense an answer, see colors or any numbers of things. Each person receives communication in their own unique way, there is no right or wrong. However you will have a sense of knowing when the answer arrives.

6. During this time of rapid change the vibration of the earth is constantly changing. Because of this each time I commune with my favorite tree I ask tree to be recalibrated to same vibration as the earth. So after you have intuited your answer ask the tree to recalibrate your vibration to match that of the earth.

7. When you are finished honor and thank the tree with a simple "Namaste" or whatever you are comfortable with.

Nature fills us with joy in a way the material world never can. When we talk to trees we become more of who we are.

PS. A friend of mine talks to the trees each time she gets in her car for a drive. She states her name and then asks the trees for protection.

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4/5/2021 nyc
by: Anonymous

I've always known trees to be alive but until yesterday I actually tried to contact mother earth here is what happened. I go to this park to meditate and there is a spot that I feel most comfortable and it's on a somewhat flat big rock next to a 20ft tree. I like facing the sun and my back towards the huge body of water which the shore is about 30ft away from me.after about an 30mins I began to say " earth, Please excuse me for I do not know your name but I respectfully would like to connect with you my intentions are to understand how everything works,Please hear my voice my name is ****** that name was given by my birthparents and their names were given by their birthparents but I feel who I am is not this body this energy this spirit inside me I know it to be true but I am a little blind my the fog in my mind because of wrong teachings and bad habbits it is not easy to see the truth of everything. I humbly ask that you connect and just see my heart .. see my mind and all that I have recorded please see my thoughts please feel my heart. I wish to connect to you in truth so that I can gain the knowledge to understand. Please see and feel my intentions I only wish to gain the wisdom to connect with my galactic family for I am a little lost.. please guide me or just send me to the path you see fit"

A small to medium gust of wind formed right about me . Felt like a tornado or vortex. After 10mins of just sitting in complete awareness and with a still mind ready to receive anything.. people started to come to my area and it began to become difficult to maintain this state so I decided to walk through the trails. There was this one huge tree that I walked by and it's huge branches were creeking as I stopped to locate this creeking I saw the exact spot .. at that moment I felt this immense urge to sit next to it.. I looked at it's base then back up .. I didn't sit I continued to walk . When I reached this spot further into the trail where there was trees laying on the ground from being cut ...there was a medium pile of these cut trees and I swear I heard it creek but this creek was different as I locked eyes to the spot where I felt it was from I felt nothing but pain.. I continued to walk and stopped at a base of a tree which has been recently cut.. and said" it's okay now you must grow stronger don't worry soon that part of yiu that you lost will come back through your roots" and immediately I felt the huge tree idk how to explain it but after feeling it being so far way I felt weird and left.. now giving it thought as I'm about to go to bed .. I am eager to go back and apologize for not being more receptive more open . I wish to apologize to the huge tree and sit next to it and ask it to please see my heart as to this is all new and I was a lil scared but I am not scared anymore if you allow me before I sit next to you I would like to hug you and may you share my hug with the rest of your brother and sisters here and everywhere.

trees talk with me
by: Tree lover

once when i went to my ground i saw a tree i simply went near it and asked it 2 que. I asked if u love children then pls give a little wind. and to my surprise the trees around started waving i really felt happy. the other que was can i coe hear often , if u are allowing pls blow again if you are declining pls stop the wind but the trees kept on blowing and from that day i really love those trees

I only recently learned to talk to trees.
by: Silk

My family thinks I'm nuts, but I know I'm not. I was studying evolutionary herbalism and my teacher talked to us about the spirit of plants and how we must try to communicate to learn from them. I thought it was a bit strange but when I tried I definitely felt them answer! Outside of my apartment is a magnolia and a maple tree. Both told me about how they can benefit humans medicinally. I like to greet them when I open my drapes in the morning. I now like to greet plants in general as I walk in the neighbourhood. I say, "hello friend" and sometimes I comment on how beautiful they are or how long they have lived, etc. Not long ago, I asked the trees by my apartment to try to get closer to me so that I could touch them from my balcony. I did't tell my family. Today my Mom visited and exclaimed, "the branches have gotten so close to your balcony!" I said, "Yes, well I asked them to come closer." ;)

other technique : sensing the tree's aura
by: Mat

Thanks for sharing this ! Sometimes I do this except I begin by trying to find a layer of the tree's aura with my both hands. Then I ask him a question like "are you in good health ?" If the aura diminishes it means no, if it gets bigger it means yes. Sometime I also ask their name and it's often very beautiful. Love, Mat

