Testimonials: What Val Silver's Clients Say

By Val Silver

What's it like partnering with Val Silver as your coach?

What do her clients and workshop attendees say?

What results can you expect?

Testimonials from Workshop Attendees

Laurie: I never put that much thought into weight loss- maybe that's why I always gave up before. Thanks!

Marcia: You have given me a good base knowledge - the trick for me will be follow through.

D: Very enjoyable session – Val made it fun, interesting and made me realize I can achieve my goals if I set my conscious mind to it.

B: Most impressed- no blame placed on individual, not fixing but enhancing. Caused me to think about where I am and where I would like to be.

A: Enjoyed very much, like learning all the techniques.

Rebecca: Best workshop ever!

Coaching Client Testimonials

"You can tell how genuine [Val] is and how much she cares...I hope you get to experience working with Val doing life coaching. It was just a wonderful experience for me." -Jan VanderLuitgaren

(April 2019)

"Working with Val as a life coach is one of the best things that I have ever done...She is great at what she does and I would recommend her to everyone I know." -Ashley Reed

(Jan 2019)

"It’s been a real privilege and a gift to have had the opportunity to be coached by you." -Claire Ryan Heatley

(January, 2019)

April Williams 

Thank you Val, ...you inspired me to DO BETTER in a very non-judgemental way. I felt very supported by you in the past few weeks. You had wonderful insight into my challenges and offered kind encouragement all along the way. I will take what you have taught me and hopefully build on it.  I know that no matter what, you will always be there for me, Thank you again, sincerely.

(April, 2019)

Jean Tabolt

Ten weeks ago, I began Inner Freedom Coaching with Val. I had just finished an extremely challenging year of balancing work and school. Also, when I started working with  Val, I was still in the process of completing paperwork and essentials related to my husband's death.  I was completely exhausted and motivation to move forward with my Yoga Therapy business was lost.

Thankfully, I met Val and began her coaching program. She kindly and gently urged me forward. She prompted me toward self-inquiry and personal exploration. With this, I was soon able to begin stepping out of my comfort zone. Val showered me with inspiration through her insightful suggestions and practical resources. The result was that I accomplished multiple tasks and am presently in a healthy position to begin my business. 

I am very grateful for Val and this experience with Inner Freedom Coaching. I would sincerely recommend this process to anyone who feels stuck, overwhelmed or unmotivated.

(December, 2018)

Virginia Harford

After being laid off from a job I held for ten years, I was feeling overwhelmed. It meant I would have to sell my house and leave the area. The task was daunting... I was at a loss to even know where to begin.

Then, I hired Val Silver and now I’m feeling empowered, have agency, and am on my way to the next chapter of my life. The results of working with Val are: a sold house, a new job, and a peace that I can handle the next hurdle that will come my way.

Val and I worked on goal setting long and short term. We worked on prioritizing efforts to focus on what was most important and taking steps to complete what must be done to conquer the overwhelming feeling, as well as complete the physical tasks that needed to be done.

Her techniques helped me work through and understand the strong emotions that come with adapting to big changes. She helped me evaluate the core of where some of the emotions stem from and how to relive the pressure that can surround them.

I could not recommend Val enough!

(August, 2016)

Kathy Fitzpatrick

I've been an Intuitive Coach for more than a decade and seriously never considered hiring a coach. However, 2011 proved to be a very challenging year; complete with an unexpected medical leave, job loss, and nearly losing our home.

Prior to working with Val I'd worked with a coach who told me I was giving her more than she gave me. So truth, I never dreamed working with another coach would take me further or faster than I could go on my own.

But there was something about Val, and after tuning in to my inner wisdom, I decided to work with her. Truth, she more than exceeded my expectations. With Val's guidance I shattered the barriers that kept me in bondage.

I can only describe what happened as completely and wonderfully transformative. For years I'd had the desire to start my own online businesses utilizing my gifts and talents. But for some reason never quite got around to doing it. I was completely self-sabotaging my efforts. During one of our sessions we did some tapping. Val really shines at this! [Watch out Margaret Lynch!]

I don't know what happened, but I found the momentum to create not one but TWO websites before our next session. A week later, I even created a website for a friend! I was amazed as the seeds I'd planted were suddenly sprouting in to life with grace and ease. For years, I'd dreamed of doing teleseminars. During my season with Val, I not only completed a teleseminar course, but created and produced my first teleseminar and Val interviewed me! What else is possible?

Val helped me see possibilities, she inspired new ideas, and I felt truly empowered! She was supportive, warm and encouraging, compassionate and kind. During our sessions she was always fully present, accepting, focused, and articulate. The "tapping" techniques we did together really helped to reduce anxiety and overwhelm as well as many other things! She is a highly skilled and intuitive coach.

I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone serious about creating radical change and transformation in their lives. You rock Val! Thank you!


Kathy Fitzpatrick

(May, 2012)

Kathy Howe

A life coach...did I need one? or...DID I NEED ONE!!!

My answer was, why not?!

Doesn't everyone wish they had someone that listens compassionately, without judgment, someone that helps you explore stumbling blocks in your life that keeps you from your authentic happiness? Someone that encourages you to search your soul and find what you would truly want your life to look like, and then give you small comfortable challenges to achieve those goals?

Someone who has the insight to suggest positive ways you can change your way of thinking, your routines, and your relationships for your best personal life journey and growth?

Val Silver became my life coach when I was experiencing some difficult family situations and I really needed a strong shoulder, a compassionate ear, and a soldier for self happiness. Val helped me accept, lighten up and grow. I value her insight and support while encouraging me to build and explore a new life road.

I highly recommend Val if you ever find yourself asking...

A life coach...do I need one?!

(July, 2011)

Kimberly Brenner LCSW, Family MATTERS Life Coach

I found myself stuck. Val was able to coach me work through my resistance, I am now back on track with accomplishing my vision. Coach Val helped me get focused and motivated. Time is a resource you can't grow so if you need to get where you want to be quickly than you need Coach Val.

(January, 2011)

Shannon Suda

When I started working with Val, I was going through many changes and discovering myself. Val walked me though the process with a kind and gentle coaching style that allowed me to open my heart and mind to possibilities.

(July, 2011)

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Holly Prugar - 01/21/2011

...[Val] gave helpful encouragement while letting me speak my mind. She is always very insightful. Her questions helped me to come to some realizations about my life and the strategies for playing my "game."

Val has the unique ability to make a person feel at ease. Her calm, focused disposition will lend itself perfectly to being a coach. She is an uplifting, motivating person. It was a pleasure to answer the questions that she posed. She helped me to remember that life is all about living every moment to its fullest.

It was interesting how my perspective changed from the beginning of our conversation to the end. At first, I was rather serious in my responses. The last question completely changed my perspective. I realized that I need to look at life in a fun light instead of in a serious light. Val was supportive and encouraging. I look forward to our next conversation.

Jean H. - 02/12/2009

EFT helped me though a particularly difficult time when my 2 kids both moved on to schools (college and prep school) at the same time, plus I had some rather painful complications from hand surgery. I was a mess.

Val's work was the glue that held me together on a couple of occassions. Now I know how to do the tapping when I need it.

Tamara A-H. 09/22/2008

I had an EFT treatment to help me get over an old boyfriend. I didn't love him anymore, and I knew that I was better off w/o him. However, for some reason I just couldn't let it go.

After my EFT session, I realized that I was mad at myself for staying with him so long. Eight months later I met the love of my life and am now happily married.

Thanks, Val!

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