Too much stress? Take This Relaxing Bath

by Val

Quack by Swiv. Flickr license below.

Quack by Swiv. Flickr license below.

You know those times when you feel like your nerves are grating steel and you're so exhausted that you don't think you can go another minute?

Whether you are burning the candle at both ends, are up to your eyeballs in work, or caretaking a sick or elderly family member, sometimes stress exhaustion just gets the best of you.

You know if you don't do something about it, you are going to end up sick or snapping at somebody.

Even if you try to keep those times to a minimum, sometimes life happens and it's hard to keep pushing without burning out.

Deep breaths help, the relaxing herbal teas are nice, but at times like these, they just aren't enough.

When I get to that point, I know it's time for 'the bath'.

When that happens, my mind and body send me a strong signal. It's time for 'the bath'.

Now this isn't any ordinary bath. There are no scents, no bubbles, no music. It's a time to quiet all your senses, except the sense of touch as you settle into the warm water.

There's something about the silence and the almost imperceptible amount of light that take the pressure off the mind. The temperature of the treated water elicits an 'ahh' from the muscles the moment you lower yourself into the water.

This is a conscious bath. Otherwise the same mind chatter that contributes to stress would continue unabated and the bath would be of little value.

To quiet my ever-running monkey mind, I lead my mind and body into a calm state with some focused breathing and a relaxation technique perfectly designed for 'the bath'.

The bath is not a cure for stress, but it nicely interrupts the stress cycle for twenty minutes. This is enough time to help the mind relax and rejuventate. It is enough time to ease some tension in the muscles. It takes the edge off your frayed nerves and sets a relaxing tone for the evening.

Members: For complete directions for enjoying this bath, and exercises to accompany it, Download your stress-busting bath guide in the members area. That 20 minutes of rejuvenating, peaceful 'me-time' is most highly recommended.

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