Amazing experience
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for sharing. I had a very surprising experience one time that I want to share. I do not advocate drug use, but I had a little help from some sativa. After I took a hit, I tried to connect more deeply with appreciative feelings towards nature in my heart. It took awhile and I felt like I perforated some sort of veil within my own being that was numbing my ability to feel these feelings. Once I punctured it, I found myself drawn to a nearby forest and slowly entered. I was shocked as I become aware, for the first time in my life, that the trees more much more than I had ever suspected. I felt their spirits and their intelligence and their wisdom and their nobility and dignity. I became acutely aware that they were aware of my presence. I suddenly became very self conscious and embarrassed that I had entered their domain without their permission and without proper greetings and respect. I felt like I was trespassing. I felt like they had tremendous wisdom and that they had seen many things. I also felt that their consciousness was connected to all the other trees in the world, and that they drew from their collective knowledge and wisdom. The trees in this forest were individuals but also a connected family. I felt that the bugs and mosquitos were also part of the family/community of this forest and that I needed to be willing to sacrifice and let them take life energy from me if they needed it, without fighting them. I wanted the trees to speak telepathically, but they seemed very hesitant to speak. They occupied a very different frequency of reality. They were very still in their spirits and not in a hurry. I also got the feeling that they felt that the earth was in great danger because of man and that they were very grieved about it. I was on work break, so I could not continue to explore, but wanted to know your thoughts on this and those of anyone else that may have had similar experiences. I also remember that these feelings that I got from the trees reminded me of feelings that I got as a very little kid but did not explore more because I was rarely around trees and also because I dismissed them as not being possible.

Periwinkle-my love
by: Ashima

The trees and the plants do communicate and one can sense them if one is sensitive towards them. A small purple periwinkle was growing in a pot and I used to greet it daily. One fine day, I felt as if the periwinkle is calling out to me. I went outside and found that the plant had been plucked out to be replaced by another one by the gardener.

Recently camped in the Rocky Mountains.
by: Anonymous

My family recently camped in Rocky mountains. We happened upon a site that looked beautiful and set up camp. Growing up in upstate NY in the country I had three favorite trees! Plus I was surrounded by a forest. Loved it and all the nature! Living here in CO believe it or not there are barley any trees! Since living here I find myself miserable. So going camping was bringing me back to the trees and I was looking forward to that. However, after we set up camp and had a crazy driver pass by screaming "THAT’S ARE CAMP SITE " I began having severe anxiety. Even my husband who isn’t bothered by anything felt unsafe and spent the majority of the night awake. Even set up a string with bottles for "zombies" or intruders lol. After getting going and exploring the next day I started to notice something. (We got set up late the night before). A ton of trees were actually down because of a saw! Wood chips every where. Over 5 trees had initials sawed into them. Sap everywhere. Nothing but destruction. Bullet casing and burnt glass bottles all over the area. The people who yelled at us were using a powered saw down the way and I believe that they abused this space. The anxiety was coming from the trees and land and it was eerily quiet. The only time I felt unsafe and scared! So sad.

