Thank God for the Cancer...

by Yolly San Pedro
(Davao City, Philippines)

San Pedro Cathedral, Davao City

San Pedro Cathedral, Davao City

I would like to share an event in my life where the Power of Gratitude is best exemplified.

My mother-in-law died of colon cancer almost 3 years now. She was 81. It was her second bout with cancer.

When she was diagnosed with colon cancer, her first but striking words were “Thank You Lord.” I didn’t understand then why she had to thank God for another round of chemotherapy and this cash-strapping disease.

I asked her why she was grateful, she smiled and told me that it is something unexplainable but only the heart will know. That too was a mystery to me. Little did I know that this in turn changed my outlook in life.

The following month saw another twist in her already threatened life. This time, it was her daughter’s battle with cancer.

My heart went out to this woman of indomitable spirit. She cried upon learning of her daughter’s precarious condition. But again, she was grateful about the cancer.

It was then that I persisted to know why, in spite of these events in life, she never questioned God but instead thanked Him for His mercies. And I felt a deep stab in my chest…

”a grateful heart is a pure heart because it is one which learns to accept, without remorse or regret, anything that comes our way.” Only then will true happiness reside in one’s being.

“I am thankful because I am given a chance to renew myself now that I know I am going to pass from this world soon. It is an opportunity to be closest to people who have shared their lives with me – an opportunity to share the burden of God.”

“My daughter’s condition is an opportunity to share in the grief of Mother Mary when her son was in agony.”

In her death, my mother-in-law exuded warmth and radiated a kind of happiness that the hearts of those she has touched cherished ‘til today, including mine.

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Thank you for sharing
by: Val

Hi Yolly,

This is such a touching story. Thank you so much for sharing. To have shown peace and wisdom when life was difficult and painful for her is a testimony to your mother-in-law's lovely spirit.


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