What is Visualization?

By Val Silver

What is visualization? It is totally natural and normal function of your brain. Every time you imagine, or see in your mind's eye, whether it is the face of a loved one, a beautiful butterfly, the desk in your office, or the pile of laundry on your couch, you are visualizing. You have the ability to consciously choose to conjure up an image, and to have them appear spontaneously as you think or talk about things.

what is visualization

Your subconscious mind communicates through images. You see images and movies in your mind's eye as you remember the past and dream of the future.

When people ask, "What is visualization?" they are usually referring to visualization techniques used for manifesting. That type of visualization happens when you purposely bring to mind specific images or scenes representing what you want with the intent of creating them and/or attracting them into your life. 

For example, if you want to have a fit, trim body, you might imagine yourself looking buff as you stroll on the beach in a bikini. Or you might see yourself energetically lobbing balls on a tennis court or romping in the yard with the grandkids.

What is really important to remember about visualization is that everything you imagine with your inner sight and self talk becomes your reality, not just what you purposely bring to mind a few minutes a day. If you visualize vibrant health for five minutes a day and focus on how sick you are for hours, that will only reinforce what you do not want. That is why the admonition to guard your thoughts and your heart is so important. The images and words that enter and flow through your mind shape who you are and who you become. 

The Power of Visualization

When you harness your natural ability to imagine, and use mental rehearsal as a manifestation technique to create what you want, you are putting the power of visualization techniques to work for you. 

Visualization and affirmations work because they condition or program the subconscious mind. 

Even though you may have limited control over much of what enters your brain through your eyes and ears each day, you can put the power of visualization and the affirmations that usually accompany it to work for you. With the help of positive images, mental rehearsal, and the power of suggestion, you expose your subconscious mind to messages of your choosing. In turn, it executes programming that attracts what you want, alerts you to opportunities, and encourages you to take action to make it happen.

When you mentally rehearse,you vividly imagine yourself doing it. Your brain accepts the images and dialogue you create as real. It sends chemical messages throughout your body to respond. Using the power of mental rehearsal and imagination, you make actual changes in your brain and body. Speaking personally, I was able to touch my toes after one week of mental practice only. That may not sound like a big deal, but after five years of compromised range of motion from a ruptured disk and nerve damage, that was a really big deal. 

Visualization techniques are accepted and promoted by medical professionals and healers as a way to access the mind body connection. For example, during chemotherapy, cancer patients are encouraged to see their cancer cells being gobbled up or changed back to normal and to imagine feeling good after treatments.

What are Visualization Techniques?

 Visualization techniques help you put the power of visualization to work for you effectively and with intent.  Some of these methods are used by you independently. Others are guided by another, live or by audio, to keep you focused and provide support.

  • Mental rehearsal and imagining  is a way of seeing what you want clearly in your mind's eye as if you have it. If you are developing a skill or preparing for an event, you see and feel yourself doing the action in your mind as if you were actually doing it. Research has proven this to be a very effective way to improve, especially when you eventually pair it with action. 
  • Guided imagery audios offer the benefit of a skilled guide who walks you through the process of positive visualization for your goal. These programs may also include video, music and/or affirmations.
  • Guided hypnosis is an effective way to access the subconscious mind and influence it with mental imaging and affirmations. You can work live with a hypnotherapist or use quality audios. 
  • Meditation can be done alone or with the help of an audio or live facilitator. You influence your subconscious mind as you enter calmer brain states and effortlessly imagine what you want. 
  • Guided Healing and Relaxation videos and audios let you sit back, relax and take in the visual and spoken messages that encourage inner calm and healing.
  • Vision boards are fun and easy to make visual displays of your goal.  The images on the board remind you of your goals every time you see it.
  • Mind movies are short videos containing images of you want to manifest. Lively background music and visual affirmations are often included. Mind movies are engaging and fun to use. 
  • Affirmations are written or spoken positive goal statements that often go hand in hand with visualizing. Used together, each technique has the potential to magnify the effect of the other. 
  • Subliminals and paraliminals are played in the background as you go about your day or meditate and visualize. The main difference between the two is that you can consciously hear the paraliminals, but not the subliminal messages.

What is visualization? It is a powerful, well accepted manifestation technique that helps you access the mind body connection.  When used correctly and to your best advantage, it can help you change how you think and feel, and how your body responds and heals. 

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