Past life tree?
by: Trevor

Is it possible to have a past life of a tree? I think my past life was a tree or a plant of some kind. I've had weird dreams that aren't explainable. Just curious. My whole life I've been drawn to plants. When I was very little I would see plants that weren't actually there and I think I was seeing the plants essence. It sounds crazy but it's me and what I've experienced. Let me know

Trees do many things
by: Mohamed

Dear All,
I had experienced a very emotional dialog with trees, for the first time years ago, i were driving in a street which i had walked in many many times before,(portion of this street) around 400 meters , there were a very bad situation in our country, and suddenly i felt with those trees talking to me in a dialog they were crying of the injustice, i also feel my self crying, from inside to be a real tears,they started to tell me that they greeted me many time but i did not realize, they know what is going around but no body feels them, they told me about their names and they know that they were worshiping god, their names were having the meanings of worshiping god :A rosary, a worshiper, a believer, thanker, kneeling,mother,sister,and of them were big and i used to salute here every day....until a day... the government decided to cut them all... i cannot find words describes my feeling and my pains.. i know now why i could feel them.. they were going to their end, and before they pass away, they told me that "we should believe and trust in god(Allah)".... actually we know nothing .. we feel nothing... I ask God to protect us and this world from ourselves.
June 2019

Love this article, love talking with trees!
by: Rosi G

Thank you, Kathy for sharing your experiences and thank you everybody else for contributing! It’s so amazing to see this outpouring. And the recognition of trees as our friends, helpers, sources of emotional strength and emotional calming.

I wrote a similar article that was published in 2002 by the Sentient Times, "On Talking With Trees". Reprinted here:

Kathy, your writing is so heartwarming. And I love how you feel the vibration and allow the trees to recalibrate your vibration to the Earth. I’m definitely going to try that! I am grateful for the validation, sharings and love from the other comments, as well. Thank you.

by: April

4 years ago,my granddaughter now 5 years old, was outside in our 3.5 acre yard playing. There are many trees on our property and one very large, very old cottonwood tree by her swing set. When my daughter put her little one down for a nap, she came into the kitchen, and expression of concern in yer eyes and said " I think something may be wrong with (———),
right before we came in, she was talking to a tree." I smiled and said "That’s because the tree spoke to her first, and she could ‘hear’ it."
Her response, of course was "What?"
I explained yo my daughter that there was a time, when she was little, that she spoke to trees to, as did her younger brother. And that I still do. She researched it and found out we’re not crazy. We can still hear the oldest, simplest language in creation. Sitting in silence is nature you will hear everything because every living thing is connected. So many have forgotten how to hear it.

by: nikili

I don't know how old this post is, but I've been "drawn" to trees all my life. I look at them with so much respect and awe. Thanks to this post, I will go and see what happens when I open my heart and spirit to them. Thanks for this! Awesome to know that there are others out there who love trees just as much as I do!

Hello Everyone
by: Mee

I just wanted to comment because I found your site by accident and I didn't know anyone else could do this. I have been able to talk to trees for ages. In exactly the same way you become silent and put your hand in the tree and open your mind. You then feel emotions flow from the tree. I found not all trees can do this or maybe they don't want to talk or maybe they are hibernating. I don't know. Some trees only seem to show emotion as a group, some trees can't speak when they are young. The best trees I have found so far are beech. It is an amazing feeling to experience though and it is nice to know that someone else can do this. I thought only people who are genetically like me could do this. I wish more people could then perhaps we would be kinder as a race. Blessed be.

Thank you for your beautiful words
by: Naja Li

Thank you for your beautiful words, it is an honour to read of your experiences and all the others that follow. I too hear the trees and I have written about the expressions of pure love that their presence radiates. Hearing the trees is an opportunity that is created when you open your heart to love and the possibility of true healing that being at one with nature brings.
Wishing you Health and Happiness,

Speaks With Trees
by: Scout Tomyris

I have been talking with trees for decades, though not all the time. I've learned that some are eager to communicate and that others ignore me. I remember a young oak that called out to me from a trail and then expressed amazement that I heard it. It had been trying to talk with a human for years with no success. We shared many conversations during the years I lived in that neighborhood.

I have received great solace from trees during difficult times – they are patient listeners. They taught me that they thrive on the same sort of tension that wrecks my back and shoulders. For them it's strengthening. Leaning against a trunk while sitting quietly is all it takes to feel the energy transfer.

