Health and Wellness Vision Boards

By Val Silver

Vision boards are a popular manifesting tool for helping you stay on track with health, wellness and life goals. This tangible visualization technique can be used for anything you want to attract into your life, whether it be a healthy fit body, a dream lifestyle, or an enjoyable social circle. 

What is a Vision Board?

It is a visual display representing your goal. Because you can see it and touch it, your goal is easier to remember throughout the day. It makes it seem more real than just imagining it in your head.

As you regularly look at the images and words, they 'imprint' on your brain, supporting and moving you in the direction of your goal. They remind you of what you want to achieve and perhaps how you are going to achieve it. Every time you look at your board, your subconscious and the universe get the message that this direction and energy is what you are choosing for yourself.  Images speak to the right hemisphere and words speak to the left hemisphere of your brain. When you include images and words on your board, you send a message to your whole brain. 

Vision boards take on many appearances. They can be large or small, hand-drawn or printed pictures, realistic or pictorial representations of your goal. They are often pleasing collage-like arrays of pictures and meaningful words. 

A very simple, but no less powerful display may contain nothing more than one image. Some people, for example, like to paste a picture of their face atop a trim, fit body cut from a magazine and tack it to the refrigerator .

Here is a virtual board I made to inspire myself to improve my diet because I want to feel healthier and maintain a healthy trim body. Notice that I used affirmations and photos, as well as cartoon people and a comical speech bubble. I wanted my board to have a clear message and light, positive, inspirational energy that supports my goal and makes it fun for me to look at and use.

How to Create a Vision Board

  • Your board can be as simple or elaborate as you like. It is best to stay focused on one goal and theme. If you have more than one goal, create a vision board for each goal. Let yourself get 'in the flow'. Have fun. Get creative. This is not about being perfect. Go with what feels good. It will mean more to you, and trigger positive emotions when you look at it, which is a powerful force in manifesting. You can always modify it later.
  • Cut pictures out of a magazine, use photos, or create them yourself. Glue them onto a piece of cardboard or poster board. Choose images that feel positive to you, are easy to see, and relate to your goal. For holistic health and wellness, images might represent exercising, healthy foods, walking, smiling, enjoying family time, herbs, natural remedies, energy
  • Arrange your items in a visually pleasing array. Sometimes less is more. Ask yourself how it looks and feels to you before tacking everything onto the board. Positive feeling is key. 
  • Choose large bold text from a variety of sources. Or write your affirming phrases yourself. Choose one word or short power phrase text messages. Avoid using: no, not, none, don't, can't, should, must, have to, avoid, bad...Choose positive words like happy, healthy, satisfied, fulfilled, purpose, value. 
  • If the photos or words you choose trigger negative thoughts, replace them. Better yet, use emotional and mental release techniques to neutralize and shift stinking thinking that interferes with your goals. For example, if a picture of a trim body elicits thoughts such as "I could never look like that, or fat chance," that is the self talk you would do well to address. Otherwise, that is what you will reinforce, regardless of which manifesting tool you use.
  • Place your creation where you will see it at as much as possible. Really look at it, read it and get into the images at least twice a day. Bring positive emotion into it. Feel as if you have it.
  • If you like, copy some of the images and text and put them in conspicuous places around your home or office for reinforcement. Refrigerator and cupboard doors, bathroom mirrors and car dashboards are popular choices. Set one on your desk or next to the TV too.
  • Bring life to your vision board by turning it into a mind movie.  These are really fun to watch and if you add music, they are fun to listen to, as well.

Because they are easy to make and fun to use, this manifesting tool inspires positive energy and emotion from the start. They help you stay attuned to what you want whether used alone or along with other visualization and manifestation techniques. It is all about getting your brain and energy to work with you to create new habits and possibilities. 

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