Universal Energy Healing Principles

By Val Silver

The beauty of universal energy healing principles is that, regardless of method, many energy healers share a common core of principles that form the foundation of what they believe, teach and practice.

Universal energy healing literally means energy from the universe, or the spiritual realm, that is available to all. It is energy from the universe for universal use.

Some consider this force to be much more than energy. They are probably correct.

As we learn about human biofields, we are discovering that living beings are much more than just energy (with a minuscule amount of matter). We are, more accurately, beings of light. The photons generated by our cells go out into the field extending beyond our skin. This field carries light and information about the workings of our bodies and the all encompassing universal field.

This understanding of the energetic informational field extends to the concept that, in a sense, we are all one. We all share the universal field and are connected to each other through this field.

Healing with energy is often called spiritual energy healing with good reason. Accessing universal energy for healing has strong spiritual aspects to it. It is not the divine nature of a person being healed, but energy from the Divine, or the universe, being channeled through an energy healer. This energy facilitates wellness in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of the field.

Although healers and healees often come to a session with desired outcomes in mind, a commonly accepted universal energy healing principle is that a session is most effective when the primary goal is simply the highest good of the receiver. This means that even though energy is offered or directed to a certain area, it is understood that the energy field may choose to use it elsewhere. This does not mean the healing failed. Healing is facilitated, not controlled.

All healing is self-healing. The term healer, or energy healers, is a misnomer. This  universal energy healing principle is a bit of a paradox. Although no one heals alone, no person heals another. Healers facilitate and assist you in your healing process. They may hold the intention, vision, or a 'blueprint' for wholeness and health in their minds, but it is the subconscious mind and the aura that accepts and uses it to bring about balance and wellness. It is up to the receiver to open, receive, and assimilate the healing energy. All healing is ultimately self-healing.

Spiritual Energy Healing is not usually a one shot deal.

Val Silver energy healing

A healer channels a higher vibration so that the receiver's field can resonate with that vibration, use it as it sees fit, and raise its vibration. This is known as harmonic resonance. How long that vibration is held is up to the body, mind and field of the receiver.

This vibration may have to be introduced several times over the course of weeks or months for the body and field to assimilate it and adjust to the new frequency before it becomes more permanent.

Since we live in artificial, stressful toxic environments, it is helpful to have some sort of energy therapy regularly to get and stay in balance. Also, like an onion, when one layer is peeled away, there is opportunity to heal and grow on a deeper and more expansive level.

How well you grasp this principle affects whether energy healing is a source of frustration or joy for you. There is no space for ego here. It is about surrender and trust versus control and expectation.

Unconditional love is of the highest vibrational frequency. When healing is offered from a space of love and acceptance, the highest vibrational energy is received. This holds true whether someone spontaneously offers a loving hug or touch or a fancy treatment.

When a healer sets a clear intention for the highest good of the receiver (a form of unconditional love) without agenda or expectation of specific results, that is what will happen.

Energy follows intent and thoughts are energy. As you hold the vision of the person as whole, that thought carries energy. Our divine, spiritual selves are whole and healthy. Spiritual energy healing helps us reconnect with that truth.

If you want to be an energy healer, be prepared to heal and grow spiritually and to advance your personal evolution.

One universal energy healing principle I resisted in my early days as a student of the healing arts is that working as an energy healer changes you and your beliefs. The thought of becoming a better person according to my ideas of what that meant was a positive. That it would cause me to dismantle my spiritual belief system seemed highly unlikely. I thought I already had that truth.

Boy was I wrong, and I am so glad I was! I began to realize that we truly are all one. The energy favors no one. Despite my biases toward people or their beliefs, when I set the intention for healing and entered the field, I felt only love and wonder for them. I still feel that to this day.

It may be true that the energy was healing them, but it was also healing me. This is one of the greatest universal energy healing lessons we are to learn. It is true that all healing is self-healing. When you offer healing energy work to another, you are also healing yourself. The energy does not go through you without touching you and healing you spiritually as well.

Spiritual energy healing techniques are tools.  Energy is energy. Healing techniques help you access and facilitate healing energy.  Understanding and applying universal energy healing principles is the most important part of being an energy healer. Although specific techniques are secondary, they are still quite useful.

Specific techniques provide a method, or framework, that builds confidence and helps you learn to play with energy, either for all time or until you sense and respond to it spontaneously. They are tools that can help you achieve a specific result.

Healers often combine techniques and have favorites. They can 'play in the field' because they hold to the principles of universal energy healing and trust that together, the channeled energy and the field will guide them to use of their tools for specific purposes and ultimately for the healee's highest good.

For example, I often 'clear the field', like I did for my son, over an area that is injured or has a mosquito bite. This is quite effective.

The Quantum Touch hip balancing method has also proven fascinating. My aunt actually yelled at me when she had momentary trouble readjusting her gait after a few seconds of balancing. She was used to walking with one hip higher than the other. It never ceases to amaze me how the body can find balance in a matter of seconds.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that has become very popular over the last 20 years. It requires an attunement and training by a Reiki master. Once attuned, the practitioner channels into the receiver using a variety a hand positions. 

Energy healers continue to learn more about the field and new ideas and methods for healing with universal energy develop and evolve. There is no arriving. It is all about being open and becoming more spiritually in tune and whole, not about being tied to a method.

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