One of my favorite activities with a tree is what I call sense exchange. I allow the tree to smell or hear or see through me. In return, the tree will often show me something of itself. I learned from a tree that when a bird lands on a branch, it becomes part of the tree until it flies away. Trees can speak with us over great distances. Mother Juniper and I shared stories with each other for years after I visited her more than 400 miles from my home.

For me, talking with trees has always been a 2-way exchange, a conversation. I feel that we are connected by a similar life force. It is out of my respect for them that I ask permission before pruning. Trees appreciate that we share this planet, even though humans have caused the death and destruction of so many of their "people."

Thank you Tall Standing Ones for watching over us poor rootless beings. Thank you for your patience and for teaching us how to be grounded.

I'm happy I found this article
by: Coco

Recently I went walking in a large botanical garden where I meet some friends every week for meditation. Afterwards I just decided to go walking among the trees. I felt so much peace, and felt so at home. Like my soul belonged there. I would walk up to certain trees that drew me and start talking to them! And it felt so natural, as if I had done it a million times before. A friend had told me that trees will take negative energy from you and ground it in the earth, so I asked one tree to take my anxiety and send it to our Mother to neutralize. I felt myself shaking like a compass needle being moved by a magnet as the energy went from me. I was afraid but I still kept still. I had my hands and forehead pressed to the tree. And then I opened my eyes, and I felt completely calm. I love that tree so much. I find myself wanting to return to the garden and speak to trees again. I feel so much love for them that I didn't know I had.

Fresh air
by: Monkey

I realized trees were conscious 2 winters ago when I wanted to commit suicide. They have offered the greatest knowledge in helping make sense of the human condition. "Normal" doesn't work for me. I'm so different from these so-called "friends" that I'd rather walk alone on this journey. It's comforting to know one can learn from the wisest teachers while they watch over the earth.

by: Angelight43

When I am with the trees I feel I am finally home. That is my most comfortable place where I am loved and am with my friends who are so much wiser than I. They guide me each day.

I hear the trees.
by: Redwood1025

I hiked down into the tall trees grove with my wife a few years back. We camped under a giant, but younger, Redwood on the bank of a creek about 100 yards outside the main grove. When night came, the wind howled and our fire's flames were blowing sideways. Then, the wind just stopped, everything became silent, and the humming, rumbling began. I don' t know what they were talking about, but the big trees hummed and rumbled for several hours before finally their voices faded away. The next morning we were pretty shaken having been allowed, invited, to listen to that awesome conversation....

trees vibrations
by: Anonymous

I once was sitting on the ground with my back against a large red pine meditating. I could physically feel the vibrations of the tree on my spine and back.

by: Sithuli

I love trees. I believe trees can talk, but I never spoke with one.

I love trees. But the only thing is that humans cut trees and imagine how the world would look like without trees! When I plant a tree, I feel very happy. Then the plant would slowly grow into a giant tree with lots of fruits! Trees give us lots of oxygen and keeps the carbon dioxide level low. If we don't cut trees, the world will be a greener place.

We are all connected
by: Cathleen

When I accepted the fact that we are all connected to source I began to hear the trees in southern Az speak. I asked the mesquite trees to speak to the Redwoods to let them know I was coming to visit them. My friend took a picture of me speaking to the Redwoods and my torso was radiating light. I believe this was just confirmation that we are all connected and need to honor and respect each other. blessings

Communication with my Willow Tree guide
by: Anonymous

When I was about 11 years old, I had the first communication from the leader tree ( old chestnut tree and he was male). Years later, I got married and we purchased house and there were two beautiful willow trees in our backyard. They both are very powerful, but there is one on our right side had always communicated to me. During my meditation, I had a privileged to officially speak to her and she spoke back. She said " I will protect you, your house, and whomever you love and care." I cup my hand to place it on her, and I feel her beautiful and strong vibration and it takes my breath away! It almost feel like magnet. She told me to build a labyrinth and share her with all my friends. I feel so blessed and grateful everyday...: )

Tree hearings
by: Anonymous

Love this article. Its so good to know that me and my friend aren't the only ones that hear, and talk to trees. Its such a relief. They really know things that we don't. I have learned so much from them and hope hat others will too.

