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By Val Silver

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Holistic Health and Healing

Educate and empower yourself to take charge of your health and wellness. Discover the basics of holistic healing and various ways to incorporate it into your conventional treatment plan for whole self healing.

One hour presentation

Classes and Workshops

The following workshops and classes have been conducted previously. Contact Val if you would like to schedule a class or workshop for your group.

Energy Flow Techniques for Stress Relief

Are you ready to start releasing dis-stress around past and present situations that drain your energy and keep you feeling stuck?

Then come experience Energy Flow Techniques. These popular energy healing tools are used with success for everything from sports performance to physical discomfort, unpleasant memories to limiting beliefs.

Learn why these techniques are effective and sample a few of them for yourself. Emphasis will be on learning and experiencing the Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Four hour workshop in one or two sessions.

Stop the Head Trash and Achieve Your Goals

Are you tired of making resolutions and goals that fizzle out, leaving you in the same shape, or worse, than you started with?

Are you at that stage of your life where you know you need to start taking better care of yourself, but just don’t know how to follow through?

Success comes with right thinking. Learn to stop the head trash, or inner dialogue, that is sabotaging your success and explore proven strategies that make achieving goals easier. Design a personal goal and initial action steps to put you on the road to success right in class.

Four hour workshop in one or two sessions.

5 Keys to Holistic Wellness

You can’t unlock the door to wellness without the keys to your success!

Join us to learn five keys to holistic wellness. Explore the relationship between your mind and body in relation to wellness and how your beliefs, choices and behaviors influence your health and happiness.

Explore different healing models and how they fit into your wellness plan.

This class will help you feel empowered to make informed wellness decisions and learn simple tips you can implement right away to facilitate better health.

Two hour class

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