Green lush
by: Anonymous

I have a friend tree named green lush. I open my window a lot of times every day just to say hi or tell about whats happening at school or ask a few questions. Green lush is a very shy tree she whispers a lot but always was nice. If i go to her trunk outside she doesnt talk as much, she likes it when i open my window. Now shes one of my best friends

Love Tree Energy
by: Melissa

HELLO I have been hugging tree Beings all my life. I Just felt and shared their amazing healing energy. They do calm you and you can feel vibrations with them they light up and you can see their aura . Can feel us centered together. I will anthem next time I go to my spot for them to raise my vibration to match Mother Earths . That is a great tip Thank You. Namaste pro-peace

by: Cameron

Me and my friend got lost in the woods while cleaning up liter we went all these different ways but couldnt find home until one of the trees told me to go south in my head so we went south and found home

human feelings
by: Anonymous

The article is very tree friendly.........

I think may be trees respond to human feelings.Its just a feeling.......nothing practical about it...........


Trees told me how they grow...
by: The Lightbearer

I thought i had gone nuts the 1st time i heard the trees in my backyard talking to me. I was wondering why the tree-house attached on one side to two trees was not lifting up as the trees grew. Suddendly i heard this slow, patient clear voice saying: "because we flow around it". Suddenly i "saw" this picture in my head, like they gave me a little video: The earth spinning with trees "flowing" out the crust. Like if you have a spinning ball with a small hole filled with water?...the centrifugal forces will create a little spray coming out? The picture i saw had the trees "flowing out" the crust. Basically they showed how they overcome growing against gravity: They make use of the centrifugal force of earth and water as a pneumatic fluid.

my tree
by: rebecca

I talked to my tree out the front she told me to stay calm and that trees only communicate to people who are calm and her name is sophie and she is 21 years old

how i met mr tree
by: Anonymous

Ive been going to a particular park for years now. I always love climbing the various trees there, and as of recent discovered how relaxing it is.

I was lying in the branches of a tall evergreen when suddenly I heard a voice. I looked around, only to realize the voice came from inside my head. He told me to calm down, and then said my name.

When I asked him how he knew my name, he told me he had been watching over me for many years, and had grown quite fond of my friend and me. Then he went on to introduce me to his wife, and gave me a nut. He told me to plant it in the winter, and it would protect my friends and me during a time of danger.

We planted the nuts soul in the spiritual world, and came to find he's really friendly. Since then, whenever I walk through the woods, I can hear voices in my head greeting me, and I can place which tree they belong to.

my feelings about talking to trees
by: Anonymous

All I have to say is talking to trees is both amazing and a little scary.

Take that, laughers!
by: Luna Ginerva Lox

I know a better way to talk to trees. For the last week people have laughed at me, not when I taught them how. Now, when I tell them I can do something they believe me. My way is a lot faster and just today, I encountered a tree named Pearl who is really nice. I also met Joshua, Jennifer, Anabelle, Jerry, James, and Ken.

I love trees!
by: Debbie Lattuga

I always have. Although I have not tried to speak directly, I have sat in communion with them.

My favorite trees in a movie are the ones in Phenomenon with John Travolta. When Kira Sedgewick starts rocking back and forth like the trees... I just love that.

I have a couple 'favorite' trees. I definitely will be speaking with them this week.

Great Commune
by: Anonymous

What an excellent way to commune with nature. I have read and heard of this before but never tried it. To do on my next trip to the yard.

Thanks Kathy
by: Val

Thanks Kathy, this is a fabulous article. I love that you outlined the steps. I will definitely be practicing this myself.


Fantastic article!
by: Lucinda

Love this article. Very well written and illuminating.

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